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University of Cebu (UC) Banilad Address and Contact Number

University of Cebu (UC) Banilad is open to any comments, suggestions or inquiries. Just give them a ring.

University of Cebu Banilad - Address/Contact Numbers

University of Cebu Banilad - Complete Address:
University of Cebu Banilad Campus
Governor Cuenco Avenue, Banilad
Cebu City 6000 Philippines

* You can use this as a mailing address.
University of Cebu Banilad - Contact Number/Telephone Numbers:
Trunk Line: (032) 233-8124 | (032) 233-7802 | (032) 233-8116
Fax: (032) 231-8621
  • Operator     0
  • Admin/IT     102
  • Accounting/Cashier     107
  • Building Supervisor/Property Custodian     109
  • Campus Ministry/Computer Laboratory 2 (Rm. 801)     116
  • College of Law     103
  • College of Nursing     104
  • CSU     110
  • EDP/Computer Laboratory 1 (Rm. 203)     231-8617
  • Guidance Center     108
  • HRD/SAO Office     115
  • Library     106
  • Medical/Dental Clinic     113
  • Registrar's Office     105
  • Umalahokan     117
  • TESDA     231-8613
  • President's Office/Korean Consulate Office     231-6345
  • Secretary     101
For enrollment inquiries in University of Cebu-Banilad, you can contact this number: (032) 233-888
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69 Zel   (08 March 2016 5:25 PM)
Hi I just wanna ask if there's a HRM Octoberian graduation? (I hope there is!) thank you.

68 mika lara   (11 December 2015 4:08 PM)

I would like to ask about the Korean language classes. Do you still hold it? Is it available for non-UC students? How much is it and how long will the classes be? can i choose the schedule that suit on my time.? Thank you. ~~

67 Edward L Lawrence   (10 November 2015 9:11 AM)
I am trying to find typescripts for a friend by the mane of Mary Fe Peligro who finished her first year of college in 2012. I would like to know the procedure of obtaining this document and the the cost of same. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
Edward L Lawrence

66 Shey   (21 July 2015 11:23 AM)
Hi! My name is Sheryvee Simpoo and I would like to get more information about your Nursing program. I currently live in U.S right now but I am a filipino citizen. I am interested in applying to your school. How much is the tuition and what are the requirements to get into the program?
Have a good day!

Sheryvee Simpoo

65 Hope   (22 June 2015 1:06 PM)
Hello! Good day!

I would like to ask about the Korean language classes. Do you still hold it? Is it available for non-UC students? How much is it and how long will the classes be? Thank you. I hope for your considerable response

64 Catherine Francisco   (21 June 2015 5:17 PM)
21 June 2015

University of Cebu-Banilad
Cebu City, Philippines

Dear Sir/Madam:


With reference to the above, please note that Ms. Kristine Escalicas has applied for a job in our Hospital and has produced the certificate in support of her educational qualification.

As part of the recruitment procedure, we customarily do credential verification in respect of selected candidates.

May we therefore, request you to be kind enough to confirm the following details so that we can proceed appropriately in the matter.

Name Kristine Escalicas
Course BS Nursing
Year 04-April-2006

Verified by: Date Verified:
Designation: Contact No.:

While regretting the inconveniences caused you in this regard, we deeply appreciate your cooperation and assistance.

Thanking you,

Yours truly,
For Medcare Hospital, LLC
Dubai, UAE

Human Resources Department

Confidential Page 1 21/06/2015/ HR/0002/CredentialVerification.doc

63 Ace Angel Gica   (24 April 2015 8:41 AM)
hi good morning this is ace angel s Gica
i can kindly ask the schedule of Bachelor of information System for morning only
Thank you very much and i hope you will read my letter before opening of class because i mistake my schedule i copy the wrong schedule

62 Gong Cubero Cantones   (20 September 2014 4:23 PM)
Good day!. I am a former student of Uc Banilad who was taking up BSBa. I am planning to get my TOR. I am now living here in Davao.I just want to ask my account balance and I want to know how many working days that i may able to get my tor after paying my back accounts. THANK YOU. LOOKING FORWARD TO YOUR REPLY..

61 Irish Sumayang Cabañero   (16 September 2014 0:42 AM)
Hi..good day..i just want to ask..
I f i get my TRO do i need to pay my tuition fee?..even though i ddnt take the prelim exam in first sem?

60 Cristine Gamale   (03 September 2014 3:50 PM)
Hi, this is Cristine ....I would like to inquire tuition fee for the 2 years course Office Administration...Plannin to enroll this coming october,second semister....thanks,,pls. I need it ASAP>..

59 Jonathan   (17 May 2014 11:44 PM)
Good day maam/sir

I am Jonathan Dura 23 years old currently working and I wish to pursue my dream to become a lawyer?Is it Possible since I am graduated with the degree of BS in Information and System.? one thing I noticed with my TOR no SO number?What should I do maam/sir please help me in this mattter since 2015 school year is past aproaching.Thank you so much. More Power UC

58 joan   (03 May 2014 2:44 PM)
hello! Good day. Do you offer a criminology course? What are the requirements and how mush is the tuition. Thanks.

57 teresa   (30 April 2014 4:20 PM)
can u please send me the hrm course per simester??? i need it asap....thanks

56 land   (22 April 2014 11:59 AM)
can i get a copy of authorization letter signed by attorney sample to get a TOR?

55 land   (22 April 2014 11:56 AM)
can i get a sample/format of authorization letter to file a TOR/good moral with sign sa attorney?

54 Mary Grace Roque   (18 April 2014 12:17 PM)
Hi! I just want to know when will the summer class 2014 starts.? Thank you !

53 joel   (13 April 2014 8:35 PM)
any time poh bah intrasbexamination test

52 grace suarez   (18 August 2013 11:17 AM)
Hi! may i know how much is the tuition fee for 1 year course of HRM? can we enroll this 1 year course of HRM at your UC banilad campus?..thanks

51 jen arse   (05 August 2013 8:46 PM)
hi...can i ask about the tuition fee of information technology..every sem..thank u..

50 jen arse   (03 August 2013 10:55 PM)
hello...can u post the courses offered with their tuition fees...thank u

49 Ronalyn Margaja   (01 August 2013 7:14 PM)
good day.. I would like to ask your help because I can't study in college because my other credentials are still there in the school..we dont hav money to go there so I am humbly asking your help to please forward all my credentials here in manila..please I really want to study in college...thank you and more power to the university of cebu banilad

48 Harlyn   (09 July 2013 4:53 PM)
Hi mam/sir!
i would like to inquire the tuition fee of the following courses per semester:
comp. eng.
elec and com eng.
criminology and
custom administration.
thank you.

47 monnetcindy   (08 June 2013 6:10 PM)
hi, i would like to ask if where is the review center for midwifery located and how much?please rep asap..tnx

46 Susan Jaluag   (23 May 2013 6:12 PM)
Hello, I am the mother of Jackie Lou B. Jaluag. Jackie has stopped school since 2006 or 2007. She wanted to continue her studies in Bohol. I wanted to know how to get her transcript of records. Do you do online transactions? Like a bank account where we can send payment and to just wire the documents. She needs her transcript of records and good moral certificate. Thank you so much.

Ms. Susan B. Jaluag

45 jade   (17 May 2013 11:33 AM)
i just want to know the postal and school code of UC banilad campus... i needed it .. thanks

44 alix filsaime   (15 May 2013 5:58 AM)
Greetings from Haiti.
Could you please share with me the progress of the Mango oil project by the group of four students from your University ? What a great shorcut from academics to real life productive and socially integrating endeavors.
Please share
alix filsaime

43 felix bade   (06 May 2013 6:57 AM)
Please Send me the Details of Tuition Fee for Information Technology for Freshman together with the Miscellaneous Fee. Thanks a lot.

42 Ianna   (01 May 2013 8:02 PM)
Good Evening. I just want to ask if I can get back my down-payment ?. I am hoping for your fast response about this matter thank you.

41 Gretz   (26 April 2013 11:05 AM)
Hi! I would like to inquire for my remaining balance at UC Banilad full name Gretz Lorenzo Sabell Pila. Please send me an email, thanks.

40 Cal   (10 April 2013 11:47 PM)
good day!i am now in manila,i want to continue my studies here and i need my transcript of records,certificate of credentials,honorable dismissal and good moral.my mother will pick it up to the school and send it here.So,I would like to ask the requirements on how to get those documents?

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