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Philhealth Office Calamba Laguna Branch | Telephone Number
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Philhealth Office Calamba Laguna Branch PHILIPPINES

Office/Branch Address

3/F Paseo Uno de Calamba, Brgy. Paciano Rizal, Calamba City

Contact/Telephone Number

(049) 5459356 | (049) 5453361

Fax No.

Mobile No.

E-mail Address:

Open Office Hours

Open Office/ Days

Products Services Offered
Medical/Health Insurance

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25 Margelou B.Duran   (30-October-2015 7:48 PM)
can i get philhealth PIN.Number through online please tel me now

24 Maria Carmela Salvatus   (18-September-2015 5:26 AM)
Good day! I'm witing you to express my concern regarding my status of application. I already sent my registration last September 10, 2015 and I received an email from you that once it has been processed i will be receiving a separate email indicating my philhealth number but until now i'm not receiving any email from you. Hoping for your reply and help on this matter. Thank you and God bless

23 jolina joy pimentel   (25-July-2015 12:25 PM)
hi good day! ijust want to inquire about the online registration. i've already registered online but there is no confirmation email in my email account. i needed my philhealth number as soon as possible for my employment. hope you can help me on what to do. thank you and Godbless!

22 analyn vicuna   (11-June-2015 12:23 PM)
good afternoon. I Would like to ask about my reimbursement,I Gave birth last December 2,2014 but i cannot receive my reimbursement is almost 6 months..when will we get my reimbursement? Please reply thank you.

21 Ronalyn   (10-June-2015 8:55 AM)
good morning ma'am/ sir

Is there any available position in your office where i can apply ma'am/sir? I am an education graduate and i do have a Civil Service Honorable Eligibility.
Thank you.

20 marilyn girox   (24-April-2015 10:47 AM)
can i get philhealth Id through online please let me know thanks

19 Paulo C. Ramirez   (22-April-2015 9:33 AM)
I had submitted my PHILHEALTH ONLINE ACCESS FORM Last April 8,2015. to date i have not receieve the program. just wanna follow up.


18 bhev   (30-August-2014 9:43 AM)
hello . .!
my last contribution fee in Phil health is last July then my expected delivery to my baby is this coming October,can i still use my philhealth card even i cant pay in 2 months?

17 FEDERICO M. UMALI   (13-May-2014 7:11 AM)
Good morning,

My lifetime membership with Philhealth has been processed in your Calamba Office last April, 2014 but the ID then was not available yet.

May I know when the ID be available.

Thanks for your support and cooperation.



16 micahmarie_oterogwapa@yahoo.com   (03-April-2014 10:56 AM)
good morning sir/maam, i just want to ask about the requirements of Philhealth I.D. and if the philhealth i.d. is already available right now in calamba branch because our company is newly registered in philhealth. How can we update the monthly contribution of our new hired employees, what are the requirements so that we can add them to the employee members to our company? kindly give me feedback in my email. thank you and God bless

15 marlon oco   (17-March-2014 5:11 PM)
about checks re inbursment?

14 lesley hernandez   (28-February-2014 10:17 AM)
good morning,sir/maam , is the ID already available in brgy.paciano rizal , calamba city laguna ?thank you .

13 Rolen   (16-February-2014 6:46 AM)
sir/maam, is the ID already available in calamba branch?

12 Ana L. Ardidon   (17-October-2013 9:13 PM)
Good Evening Sir/Madam can i request my philhealth number through this type of approach?because i want to continue my philhealth as a self-employed member, thank you

11 annalyn toquero   (11-October-2013 3:32 PM)
good day po!can i request my philhealth number through this type of approahe?i will be using my philhealth number for my requirements.thank you.

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