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University of San Jose-Recoletos (USJR) Contact Numbers

You can view here the telephone numbers of the different departments and offices of University of San Jose-Recoletos (USJR).

USJR Cebu Contact Numbers

University of San Jose-Recoletos (USJ-R) Telephone Directory

USJR Department/Office
Position Contact/Telephone Number Fax Number
Administrator's Office (Basak Campus) Administrator's Office(Basak Campus) 417-9510
Accounting (Basak Campus) Accounting(Basak Campus) 417-9500 loc. 129
Athletics Office (Basak Campus) Athletics Office (Basak Campus) 272-8966-68 loc. 216
Auditor Control Room (Basak Campus) Auditor Control Room (Basak Campus) 272-8966-68 loc. 262
Acccounting (Main Campus) Acccounting (Main Campus) 253-7900 loc. 222
Alumni Office (Main Campus) Alumni Office (Main Campus) 253-7900 loc. 219 255-3060
Athletics Office (Main Campus) Athletics Office (Main Campus) 253-7900 loc. 208
Audio Visual Room (Main Campus) Audio Visual Room (Main Campus) 253-7900 loc. 246
Back Gate Guards (Main Campus) Back Gate Guards (Main Campus) 253-7900 loc. 203 / 204
Biology Office (Main Campus) Biology Office (Main Campus) 253-7900 loc. 284
Director's Office (Basak Campus) Director's Office (Basak Campus) 272-8966-68 loc. 0/200 272-1990
Book Store (Basak Campus) Book Store (Basak Campus) 272-8966-68 loc. 233
Book Store (Main Campus) Book Store (Main Campus) 253-7900 loc. 253
Campus Ministry Office (Main Campus) Campus Ministry Office (Main Campus) 253-7900 loc. 236
Campus Planning Office (Main Campus) Campus Planning Office (Main Campus) 253-7900 loc. 228 255-7081
Center for Performing Arts (Main Campus) Center for Performing Arts (Main Campus) 253-7900 loc. 249
Center for Religious Education (Main Campus) Center for Religious Education (Main Campus) 253-7900 loc. 289
CPA Review Center (Main Campus) CPA Review Center (Main Campus) 253-7900 loc. 218
CWTS Office (Main Campus) CWTS Office (Main Campus) 253-7900 loc. 209
Canteen Cooperative (Main Campus) Canteen Cooperative (Main Campus) 253-7900 loc. 268
Chemistry Office (Main Campus) Chemistry Office (Main Campus) 253-7900 loc. 295
College of Arts and Sciences (Main Campus) College of Arts and Sciences (Main Campus) 253-7900 loc. 281
College of Commerce (Main Campus) College of Commerce (Main Campus) 253-7900 loc. 271
College of Engineering (Main Campus) College of Engineering (Main Campus) 253-7900 loc. 292
College of ICCT Remote (Main Campus) College of ICCT Remote (Main Campus) 253-7900 loc. 272
College of Law (Main Campus) College of Law (Main Campus) 253-7900 loc. 266
College of Nursing (Main Campus) College of Nursing (Main Campus) 253-7900 loc. 324 / 543
Computer Technician (Main Campus) Computer Technician (Main Campus) 253-7900 loc. 269
Conference Room (Main Campus) Conference Room (Main Campus) 253-7900 loc. 214
Convent Convent 253-7900 loc. 300
Clinic Medical/Dental (Main Campus) Clinic Medical/Dental (Main Campus) 253-7900 loc. 216
Casa Recoletos (Basak Campus) Casa Recoletos (Basak Campus) 272-8966-68 loc. 205
Clinic (Basak Campus) Clinic (Basak Campus) 272-3609
Coliseum Control Room (Basak Campus) Coliseum Control Room (Basak Campus) 272-8966-68 loc. 257
College PE Office (Basak Campus) College PE Office (Basak Campus) 272-8966-68 loc. 260
Campus Ministry Office (Basak Campus) Campus Ministry Office (Basak Campus) 417-9500 loc. 121
College of ICCT (Basak Campus) College of ICCT (Basak Campus) 417-9511
College of Education (Basak Campus) College of Education (Basak Campus) 417-9512
ETEEAP Center (Main Campus) ETEEAP Center (Main Campus) 253-7900 loc. 287
External Affairs Office (Main Campus) External Affairs Office (Main Campus) 253-7900 loc. 325
EDP Center (Main Campus) EDP Center (Main Campus) 253-7900 loc. 226 / 227
Engineering Computer Lab. 1 (Main Campus) Engineering Computer Lab. 1 (Main Campus) 253-7900 loc. 296
Engineering Computer Lab. 2 (Main Campus) Engineering Computer Lab. 2 (Main Campus) 253-7900 loc. 297
Faculty Club Office (Main Campus) Faculty Club Office (Main Campus) 253-7900 loc. 234
Forward Office (Main Campus) Forward Office (Main Campus) 254-9072
Graduate School Office (Main Campus) Graduate School Office (Main Campus) 253-7900 loc. 246
Consolation Parish Recoletos (Laray) Consolation Parish Recoletos (Laray) 272-2143
Grade School Office (Basak Campus) Grade School Office (Basak Campus) 272-8966-68 loc. 212 272-0507
GSP Headquarters (Basak Campus) GSP Headquarters (Basak Campus) 272-8966-68 loc. 255
Talavera House of Prayer Talavera House of Prayer 272-8500 273-7544
High School Office (Basak Campus) High School Office (Basak Campus) 272-8966-68 loc. 222 272-2162
Hospitality Management (Main Campus) Hospitality Management (Main Campus) 253-7900 loc. 283
Human Resource Office (Main Campus) Human Resource Office (Main Campus) 253-7900 loc. 213
IMS Office (Main Campus) IMS Office (Main Campus) 253-7900 loc. 242
IMC Office (Main Campus) IMC Office (Main Campus) 253-7900 loc. 247
IMC (Basak Campus) IMC (Basak Campus) 272-8966-68 loc. 237
Internet Server Room (Main Campus) Internet Server Room (Main Campus) 253-7900 loc. 259
Josenian OAR Office (Basak Campus) Josenian OAR Office (Basak Campus) 272-8966-68 loc. 225
Library (Basak Campus) Library (Basak Campus)

Library (Main Campus) Library (Main Campus) 253-7900 loc. 256
Main Gate Guards (Main Campus) Main Gate Guards (Main Campus) 253-7900 loc. 202
Maintenance Dept. (Main Campus) Maintenance Dept. (Main Campus) 253-7900 loc. 206
MassCom Office (Main Campus) MassCom Office (Main Campus) 253-7900 loc. 285
Maintenance Shop (Basak Campus) Maintenance Shop (Basak Campus) 272-8966-68 loc. 236
Mimeographing Section (Basak Campus) Mimeographing Section (Basak Campus) 272-8966-68 loc. 264
Mimeographing Section (Main Campus) Mimeographing Section (Main Campus) 253-7900 loc. 254
Mt. Carmel Parish Office Mt. Carmel Parish Office 253-7900 loc. 299
Open Gym (Basak Campus) Open Gym (Basak Campus) 272-8966-68 loc. 261
President's Office (Main Campus) President's Office (Main Campus) 253-7900 loc. 212 254-1720
Property Administrator’s Office (Main Campus) Property Administrator’s Office (Main Campus) 253-7900 loc. 251 412-3289
Registrar's Office (Basak Campus) Registrar's Office (Basak Campus) 272-8966-68 loc. 230
Registrar's Office (Main Campus) Registrar's Office (Main Campus) 253-7900 loc. 263
Research Center (Main Campus) Research Center (Main Campus) 253-7900 loc. 244
Student Affairs Office (Main Campus) Student Affairs Office (Main Campus) 253-7900 loc. 233
SSD Office (Main Campus) SSD Office (Main Campus) 253-7900 loc. 205
Scholarship Office (Main Campus) Scholarship Office (Main Campus) 253-7900 loc. 294
Student Development and Placement Center (Basak Campus) Student Development and Placement Center (Basak Campus) 417-9500 loc. 120 / 124
Security Guards (Basak Campus) Security Guards (Basak Campus)

Student Development and Placement Center (Main Campus) Student Development and Placement Center (Main Cam 253-7900 loc. 238
Supreme Student Council (Main Campus) Supreme Student Council (Main Campus) 253-7900 loc. 267
Tourism Office (Main Campus) Tourism Office (Main Campus) 253-7900 loc. 282
VP-Academics Office VP-Academics Office 253-7900 loc. 241 412-3290
VP-Business and Finance Secretary VP-Business and Finance Secretary 253-7900 loc. 221 253-1698
VP Student Welfare VP Student Welfare 253-7900 loc. 231

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Total comments : 23
Concerned   (31 July 2017 10:20 PM)
Good day!

What is happening to the students of the University of San Jose- Recoletos? I feel sorry for the student that was a victim of a sex scandal months back but for a student to instigate Cyber bullying and Doctor shaming is a different story.

A few days back your school was praised by the number of Topnotchers in the CPA Licensure Examination and a student also won Miss Tourism Cebu 2017. Congratulations on all these achievements. Sad to say, your school might be placed in a bad light after a recent incident between your student and a Doctor. Your student, Dianne Jean Cansana Bracero, posted a video on her Facebook wall along with a story about an incident that occurred in Juan Dosado Memorial Hospital in Damalog, Sogod, Cebu. The video showed a doctor yelling at them while explaining the status of their relative that was rushed to the hospital because of an accident. Her story had the intention of giving negative feedback about the Doctor. She not only mentioned the whole name of the Doctor, she also named the Hospital and location. The worst part was that she shared the video and her story to a Public Facebook page named Cebu Flash Report which changed their name to Cebu Bulletin Board a few days after the video was uploaded. The video and story gained a lot of negative and rude feedback towards the Doctor. Some feedbacks were also showing concern for the Doctor by saying that the video did not show the whole story and that the intention of the sender might just be to embarrass the Doctor. This has caused a lot of comments bullying the said Doctor, the Medical and Health Care Profession and the Government. The Doctor has been working for the government for more than 20 years helping the people in need of medical care but can’t afford to go to private hospitals. You can read comments and testimonials from previous patients of the Doctor that discredits the student’s story. The video was clearly biased and a lot of the people saw it and judged it differently. It was like the student wanted the Doctor to be fired from her job by humiliating her in public with the video and hoping it would go viral. The Doctor is now in the process of checking legal options against the sender (your student). The country already has law about Cyber Bullying which may lead to imprisonment and fines.

I am not a relative or friend of the said Doctor. I saw the post and immediately thought it was not right and just. I know that you are a Catholic School. I am a Catholic and I also attended a Catholic School. I know that students are taught the right morals and values of the church. We practice humility, compassion and respect. This action by your student, Dianne Jean Cansana Bracero, made me question the standards of your school now. Are your students not being taught the same values as before? Is the thirst for Fame in Social media’s like Facebook more important than respect and how we treat our fellow men? As a concerned citizen and a Catholic, I wish your School would look into this before everything blows out of proportion (if you check comments here: https://www.facebook.com/CebuBulletinBoard/videos/241387259715387/ , it has).

Dianne Jean Cansana Bracero deleted the post on her wall but you can see the posts she has now is pushing to see the Doctor in court and even incriminates herself even more. This is her Facebook account https://www.facebook.com/diannejeanbracero. If you check her profile, she very much represents your school by tagging it to her profile and has a lot of pictures to prove that. I hope this will be investigated and dealt with in a proper and fair way as what most schools would do in this matter. God bless!

Concerned citizen

ABNER N. RAMOS   (04 July 2017 10:14 AM)
Ma'am/Sir :

What is the correct email address of the registrar office main campus

Raniel Q. Baracao   (09 May 2017 11:09 AM)
Hi good day,

I am a graduate student batch 2010 and I would like to get a copy of my Transcript of Records and Diploma. May I know the approximate price of these documents? I would appreciate your prompt response.

Raniel Baracao

Maria Adlawan   (23 January 2017 2:58 PM)
May I know the cellphone number of the accounting office - basak campus. I need to clarify the account balance of my 2 daughters enrolled in grade 11. I am working in Manila. Thank you

kim andrew taganas   (21 January 2017 2:20 PM)
hello mai i know the cellphone num. of the school registrar cause my father needs to get his TOR for an important matter.. we are living in mindanao.. thank you.

Rosemarie Catherine R. Cong   (27 October 2016 11:05 AM)

I would like to ask an email address for the Registrar's Office Main Campus. I have a very urgent matter.

Marven N. Palapo   (13 October 2016 5:57 PM)
Oct. 13, 2016

May i know how can i reach the registrar's office through e-mail or phone?
I need to request for a copy of my TOR and i still have a balance the last time i enrolled. May i know how much i need to pay for the TOR and balance? Thanks...

Vanessa Longakit   (19 October 2015 2:38 PM)
What is the email address of the accounting office?

Noel Solutan   (26 September 2014 2:35 AM)
Can i ask e mail add of registrar for requesting of TOR for abroad and together with Blue ribbon and how much it cost?

Noel Solutan   (26 September 2014 2:31 AM)
can i ask email add of registrar request for TOR?

Ma Gabriellen Castor Quijada   (29 August 2014 1:27 PM)
can we ask for the HR email add?thanks

christine angel tangpos   (12 March 2014 11:33 PM)
may I know if when is the time for taking of exam for scholarship? what are the requirements in taking for scholarship?

Samson   (11 March 2013 1:51 PM)
Nobody answers your trunck line. You should assign somebody to anwer calls.

lorisa sigue   (23 February 2013 10:42 AM)
how much is the bs tourism... per semester?

honey marie lopez   (27 January 2013 3:06 PM)
haloO .. ask lng tah qoh aboUt sa info of uR masscom.. pila ang units ! im an IT student dn 1st yR qoh as of nOw ..ma.credited bAh ang uban naqong subj. ? im planning to pursue masscom nxt SY/ tenkzz.. pls. ans. !

arnold balanay oche   (29 May 2012 1:29 PM)
sorry i have an error in typing the date correct is june 4 , 2012

arnold balanay oche   (29 May 2012 1:28 PM)
a pleasant day!

may i know if my son could still be enroll in your school, we plan to come in your office on june 4, 2016, we live here in iligan city in mindanao.


Nerissa   (02 April 2012 10:25 AM)
this is my follow-up inquiry, may i know how much is the tuition fee of the course BSN now?
just please send it to my e-mail..
tnx and more power!

Nerissa   (02 April 2012 10:22 AM)
Good day! i just want to inquire about the requirements in need when a student wants to enroll in your good school and she is from U.S.A.

Thank you and i am waiting for your reply.


ABDULLAH ZAPANTA   (29 March 2012 3:46 PM)
MARCH 29, 2012



Kimberly Camargo   (03 March 2012 6:48 PM)
Good Evening! I would like to inquire about how much is the tuition if ever i would take up Civil Engineering at your campus.
I am hoping for your reply. Thank You.


arlene marchant   (30 January 2012 0:28 AM)
i want to know how much cost of the course BS ACCOUNTACY...


richie jaictin rendora   (15 June 2011 1:22 AM)
Good day! i really need help regarding my school credential i'm here in ilo ilo city if ever i can't go back to cebu, how can i pay my remaining old account and how can i process my transcript of record and how can i get it?