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Pag-Ibig Fund Pasay City Branch | Telephone Number
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Pag-Ibig Fund Pasay City Branch PHILIPPINES

Office/Branch Address

1st & 2nd Floors, Roxas Strip Building Libertad St. cor. Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City

Contact/Telephone Number

846-0950, 846-1911, 724-4244, 552-1159, 552-1162-63, 552-1165

Fax No.


E-mail Address:

Open Office Hours

Open Office/ Days

Products Services Offered
Financial Services/Loan Assistance/Housing Loan

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36 Ronnie Kim R. Lopez   (08-May-2015 3:14 PM)
good day...Sir/maam.. I just want to ask if my loan application is already approved... thanks...

35 junrey caracol   (02-May-2015 12:42 PM)
hope your service will make your customer happy and satisfied.

34 junrey caracol   (02-May-2015 12:40 PM)
gud pm.i just want to ask what is the update my loan aplication.ifiled the form last april 1,2015dn my then i fill up form for cash card last april16,2015.until now i have no update.this time i really need money.coz i taught the processing is only 3 to 5 days.please give an update immediately.thank you so much

33 rhodalyn   (17-April-2015 12:00 PM)
I just want to ask why theres no yet money on my cashcard I filed last march 25 and my rleased date was april 14 but up to now theres no yet money I have a impt.matter to do with my money but there's a prblem of releasing why such it happened like that?please give me a feedback about this.

32 Marry Abigail M. Sentillas   (16-April-2015 5:21 PM)
Good Day!I would like to ask if I can have my Pag-ibig Number?thank you!

31 maribeth elejedo   (06-April-2015 12:52 PM)
Good day Sir/madam may I request to check if i can apply now for salary loan and if yes, how much will be the loanable amount.

Appreciate your immediate feedback.

Thank you & Best regards.

30 ELIZABETH_MIKI   (18-March-2015 2:52 PM)
Good day! pls.be verify my loan..Aug.2012 I applied my Calamity loan.Mr.Gregorio Larredo is the company Liaison officer who've handle my loan. after a month or maybe 2 months, i ask him about my loan and it was denied he said.
October 2013, i applied my salary loan and it was granted. I received 8,000.00.
Today March 18,2015 when i verified my outstanding balance. It was reflected that i have a loan on October 31,2012.....
My I request to know who is the person received the cheque issued on Aug.31,2013

Looking forward for the immediate responds

Elizabeth L. Miki

29 teocuasito   (17-February-2015 7:36 AM)
Dear Sir/Madam:
I just wanna ask if how much my loan balances..
Thank you..

28 Michael Joseph Penas   (11-February-2015 3:58 PM)
There numbers never work just keeps on ringing but nobody answer, typical of our goverment agencies, still lame service.

27 Girlie Uy   (12-August-2014 12:08 PM)
Dear Sir,
I've been resigned from my employer since 2007. And up to now I'm no longer working nor able to work again because of my kids. I like to asked your good office if I can make a closure of my membership and what will be the proceedure?. I have also a pending loan and was not able to complete paying it.
Thank you in advance.
Girlie C. Uy
1833 Tramo St. PASAY City
previous employer ACE HARDWARE PHILS
emp number 23456-7 (girlieuy71@gmail.com)

26 Nestor Martinez Suarez   (24-June-2014 3:50 PM)
i just wanna ask how much was my loan balances and if can just replenished it so that i can claim my ten year maturity thanks

25 ma.tederlita pozas grepo   (11-June-2014 2:52 PM)
Good day just want to know the status and want to verify if my loan is available already on its ATM at land bank, I have an acknowledgement receipt that it will be release today june 11, 2014 Pls. advise status.

Thanks and regards,

Ma.Tederlita Pozas Grepo

24 tsk   (06-June-2014 1:33 PM)
And also these, 846-1911; 724-4244. But the one i posted first was the one i called and it was active.

23 tsk   (06-June-2014 1:30 PM)
Wrong infos! 846-0950 this is the number of pag-ibig pasay.

22 angelyn parido   (27-May-2014 2:25 PM)
i just want to know. if you already deposit my loan to the atm prepaid account you gave me? ive been checking it for weeks, still my atm doesnt have any deposit except on 75 pesos on the card. my release date is last may 21, 2014. up to this date my atm dont have any amount. i been trying to call all the above numbers. but it just rang and rang nobody's answering the phone.....please i badly need my loan...

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