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RCBC Main Office | Telephone Number
One of the largest banks in the Philippines in terms of assets and deposits, Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) has its headquarters/main office located in:

6819 Ayala Avenue Corner
Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City
Philippines (Postal code: 0727)

You can contact the RCBC main office at telephone number: 894-9000 or you can send an electronic document to its fax number: 894-9955

If you want to send a message, you send it to webmaster@rcbc.cm

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Identification Number: 17514
BIR Tax Identification Number (TIN): 320-000-599-760

Do you have any concerns with RCBC? You can post them in the comment below.
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5 genaro lanzar jr.   (20-May-2014 8:45 AM)
good day!i want to know my savings account number?

4 Crispin M Egargue   (22-October-2013 3:12 PM)
Is my daddy's (PO3 Crispin M Egargue/Famy MPS) Psmbfi cash card is finished processing at your office. I want asap answer thanks.

3 candida caerlang   (18-September-2013 8:11 AM)
Good Day!
hi! i applied a credit card in surigao city rcbc branch last june28 of this year...i would like to ask why it took so long for it to process? if there's a problem i have my contact number on my application form, why you didn't call me?

2 Maria Teresa Rubio Beltran   (10-May-2013 4:51 PM)
I can't access to my rcbc bankard e-statement. They didn't accept my password.

1 Irish Jane Bon   (10-October-2012 10:01 AM)
Good day!

I just want to know the result of my application on credit card. It was 2weeks ago but i haven't received any result on my application. Hope you will help me on this matter. Thank you :)