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SkyCable Davao City Branch Office | Telephone Number
One of the major cable tv service providers in the Philippines, SkyCable has a branch office in Davao.

SkyCable Davao City Branch Office Address

Piatos Bldg., Cabaguio Ave., Davao City
Davao, Philippines

SkyCable Davao City Branch Telephone Number
  • (082) 222-5456 / 305-5456/ 305-0465
Fax Number
  • (082) 221-6404
Email Address
  • customercare.min@skycable.com
Do you have any concern with SkyCable Davao City Branch Office?
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60 dainty   (27-May-2016 12:05 PM)
My account is from sky cable General Santos City. Is it possible if I could settle my account here in Davao city?

59 She- von Parma   (28-March-2016 9:45 PM)
What's wrong with you SKY CABLE? we've been calling your customer service hotline everyday since we don't have any internet connection for 1 week now! Is this the kind of service that you guys are giving to your subscribers? Where is the sense of urgency here!

58 Mr.P.Dizon   (07-March-2016 11:11 AM)
May i request the relocation of cable support of your post number 0530480 located in Kamuning St., Juna Subdivision(corner going to Calamansi street).

57 gina   (04-March-2016 8:06 PM)
cable and internet NO CONNECTION ALWAYS please fix this it is very disappointed especially the internet every 30 minutes NO CONNECTION.

56 Lala Cadion   (16-February-2016 5:56 PM)
Today, Feb. 16, 2016, 6:50pm, no signal and no channels for more than one hour already. Unable to watch tv programs. This should be deducted from our billing. I was trying to call this number (082)3055456, but unfortunately no answer from the other line.

55 carmencita johnstone   (11-November-2015 3:17 PM)

54 Rosario Bermudez   (11-November-2015 9:56 AM)
Inquire regarding for digibox na power-off yung saksakan may deprensya pwede mapalitan yun. Thank you.

53 Maan   (08-November-2015 11:46 AM)
Kindly!! check your internet connection here at Deca Homes Mintal Davao City. VERY slow connection.. No justice.. PLEASE FOLLOW UP! it compromises my online job.

52 Hanan   (31-October-2015 4:24 PM)
Good day! We would like to give our concern regarding on our skybroadband. We subscribed 3999 which includes skycable service and a 10mbps internet and it happened that our internet is very slow which gives us no justice to our subscription. Please follow up!

51 windywindz   (29-October-2015 4:21 PM)
hi, how can i pay our skycable bill through RCBC internet banking?

50 Rosario Bermudez   (22-October-2015 8:50 PM)
I would like complain regarding sa skycable HD Digibox hindi na kasi ma-open para nasira yung Digibox. Thank you

49 Rosario Bermudez   (22-October-2015 12:00 PM)
Hi gud pm from #142 St., GSIS Height, Matina, Davao City. It's 5 hours no signal for cable connection. Please be follow-up. Please contact 09206103266.

48 Rosario Bermudez   (22-October-2015 7:51 AM)
No signal all channels. Please follow up!!! Check here at GSIS Matina, Davao City

47 Marc Emman   (18-October-2015 2:16 PM)
our HD channels doesn't work..pls try to check here at Brgy. ubalde, Agdao davao city

46 Allen Lei G. Carnecer   (18-October-2015 12:38 PM)
No signal from all HD channels (HBO,FOX MOVIES, STARWORLD) PLEASE FOLLOW UP!!!

45 Rosario Bermudez   (16-October-2015 2:34 PM)
Inquire for account name Rosario Bermudez from GSIS Matina. No signal from YEY, PBO, Cinemo, Jeepney TV, ABS-CBN HD since 9:00 am. Please be refresh. Thank you

44 Rosario Bermudez   (16-October-2015 9:58 AM)
Inquire for account name Rosario Bermudez. No signal from PBO, Cinemo, Jeepney TV, ABS-CBN HD. Please be refresh. Thank you

43 Ian E Rees   (11-October-2015 5:47 PM)
Why was the internet down in Deca homes Tucunan since yesterday as I could not transfer funds through my bank account to my contractor

42 Marry Gaylo   (26-July-2015 9:10 AM)
Please can you contact me by telephone about your iPhone offer on new sky cable in tall at ion 09213028963 thank you

41 Jojie pagunsan   (25-July-2015 4:35 PM)
We don't have cable connections.. Plz check it.. Blk 38 lot 6 NHA Buhangin Davao city.

40 Jojie pagunsan   (25-July-2015 4:32 PM)
Hi good pm,. From NHA Buhangin Davao city.. I would like to complain regarding to our cable connection it's been 3 days that we don't have cable.. Can you please check it.. Thanks

39 Warren Ranalan   (20-June-2015 4:11 AM)
Please tell me how to reset my skybroadband wifi password?

38 hannah   (19-June-2015 1:00 PM)
I don't understand you guys, I keep on saying over and over again that it should be installed in the morning because we sleep in the afternoon, we work at night, that's the only time to sleep, I said this to several agents for more than 10 times in the last couple of days, several agents would call me in a day asking me the same question over and over again, and keep on telling me that they will schedule the installation in the morning, we have been waiting in the morning before we sleep for several days now, and everytime, sky cable calls at 2 pm in the afternoon when we are sleeping already, I don't know why they couldn't understand that it should be in the morning, I have been answering calls from sky cable everyday, several times a day and it has been more than a week now almost 2 weeks and it hasn't been installed still because they couldn't understand a simple instruction that it should be in the morning, I have several number from Skycable on my phone, like around 6 or 7 numbers and we call each one for 5 times or more everytime, and text them, there was never an answer, plus they have very unprofessional waiting tones saying we are a terrorist, how unprofessional can your workers get?
I will talk to a manager from now on, I refuse to let this get out of hand.

37 Rudolf Scholz   (05-June-2015 9:14 PM)
I need a fast internet connection near Matina Square, Davao.


Helen Estrera Alves
Matina Crossing
74-A back Barangay Macas Compound
Dvao City
Best Regards
Rudolf Scholz

36 jayson artajo   (13-May-2015 3:18 PM)
what happen ?? we dont have any connection since May 3, 2015 ..i keep on calling the field agent named Ann but she keeps on re scheduling the date to fix out cable connection ..
please follow up..

35 Kristopher Recto   (25-April-2015 7:31 PM)
Why does some of our cable channels appears no connnection. ?

34 Leah Palado   (12-February-2015 12:31 PM)
i would like to request a disconnection because its so slow. i can't even concentrate to my online job..

33 Vernie Redondo Tabudlong   (02-February-2015 5:31 AM)
Can I ask if there's any payment center here in mintal? Reply asap

32 Jerico Reyes   (03-January-2015 11:33 AM)
No signal input everytime we turned off the digibox and tv..Why?

31 DEBBIE TOLENTINO   (29-December-2014 7:35 PM)
Laverna Buhangin Davao City

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