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SkyCable Mandaue City-Cebu Branch Office | Telephone Number
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One of the major cable tv service providers in the Philippines, SkyCable has a branch office in Cebu.

SkyCable Mandaue City-Cebu Branch Office Address

250 A.S. Fontana St. Bakilid, Mandaue City
Cebu, Philippines

SkyCable Mandaue City-Cebu Branch Telephone Number
  • (032) 346-4255 to 61 / 345-2278
Fax Number
  • (032) 346-8247
Open Office Hours
  • Monday to Friday --- 8am to 6pm
  • Saturday --- 8am to 5pm
Email Address
  • customercare.vis@skycable.com
Do you have any concern with SkyCable Mandaue City-Cebu Branch Office?

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31 Duncan Blakey   (19-September-2015 6:51 PM)
Acc 656709871
I have had no Sky TV all day today........is there a problem with the system?

30 Dario   (10-September-2015 8:49 PM)
Skycable is available in rural areas i.e argao, dalaguete ?

29 Maria   (07-July-2015 3:43 PM)
hello i am a previous customer of this company. Unfortunately we already cut off our connection due to change if address. I am from cebu city. i just want to ask how and where can I get a copy of my previous skycable bills? I badly need them as a proof of address. Thank you.

28 sidney jordan   (02-July-2015 4:05 PM)
The skycable number told us that they are coming on 1st of july for installment and we are waiting for the whole day long and they never ever inform us that they are not coming.What kind of stupid service you have???

27 Peter   (14-April-2015 6:44 AM)
There's a service interruption on lifestyle channel right now. Kindly attend to it please

26 Peter   (14-April-2015 6:42 AM)
Kindly fix lifestyle channel now . The screen says stop service

25 keith mulley   (18-February-2015 9:02 AM)
Spent three hours in your office just to pay our accounts what a joke. Maybe the philippines has never heard of internet banking. One day they might drag you kicking and screaming into the 21st century

24 keith mulley   (02-December-2014 9:24 AM)
Can i ask please do you ever get sick of showing the same shows day after day week after week month after month year after year show movies so old i have seen them in the 60 an 70s. And you ask people to pay you for that??? When i try to see what the show is about all i see is no synopsis. try calling what you call customer service it a joke. I think if this is the best you can do better you get out of cable TV business

23 keith mulley   (02-December-2014 9:18 AM)

22 Maki Mendoza Vano   (29-August-2014 1:10 PM)
Spent half the day trying to call your Smart Hotline 0918-863-1000.
I can understand if the phone keeps on ringing until the "the line is busy" voice prompt comes on, but when the line goes dead after just two rings on the next call, that just seems wrong.
For the next few minutes it's voice prompt, then all of a sudden, three or four rings, dropped call.
Is there a global cable related disaster I'm not aware of? I almost feel like a stalker.
FIVE HOURS, no answer... are you kidding me?

21 Aileen Carreno Diaz-Monteadora   (30-June-2014 11:11 AM)
I don't understand my bill,I was already paid the installation fee during they installed my connection but now it is included in my bill.I called the telephone number posted here but no one is functioing.

20 Benjamin Escolano   (11-June-2014 3:44 PM)
we have no signal since yesterday, please check, our account # is 638335441

19 Bruce Chiongbiabn   (02-June-2014 8:47 AM)
What is happening? No signal in my connection. Digibox ID no. 082354 plus another box under this account. Thank you for your prompt response to this request.

18 Jack Eccles   (20-May-2014 1:27 PM)
Your rep is still refusing to give me a copy of the agreement I signed. Is this company policy? If so I will be looking at taking legal action against Sky.
Jack Eccles

17 Jack Eccles   (19-May-2014 1:10 PM)
Last message was blocked/access denied or something like that! What sort of service is that? I signed up with Sky internet last week but I am still waiting for a copy of my agreement! In other countries a copy is handed to the customer immediately after signing - why not here? The representative told me that's how it is done here. Why?

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