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SkyCable Talisay City-Cebu Branch Office | Telephone Number

One of the major cable tv service providers in the Philippines, SkyCable has a branch office in Cebu.

SkyCable Talisay City-Cebu Branch Office Address
PBS Bldg., Highway Tabunok, Talisay City
Cebu, Philippines
SkyCable Talisay City-Cebu Branch Telephone Number
  • (032) 272-1611
Email Address
Do you have any concern with SkyCable Talisay City-Cebu Branch Office?

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Total comments : 19
Carlo   (24 February 2018 4:08 PM)
What in the hell! 7 days without cable after following up infinite times! Crap service! Hope duterte also brings in another cable company.

Steven Macon   (14 January 2018 12:53 PM)
We were in Talisay office at Gaisano Mall in Talisay, Cebu on Jan. 3rd for new service. Today is January 14th. We were PROMISED by representative in Manila yesterday that our service would be connected either January 13 or Jan. 14,even though today is a Sunday. She said, "Oh, yes, our installers also work on Sunday." OK. Where in the name of all that is holy are they??? I am trying to make allowances for things here in the Philippines. I am an American, married to a Filipina for nearly 27 years now, (Legally married, not just living together). We lived in Talisay before , from 2009 thru 2014 so I am not just another tourist. When you PROMISE a customer something you need to deliver on that promise and...what is up with this stuff about you don't know when EXACTLY the installer will be here. Have you people ever heard of SCHEDULES??? That is why foreigners have a hard time here. In Germany, Norway, England, Australia and especially in the USA most everything is done ON TIME!! Think about that...hard!!-Steve and Erlinda Macon-

Roselle   (13 January 2018 7:51 AM)
We dont have cable connection since yesterday,im trying to call yor customer service hotline but kepps nobody anawer.please accomodate us!!!!!!!

nestor pesidas   (20 November 2017 11:46 AM)
Please do service my sky cable connection, it was hit by a ten wheeler truck last week Tuesday night, Please re connect it asap...

Josephine Anderson   (24 April 2017 8:30 AM)
Why in the world my service still not restore? I already paid the bill and its been more than 1 week I'm only getting local channels?

richard galvez   (25 August 2016 2:50 PM)
RE: 669784295
Horrible service from this company. Internet connection lost since August 20. No one has come out to fix the problem. Terrible service.

angela s. arjon   (30 May 2016 8:18 AM)
i want to change my password to my internet because i think somebody is using without my premission . but i dont know how .. can you please send me how to change password please ?

Manuel Burdador   (16 May 2016 11:01 AM)
Hi Sky Cable team,
I've been trying to call and speak to a human being since Saturday,but your automated answering system is giving me a local concierge number after I entered my account number. The local contact mobile phone rings,but nobody answers.
What happened to your customer service?

Rola Mir B. Suarez   (24 February 2016 8:15 AM)
are you having maintenance problems here in Tabunoc, Talisay City, Cebu? The screen display's :"Cable service is not available".
Hoping for a reply.

Rola Mir B. Suarez   (24 February 2016 8:11 AM)
Is sky having a ruotine maintenance/repair here in tabunoc, talisay city? screen display's
"Cable service is not available".
Hoping for a reply.

Arlen Abella   (22 August 2015 3:16 PM)
We are having problems now with our cable connection. It suddenly turned off last 12 noon..
Ive been calling your office but nobody answered the phone.
I need a quick response to tis.
Thank you

Raisha Oca   (19 August 2015 7:49 AM)
No signal for 2 days now.. been trying to contact you guys but the phone just keeps on ringing.. Can you please do something about this?

Mr. Tam Ngo   (16 August 2015 10:29 AM)
we have no cable TV for 2 days and your phone cannot be reached.

Jack   (15 August 2015 10:54 AM)
We are experiencing no sugnal now may we know what happpened? Is there somebody working on it? Nobody dares to answer yuor phone when i called 2721611. You return call at 09173296608

Please attend to this.


Maria Domnena Anog   (14 June 2015 4:44 PM)
We dont have signal since last june 13.I have been trying to contact your office during office hours and yet no one will answer my call it keeps on ringing many times it seems everyone is very busy not to answer any of my calls. I hope you would be kind enougj to respond to our concern.

Melody   (06 May 2015 1:07 PM)
Hi SkyCable Team,

I am interested in having my place hooked up with SkyCable. Currently, I am using PLDT internet, but I am suffering from a very slow to non-existent internet connection. I am just wondering about the plans available in SkyCable, speed, usage limit, price, etc. It would also be helpful if you are able to send me information about the requirements I need to submit for me to get connected with SkyCable.

Your response would be highly appreciated.

Thanks a lot,


Sigurd Overaa   (25 April 2015 3:58 PM)
I am living in Corona del Mar,Pooc, Talisay.
I have already PLDT internet with landline there.
Maybe i will try to change to Sky Cable if it is possible to use it where i live.
Is that possible?
I guess i want 5 or up to 8 MB download then.Whats the prices or where can i find prices on internet?
Do you have landline also? Or can i still use PLDT for landline if i use Sky for internet?

Best Regards. Sigurd Overå.

ritchel victorillo   (16 April 2015 8:27 AM)
hello please we need your immediate response we have a signal problem in my skycable please check my site signal

please contact me

LEONARD PESTER   (01 October 2013 2:14 PM)
hello i need to know when i will be hook up at my new address,,,,i moved from 251 ST JOESPHS VILLAGE TO NEW ADDRESS,,,I PAID 500 PESOS ON SEPT 20
THANKS,,,CALL ME 09983632720