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Philippine National Bank (PNB) Customer Service/Hotline Phone Number
One of the largest banks in the Philippines, Philippine National Bank (PNB) is committed to a quality customer service. There are times that you, as PNB's customers will need help regarding your accounts and other matters. You can ask questions, concerns or comments in the following contact details:

PNB Customer Service Telephone Number: (632) 573-8888

Fax No.: (632) 573-4580

Email Address: customercare@pnb..com.ph

PNB Complete Business Address:

Customer Care
Service Quality Division
Philippine National Bank Financial Center
Pres. Diosdado Macapagal Boulevard, Pasay City
Philippines 1300

To serve you better is PNB's commitment. PNB is waiting and eager to help out with your problems.
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68 LEONIDA LUMOSAD LOPEZ   (15-January-2016 10:41 AM)
Hi good afternoon how to activate my ATM Card

67 len   (14-September-2015 7:56 PM)
hi how do i know f my acount is still active please...thanks

66 Frank C. Thomas   (02-September-2015 10:00 AM)
I need information on activating my account for online banking

65 Frank C. Thomas   (02-September-2015 9:59 AM)
want to activate my account for online banking

64 Primy   (10-August-2015 11:28 PM)
Hello i just want to know how can I reactivate my account?and I even forgot my account number.
Please help me about my account number.

Thank you very much

63 sheryl daurog   (26-July-2015 8:18 AM)
maam sir i tried to withdraw 1000 at pnb lapaz branch but the machine displays that my account has been blocked but when i tried withdrawing at rcbc it turns out that my cash is only 700 but it is supposed to be 1700..please help me follow up if where does 1000 is..thanks

62 sheryl daurog   (26-July-2015 8:14 AM)
good morning..i just want to verify the exact amount that has been deposited on my account last july 7..thnx

61 Barbara Cabuhat   (12-June-2015 10:55 AM)
Hello. My atm card has been blocked in a RCBC atm branch, because I got distracted and in a hurry. How can I unblocked my atm card?

60 analie miranda ariza   (11-June-2015 3:09 PM)
How can i reactivate my acct.

59 Don harold zarsuela   (11-June-2015 12:41 PM)
Maam /sir,
how will i know the swift codes in pnb cainta branch. Please. email me as soon as possible. Thank you..

58 Ulrich Minckwitz   (30-April-2015 4:50 AM)
yesterday i reset my password and today i cant go online again why?

57 Cresvie   (13-April-2015 10:14 AM)
Dear Sir/Madam,

I'm looking for the email add of your PNB gingoog branch. I'm trying to email gingoog@pnb.com.ph but sad to say i got a reply message of delivery failure. Can you help me please? i have very important concern.


56 Suyaraka Bleh   (11-February-2015 4:39 PM)
Hello, my PNB atm card has been captured by the atm.The person that I authorized to withdraw the money do not have a valid ID,which she can use to get the atm back. I am far from them, Is it ok to present a police clearance??? its the the only thing she can provide to validate her identity. please help me.

55 Erica Zamora   (08-February-2015 10:24 AM)
how much to open atm account

54 Geraldine Domingo Songcuan Bualayang   (19-January-2015 3:59 PM)
Do you have any vacancy to the branch of Santiago City, Isabela? I graduated BS-Accountancy and made passed the certified bookkeeping exam. How Can I Apply to one of prestigious Bank in the Philippines-PNB?

53 Hilario Deleon   (02-January-2015 6:09 AM)
I need to acces my latest bank statement. The system will not let me log in. Can you please assist me .please email me at deleonhilario10@yahoo.com.thank you

52 Ann Sapitula   (24-August-2014 7:51 PM)
I try to contact ur no. but no one answering my call, I need help my daughter entered a wrong pin pls help me to activate my atm card tnx

51 mercygina   (03-August-2014 9:27 PM)
dear sir/madam,help me pls. I open acct.last dec.07,2013 (8mths ago) as time depocit until now i waiting my certification,8mths already im so much worry about my money pls...help me to follow-up.always saying here in Israel branch on the way already until n ow no certification coming....every mths im follow=up ,my sister also in phil.she follow-up but they dont give any inf.bec,according to ur law personnal appearance only..(gina_waje@yahoo.com my email)thanks a lot......

50 Rosalie Bacalso Arriesgado   (21-June-2014 5:07 PM)
how can i get the hotline of pnb here in cebu

49 Edwin Belingon   (13-June-2014 1:14 AM)
Reference # OE-20140610-078225
I'm still waiting for the response on request for internet banking enrolment as of today no word. I would like to see my account on internet and so I can start my deposits. Hope to know soon. Thanks

48 ayumijerzhey   (11-June-2014 0:38 AM)
can i use my pnb credit card platinum here in malaysia or not?whats the problem why evrytime i used my atm here my card always declined...?????whats the problem thank q

47 maricel   (06-June-2014 5:28 PM)
Dear Sir/Mam

Please help me to access my pnb online account, it was locked. tnx


46 maricel   (06-June-2014 5:26 PM)
Dear Mam/Sir

can please help how unlocked my pnb online account. tnx

45 maricel   (06-June-2014 5:21 PM)
Dear Sir/ Mam

Can please help me and ask for help how to unlocked my pnb online account

44 jose mangilit tungol   (09-May-2014 5:34 PM)
Dear Sir/Ma'am,
For checking acct#125082800012 to close .Request for reversal of charge, I'm not informed about the change of minimum maintaining balance.

Thanks and more power.

43 jose mangilit tungol   (09-May-2014 5:11 PM)
Dear Sir/Madam,

Request for reversal of charge, I'm not informed about change of minimum maintaining balance.
Thanks and more power.

42 Chona Gamboa   (01-May-2014 8:09 PM)

Dear My Love,
My Honey,Write to the bank that you are my wife and you are contacting them in regard of your husband general Breed Love M. Philip compensation funds which deposited in their bank,and you are standing as a beneficiary to your husband to help him received the funds from the bank,before him come back from Afghanistan.

My love,just forward this message to the bank,and they will tell you want you are going to do next for the money to transfer to you immediately okay.

41 zentedz143   (03-February-2014 6:32 PM)
Good day. I just wanna know if how many days will it takes before i get my remittance via door to door? The remittance is from west covina, california. Its been 7 days now and nobody comes from the bank.

40 ZOSIMO AMBAL   (11-November-2013 1:41 AM)
Dear Sir/Ma'am,
My mother's ATM card is missing and she wants it to be replaced with the SAME Account No. because she is using it to withdraw her monthly pension. Is it possible to replace her ATM Card with the same Account No.? If possible, what are the requirements? Thanks for your help.

39 cristilito L. Lopez   (21-October-2013 5:04 PM)
October 21, 2013

Dear Sir/Madam,

‘’Appealing for Reinvestigation of alleged withdrawal of my savings in ATM Card’’
I Mr. Cristilito L. Lopez, of 1034 P. Campa St. Sampaloc, Manila and formerly a retired Pagcor Employee, had been a depositor of Philippine National Bank Ermita Branch, since I’ve been working in Pagcor, and using your fast teller ATM Card. Last June 01, 2013, which my last withdrawal at PNB España Manila was Five Thousand Pesos, and the remaining balance of my savings was One Hundred and Twenty Thousand Pesos, (120,000). And on june 15, 2013, that I was to withdraw to my ATM, I was shocked that my ATM has unsufficient balance, so on that date since it was Saturday, The PNB Branch at España, Manila was close, on the June of 17, 2013, I try to use my ATM but the same things happened, so I go to PNB office, and I ask if there something wrong with my ATM, and they check my accounts and they say it was withdrawed, on June 2, 3, 4. 2013, and it learn that the withdrawal was happened at BDO Malate Branch, and I told that how do it happened , I Didn’t lost my ATM, and nobody knows my pin and then they told me to go to PNB Ermita since they the one who knows my accounts. The other day I went to PNB Ermita Branch, and told Mrs. Mel what happened to my accounts, and told them everything about my ATM, and Mrs, Mel of PNB Ermita to do request letter to BDO for viewing the CCTV footage was made the alleged withdrawal on my ATM Card, on August 2013. We go to BDO Makati together with PNB Personnel which they also view the CCTV of BDO, and also security personnel of BDO, and they so who did withdraw bit was a Bulgarian said by the security personnel of BDO, and also your Investigation who did it. And the security personnel tells us that it was happened also at BDO in Makati, since your Investigator The CCTV who really withdraw my savings in ATM card, Im appealing to your good office for a symphaty to your Depositor since I was a PNB Card holder when I was working in pagcor, this savings which came from my early retirement because of my Accident ,I put it to your Bank for I knowing that my saving’s is safe , it was a hard money for me, I work for almost 16 years to earn it, and it just happened like this, where is the protection and safety of your depositor, Im badly need this money, I deposit it to your Banks which my need of my lose Medication what happen now, it was illegally just like that somebody, can withdraw your money not using your ATM and my personal Identification number where is the Safetyness of the Card Holder, Im beging to your Office to give me back my Retirement savings.
Im so Hopefull that your Good Ofice will do something with this unfortunate things happened to your Banking system. And Im pleasing for your symphaty that your BANK act on my complain.

Very Thankfull,
Mr.Cristilito L. Lopez

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