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University of Cebu (UC) Banilad Address and Contact Number
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University of Cebu (UC) Banilad is open to any comments, suggestions or inquiries. Just give them a ring.

University of Cebu Banilad - Address/Contact Numbers

University of Cebu Banilad - Complete Address:
University of Cebu Banilad Campus
Governor Cuenco Avenue, Banilad
Cebu City 6000 Philippines

* You can use this as a mailing address.
University of Cebu Banilad - Contact Number/Telephone Numbers:
Trunk Line: (032) 233-8124 | (032) 233-7802 | (032) 233-8116
Fax: (032) 231-8621
  • Operator     0
  • Admin/IT     102
  • Accounting/Cashier     107
  • Building Supervisor/Property Custodian     109
  • Campus Ministry/Computer Laboratory 2 (Rm. 801)     116
  • College of Law     103
  • College of Nursing     104
  • CSU     110
  • EDP/Computer Laboratory 1 (Rm. 203)     231-8617
  • Guidance Center     108
  • HRD/SAO Office     115
  • Library     106
  • Medical/Dental Clinic     113
  • Registrar's Office     105
  • Umalahokan     117
  • TESDA     231-8613
  • President's Office/Korean Consulate Office     231-6345
  • Secretary     101
For enrollment inquiries in University of Cebu-Banilad, you can contact this number: (032) 233-888

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63 Ace Angel Gica   (24-April-2015 8:41 AM)
hi good morning this is ace angel s Gica
i can kindly ask the schedule of Bachelor of information System for morning only
Thank you very much and i hope you will read my letter before opening of class because i mistake my schedule i copy the wrong schedule

62 Gong Cubero Cantones   (20-September-2014 4:23 PM)
Good day!. I am a former student of Uc Banilad who was taking up BSBa. I am planning to get my TOR. I am now living here in Davao.I just want to ask my account balance and I want to know how many working days that i may able to get my tor after paying my back accounts. THANK YOU. LOOKING FORWARD TO YOUR REPLY..

61 Irish Sumayang Cabañero   (16-September-2014 0:42 AM)
Hi..good day..i just want to ask..
I f i get my TRO do i need to pay my tuition fee?..even though i ddnt take the prelim exam in first sem?

60 Cristine Gamale   (03-September-2014 3:50 PM)
Hi, this is Cristine ....I would like to inquire tuition fee for the 2 years course Office Administration...Plannin to enroll this coming october,second semister....thanks,,pls. I need it ASAP>..

59 Jonathan   (17-May-2014 11:44 PM)
Good day maam/sir

I am Jonathan Dura 23 years old currently working and I wish to pursue my dream to become a lawyer?Is it Possible since I am graduated with the degree of BS in Information and System.? one thing I noticed with my TOR no SO number?What should I do maam/sir please help me in this mattter since 2015 school year is past aproaching.Thank you so much. More Power UC

58 joan   (03-May-2014 2:44 PM)
hello! Good day. Do you offer a criminology course? What are the requirements and how mush is the tuition. Thanks.

57 teresa   (30-April-2014 4:20 PM)
can u please send me the hrm course per simester??? i need it asap....thanks

56 land   (22-April-2014 11:59 AM)
can i get a copy of authorization letter signed by attorney sample to get a TOR?

55 land   (22-April-2014 11:56 AM)
can i get a sample/format of authorization letter to file a TOR/good moral with sign sa attorney?

54 Mary Grace Roque   (18-April-2014 12:17 PM)
Hi! I just want to know when will the summer class 2014 starts.? Thank you !

53 joel   (13-April-2014 8:35 PM)
any time poh bah intrasbexamination test

52 grace suarez   (18-August-2013 11:17 AM)
Hi! may i know how much is the tuition fee for 1 year course of HRM? can we enroll this 1 year course of HRM at your UC banilad campus?..thanks

51 jen arse   (05-August-2013 8:46 PM)
hi...can i ask about the tuition fee of information technology..every sem..thank u..

50 jen arse   (03-August-2013 10:55 PM)
hello...can u post the courses offered with their tuition fees...thank u

49 Ronalyn Margaja   (01-August-2013 7:14 PM)
good day.. I would like to ask your help because I can't study in college because my other credentials are still there in the school..we dont hav money to go there so I am humbly asking your help to please forward all my credentials here in manila..please I really want to study in college...thank you and more power to the university of cebu banilad

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