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Pag-Ibig Fund Makati I Branch | Telephone Number
Pag-Ibig Fund Makati I Branch PHILIPPINES

Office/Branch Address
Justine Bldg. Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City

Contact/Telephone Number

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Products Services Offered
Financial Services/Loan Assistance/Housing Loan

Do you have any concern with Pag-Ibig Fund Makati I Branch?  
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35 josie dichoso   (03-March-2016 2:20 PM)
my prepaid card has expired las dec. 2015. how am i going to update it. thanks.

34 maribel suyom rodriguez   (01-March-2016 6:56 AM)

Good morning.
May I request my Pag-ibig loan balance so that I can fully paid.

33 Leilani Rodilla   (23-February-2016 10:30 AM)
I just want to make a follow up regarding my salary which was forwarded to you dated 02/11/2016, I've been trying to call you regarding the concerned issue thru your landline number 8402503 but it just kept on ringing no one tends to answer the phone. Can you please provide me an updated phone number to call and an update as well regarding my salary loan. Thank you

32 Adysita Rebusi   (29-January-2016 10:34 AM)
Hi Good day. i just want to ask po about my salary loan. my application was submitted last friday and its already 1 today. i just wanna know when can i received my loan in my atm? please advise.

31 alma almorado   (27-August-2015 7:16 AM)

I have applied a multi purpose loan at they said it was approved last August 24, but how come until now my prepaid CITI bank has no cash on it. Can you please verify and double check if you loaded the money on the correct cash card number?

30 BENJAMIN L. LANGA JR.   (19-August-2015 9:35 AM)
I have a buyback lot loan before,what will i do to take a new housing loan.Thanks a lot

29 Renier Galvadores Narciso   (12-July-2015 12:23 PM)
Sir/ma'am, I would like to ask about my loan last april were to pay for my short term loan, co'z in bayad center didn't accept the payment for the short term. If any bank can do the payment? Thank you.

28 Francisco Montesena   (02-July-2015 3:08 PM)
Hi, May I ask if I can request for a transfer of my record of contributions from your office to Rizal branch? I have relocated here for my job. Please help me to consolidate these. Thank you.

27 alvin castro   (12-June-2015 2:26 PM)
how to change my birthday year on my pagibig accnt..
any suggestions pls
i want to orderly,so that there is no error on my pagibig..
immediate response please

26 crisel   (19-May-2015 10:23 PM)
do pagibig fund makati releases identification card? thank you.

25 GUADA CRUZ   (19-May-2015 8:27 AM)

24 AVEL DE ASIS ANDOL   (18-May-2015 12:18 PM)
good afternoon I would to know if already okey for reloan of salary loan

23 AVEL DE ASIS ANDOL   (18-May-2015 11:16 AM)
to whom it may concern i would like to know that I may applying for salary loan if okey already thanks,

22 eliezer de ramos   (16-May-2015 11:08 AM)
I would like to ask about my PAG-IBIG LOYALTY CARD that i applied for last APRIL 08, 2015. I have not receive it until now.

21 Purificacion R. Santos   (14-May-2015 8:13 AM)
to whom it may concern:

Good am! I am Purificacion R. Santos, I would like to know if how much is my Pag-ibig Multi-Purpose loan balance as of today.

I would like to apply for voluntary member because as of now I don't still have an employer.

Thank you very much.

20 RICHMOND SASPA MONTABON   (30-April-2015 7:48 AM)
how to trace my fathers PAG IBIG account
heres is my email account for your responce: monrichmontabon@yahoo.com

19 RICHMOND SASPA MONTABON   (30-April-2015 7:44 AM)
good day,,,,,may i request to your good office to verify the account of mr camilo lopez montabon,that the problem to trace his PAG IBIG ACCOUNT NUMBER account cannot found please help me in his third of his children thank you and God bless

18 Perle Mishna Calauor   (12-September-2014 5:11 PM)

Perle Mishna Calauor
Chemworld Marketing Corporation

17 Perle Mishna Calauor   (11-September-2014 7:03 PM)
Please send my citicard here in Pagibig Ayala Cebu NOW! I need it very badly.. Thank you.

Perle Mishna Calauor
Chemworld Marketing Corporation

16 Perle Mishna Calauor   (11-September-2014 4:56 PM)
My MPL was approved Aug 29 as advised by Pagibig Cebu Main. I have been to Pagibig Cebu Main three(3)times to check on my cash card but to no avail. Kindly send it NOW as I need it very badly..

Perle Mishna Calauor
Chemworld Fragrance Factory
SM Cebu Branch
Head Office -Makati

15 Martinez Jerkboy   (24-August-2014 6:03 PM)
Good Day!!!

According to my Employer ALMER MANPOWER CORP. my MPL form was submitted to Makati I Branch last JULY 04, 2014..

regards to this message!

Good Day!

My Acct. Information,

Pag-IBIG ID NO. : 1210-6826-8998

I have submitted my MPL form last week of June 2014 through my Employer ALMER MANPOWER CORP.
Then, i had sent you an E-mail regarding to follow up the status of my MPL last July 20, 2014, and you have responded that my MPL status is "on process.". I was asking if how long it would take, then, your respond was "3 - 7 days processing BY MAKATI I ".

Last August 05, 2014., i have received my Pag-IBIG Citi Card and i was trying to check the Balance through ATM and ONLINE but unfortunately, my Pag - IBIG Prepaid Acct. reflects as follows:

Current Bal. : 75.00
Available Bal : -75.00

Can you pls. check and access my account, if why there was NO DEPOSITED Balance on my Pag - IBIG Prepaid Acct.?

How long would it take, either to process or to deposit or the activation of my Pag - IBIG Prepaid Acct.

pls.response and kindly notify me through my
Email : danilo1987martinez@yahoo.com

thank you!!

14 Martinez Jerkboy   (24-August-2014 5:57 PM)
to Pag-Ibig Makati I branch,,

I am Danilo Tabbada Martinez Jr. (b-day) Nov. 18, 1987. with ID card No. 1210-6826-8998

i have filed my MPL form through my Employer ( Almer Manpower Corp.) last june 25, 2014 then, according with them, they had submitted my MPL form to you last July 04, 2014..

then, i have received my Pag-Ibig Prepaid Card last Aug. 05, 2014.. but unfortunately, up to now it has NO current balance nor deposited amount transaction by you.. May i know if what is the Status of my MPL ???

kindly response!!! here is my E-mail : danilo1987martinez@yahoo.com

thank you!!!

13 Dadi August   (05-August-2014 10:34 AM)
No one is answering your phone.

12 Esther Plaza   (25-July-2014 12:23 PM)
I"m Alfonso B> Plaza an employee of Mc donalds Luzuriaga at Bacolod City Negros Occidental, I was been issued a ch eck from your good office Chk#D508355,Batch#90402214, it was filled Last March 2014 but then till now july 25,2014 I did not received the check I would like to ask help from you cause really this is a big burden on my part cause i was not able to benifit my money but then I know I have obligation to pay you back because the check is under may name. can you please help me find who benifits my loan cause I know the check will return to your office. after a month., can I have the account number and the name of person who incash the check in my behalf,please do me favor begging your immediate help regarding this matter,also if possible from what bank or account my checkt .goes. ? cause taking into consideration that really hurting and really burden to pay this loan knwing that my family and me never benifits this. Thank you and with due respect you sir/ mam..GOD BLESS!.

11 Perle Mishna Calauor   (15-July-2014 2:46 PM)
I would like to follow up on my request fro transfer from Cebu South to Makati 1. I also have submitted certification of my correct name. Please expedite the process because I want to file a loan. I am hoping for your immediate action on this urgent request. Thank you.

10 Glenn Escalona   (27-May-2014 12:12 PM)
Good day,

Just want to follow up my loan application, its been two months of processing, so I want to know the status of my loan application? Thanks.

9 Carina   (21-May-2014 4:05 PM)
Would like to follow up my salary loan application? it was submitted in your branch last May 9, 2014 received by Mr. Kriss Manaloto. I called pag-ibig hotline earlier and as confirmed still no application was forwarded to them. Kindly expedite request.

Would like also to know how much is my approved net proceeds? thank you.

8 Jordan Guillermo   (19-May-2014 6:36 PM)
My pagibig loan is still not reflecting on the citibank card they gave me. They said it might take 7-9business day only, i keep on checking on it but still nothing. i processed it last April 30th.
Reply please . ASAP. thanks!

7 JONATHAN BUAL MENDOZA   (30-March-2014 12:38 PM)
Good day!! I'd just like to inquire how can i avail and what are the requirements if I'm going to apply cash loan.i already paid more than 24 months of contributions.I am an OFW. i already inquire one of your branches here in mindanao particular in Pagadian City Province of Zamboanga del Sur.They said only the Head Office Makati Branch can decide what will be the result of my application to be...this is my HDMF I.D NO. 001173928211.

Hoping your immediate reply..

Thank you and more power!!!!

yours truly,


6 Jose Raffy Aspa   (04-March-2014 7:25 AM)
just wanted to know if my payment has already been posted. I paid last friday 2/28/14

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