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University of Cebu (UC) Lapu-Lapu & Mandaue Address and Contact Number

University of Cebu (UC) is open to any comments, suggestions or inquiries. Just give them a ring.

University of Cebu Lapu Lapu and Mandaue - Address/Contact Numbers

University of Cebu Lapu-lapu - Complete Address:
University of Cebu Lapu Lapu - Mandaue Campus
A.C Cortes Ave., Mandaue City
6014 Philippines

* You can use this as a mailing address.

University of Cebu Lapu-lapu - Contact Number/Telephone Numbers:
Trunk Line: (032) 345-6666
Fax: (032) 346-7462

University of Cebu Lapu-lapu - Registrar's Office Email Address

For enrollment inquiries in University of Cebu Lapu-lapu & Mandaue, you can contact their trunk line number: (032) 345-6666
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72 lizelda lumagsao   (20 October 2017 11:02 AM)
I would like to ask if where and when will be the entrance examination for NSA so that I can be ready because I want to be a scholar soon...Thank you so much...and GOD bless!!!

71 Jefrance Demol   (28 September 2017 5:46 PM)
i would like to ask if when will be the second batch in taking NSA exam and what are the requirements.

Please notify me!Thanks a lot!

70 Danica Pono   (25 May 2017 12:19 PM)
Good day !

I would like to inquire if when will start the entrance exam for new students/ transferee students and until when only?
Thank you.

69 dianly   (31 March 2017 8:39 AM)
i would like to inquire about your enrollment on senior high school?

68 kyle   (23 March 2017 3:48 PM)
when is your entrance exam for senior high school grade 11?

67 Jaeo   (22 March 2017 6:15 PM)
I would like to inquire about your enrollment on señior highschool. What are the requirements for a transferee to enroll.

66 Apple Almazan   (07 October 2016 8:36 AM)
Which campus of University of Cebu offers BS Real Estate Management?

65 jerome.chen   (24 September 2016 3:15 PM)
hi this jeroeme.i would like to ask about your school any curriculum ,i have a plan to go there to study ,can i have a list,i am not so good in my english do you have any suggestion, thanks

64 yuri   (27 July 2016 0:55 AM)
My name is Yuri of YurEventsAnd Productions we are the production team of Miss Gaisano Grand 2016. I will be sending an invitation letter may I ask the following details :

whom to address the letter :
designation :
email add :
contact number :

This October 2016, Gaisano Grand Malls will be celebrating its 38th years in the retail industry as it continually provides quality and affordable items to all valued shoppers across Visayas and Mindanao which truly speaks to its slogan “Everyday is a Savings Day!”

As one of the highlights of this remarkable milestone, Gaisano Grand Malls will hold its annual biggest beauty and personality search entitled as MISS GAISANO GRAND MALLS 2016.

Now for the first time on its 16th year, the contest will be an inter-school beauty quest promoting women empowerment and camaraderie which composed of 12 young ladies representing any colleges or universities in Cebu to compete the most coveted title.
In this regard, we would like to invite your school to send two (2) aspiring iladies to represent the school for the screening and get the chance to be part of the 12 Official Candidates.
ooThank you

63 Erwin Esperanza   (07 April 2016 7:26 AM)
Good day!
I would like to know if the school is still accepting academic scholars, and if does what are the requirements and when is the deadline.
Your respond is highly appreciated.
Thank you....

62 Analy madanguit   (04 March 2016 1:54 PM)
Good day! I would like to ask what is the schedule of you entrance exam for the grade 7.thank you very much

61 Gilbert A. Sulatan Jr.   (26 October 2015 3:56 PM)

I would like to ask if there are payments involve if I request to have a statement of account? So that I can show to the one who will be helping me proceed my studies. I need your reply as soon as possible. To be more of a help here is my ID number 10502946. Thank you!

60 Gilbert A. Sulatan Jr.   (26 October 2015 3:52 PM)

I would like to ask how much will it cost if I will request to have my statement of account? This is for employment purposes. I need it as soon as possible. I am not studying for 5 years already, will that be a problem? If there are no payment involve, will it be okay if you will just send it to my email address? To be helpful here is my ID number 10502946. Thank you and have a great day!

59 Marifel Morales   (08 September 2015 8:23 PM)
good day sir/mam,
I would like to inquire if when will be the enrollment schedule for transferees.
Thank you .God Bless.

58 Catherine colina   (28 June 2015 2:17 PM)
Good day, sir/madame, can you give me an information how i pay through online for the payment of my daughter. thanks godbless..

57 Kennyd M. Dublin   (15 June 2015 4:40 PM)
good after noon sir/ma'am i follow up my study load in EDP,Tomorrow sir/ma'am i get my study load .

56 Marie Junette Neri Ohya   (06 April 2015 9:35 AM)
Greetings!! When will be the entrance exam of UCLM?

55 hannah dela cerna epe   (05 April 2015 11:32 AM)
good afternoon,,,,i want to ask question for you,,,how can i avail a scholarship program in your university !?

54 Fuentes Ana Violeta   (06 February 2015 11:12 AM)
Hi good afternoon, i would like to ask some questions..like this..Do you a course like BS REM in your school? How much the fees for that course,if you will have ? Also are you accepting like 6 months only for that course? For your reply please send to my email address fuentesanavioleta@yahoo.com or on my facebook fionnah08@yahoo.com
Thank you and have a nice day to you..God bless

53 Fuentes Ana Violeta   (06 February 2015 7:53 AM)
Hi good morning sir, madam..i have some questions to you..
Are this University is accepting of course like BS REM? How much the fees for this course and are they accepting good for 6 months only? Thank you and have a great day to you..

52 Theresa Grace Sungcad   (30 April 2014 5:01 PM)
Good afternoon. I'd like to ask if i can get a certification frombthe school stating that i'm a student in UCLM. It's for the compliance of my requirements for my internship application in the US and i badly need it. Looking forward for an immediate response and would highly appreciate it. THANKS!

51 aida   (30 April 2014 9:39 AM)
Good morning! Would you kindly please give me your Metrobank details for payment for my daughter's Summer Classes. Thanks much. GOD be with you always. Please I also need Statement of Account

50 LOvely   (28 April 2014 9:28 AM)
Good Morning Maam/Sir!

This is Lovely Rose Tundag, 17 y/o .. Just want to ask if until now you are still accepting of freshmen students to enroll in Criminology courses .. Really need your response .. Thank you and God Bless ! Just send it through my Email .

49 Jesie Glenn Gorre Hermosilla   (23 April 2014 2:07 PM)
Good Afternoon Mam/Sir !

What is the requirements for the enrollment of Marine Engineering for 1st years ?
If anyone knows, can you please send it to my E-mail Add / FB, chillz17@yahoo.com
Thank You . ... God Bless You !

-Jesie Glenn Gorre Hermosilla

48 Rodgin mae gelig   (21 April 2014 8:14 AM)
good morning,
i just want to ask: mam/sir is my honorable dismissal can be processed thru online? what are the keywords?
how much is the payment?
thank you!

47 issa   (03 April 2014 3:21 PM)
how much does it cost to enroll on a business accountancy course??
plus the uniforms and the other miscellaneous to be paid.
I'd love it if you could answer my question asap.
please send it through my email.

~thank you :)

46 Lovely   (29 March 2014 10:27 PM)
@carlo : sa pgkakaalam ko, meron pong scholarship para sa course na yan po... Isa po ako sa mga student sa uclm..

45 Carlo   (29 March 2014 9:22 AM)
Good Morning,

Excuse me Sir/Ma'am, I am Carlo C. Tagle age 17 and I am currently living in Lapu-lapu City, I would like to know if there are any scholarship openings for the courses BSed major in English and IT computer science. It would be really helpful if you were able to answer my questions.

Thank you and mabuhay!

44 ruselyn gamayot   (05 August 2013 7:29 PM)
good evening po! im an old student at your campus, i lost my I.D, the problem is i need to get my Transcript of records this august 15, 2013... ma'am/sir can you tell me some way to get my TOR without my ID ??

you can send your replies thru my fb account gruselyn@yahoo.com.
Thankyou so much :)

43 Johnrelle Bryan Ortega   (03 June 2013 8:37 PM)
Hi Good Evening, Im Johnrelle Ortega

I just would like to know if the Marine Engineering Students will have their proper haircut in the first day of class ? you can send your reply through my facebook account cool_johnrelle@yahoo.com

42 angela gisman   (23 May 2013 10:30 PM)
Hi Good Evening ! I'm Angela Gisman .

sir/maam i want to know how much is the tuition fees including uniform and enrollment and entrance exam fees in the course computer engineering ? And how can i take a scholarship ?

you can send your replies through my fb account angelagisman@yahoo.co.uk ..
Thank You :)

41 Maria Teresa Sarigumba   (04 May 2013 11:39 AM)
Good Day!

sir/maam i want to know how much is the tuition fees including uniform and some other fees in the course accountancy and of course for the coming entrance exams and enrollment, i've been seeking and asking but eventually they don't know also.. you can send your replies through my fb account teresa_sarigumba@yahoo.com . thank you and may God bless you always.. :)

40 Rovelyn Bacalso   (04 May 2013 10:56 AM)
Dear Maam|Sir,

My name is Rovelyn Bacalso a coming 3rd yr this coming june 2013.
I had my school in cebu technologica university and i planning to transfer
a school in uclm dew to we have move in lapu2x.

I want to inquire how much total tuition per semester for bshrm course.

hope t hear from you!

best regards,

39 christopher gahallon   (03 May 2013 8:47 AM)
magkano po ang tuition for BSMT? and magkano enrollment and entrance exam fees?

38 Des   (30 April 2013 12:58 PM)
Good Day!
sir/ma'am I want to know if how much is the semester tuition fees including the uniform and some other fees in the course of marine engineer or can you just provide me a short breakdown for the possible expense for a 1st year student...Thank you... :)

37 elizabeth sanchez   (20 April 2013 2:21 PM)
may i ask sir/maa'm if how the first semester tuition fees including the uniform and some other fees in the course of marine enginner..thanks

36 janrymark   (15 April 2013 7:07 PM)
ahm...i will also ask maam/sir, if what grade should a valedictorian maintain in taking the scholarship.?

35 janrymark   (15 April 2013 6:59 PM)
ahm..helo maam/sir can i ask if what course should i take to use my drawing skill.

34 Rhydil Zence Bryle P. Dignos   (14 April 2013 12:17 PM)
Can I ask about the results of the final examination in the NSA scholarship applicatio?

33 Rhydil Zence Bryle P. Dignos   (14 April 2013 12:15 PM)
Can I ask the results of the final examination of the NSA scholarship Application?

32 Geraldine   (05 April 2013 10:47 AM)
Hi, I want to ask how much is the tuetion pay of HRM Thanks

31 rodiliza lahinao   (27 March 2013 10:55 AM)
may i ask if when ang enrollment sa summer class ma end?
and mo credit mo sa mga subjects from the other school?

30 michelle warque*   (20 March 2013 6:34 PM)
good day.. I am Michelle Warque, previously studied in UCLM BSN 1-D SY 2008-2009.
now i am a graduating student at Camiguin Polythecnic State College, Tangaro Campus (Tangaro Catarman Camiguin) but i still dont have my honorable dismissal and possibly cant graduate. I am asking for your very kind consideration to Please help me and process my honorable dismissal. i have ask my cousin Myko Vincent Warque Cagalitan to claim it and i already sent him the money but unfortunately he fails, for the authorization letter is needed. i have here the authorization letter and havent send it yet (probably tomorrow but receive possibly on the other day. and i have only given until march 25 or else i wont be able to graduate. i am asking for your very kind consideration. i have here my O.R. NUMBER last 2nd semester SY 2008-2009 # 00000508310 and ID Number 08391674. I have few days left i hope you will grant me this favor, this is the very problem ive been facing. here is my number 09069684118 please let me know what else i have to do.. i am hoping sir/madaam. thank you very much

29 james   (10 March 2013 5:07 PM)
good day! i would like to inquire about bachelor of science in international studies or language? do you have this course? how much is the tuition fee? im planning to enroll this month? kindly email me the school tuition fee.. thank you

28 geraldine   (05 March 2013 11:48 AM)
Hi good day :)
I would like to inquire how much is your tuition fee for BS Marine Transportation and what is the GPA requirements? Thanks

27 lanie mar   (03 March 2013 2:48 PM)
Hello po. I am a graduating student and I'm planning to enroll in your school . I just wanted to know if how much is the tuition fee for BS in Accountancy.

Thank you po . God Bless

26 kelly daniele alexis lawas   (01 March 2013 1:12 PM)
Praise be Jesus and Mary!
I am planning to move in Cebu and continue my studies there... Good to know that u have branch in Lapu-Lapu... it will be easier for me now to transport from house to school... :D
I also want to inquire if you offer Bachelor of Arts in Language course??? and how much is the is the fee per unit?
thank you and more power!

25 benky paquibot   (03 February 2013 5:09 PM)
hi po i am benky,..wanna ask po sana if when is the enrollment if the classes starts june?...thank u po

24 louisse   (23 January 2013 8:20 PM)
i am planning to enroll my daughter ds school yr. for grade 1. are there any reservation fee? what are the requirements f any?

23 iris mo   (13 January 2013 4:25 PM)
Gud morning!I would like to ask if how much the tuition fee for the computer science in uc?thank u!

22 Justine Amodia   (05 January 2013 5:51 PM)
Hi, good day.
Can I ask who's the campus HR Director? please?

21 Annabelle Oporto   (07 December 2012 1:01 PM)
Gud pm,just want to ask if the school is offering short term computer courses,like Microsoft word,excel and PowerPoint.thanks and god bless.

20 ms hermi   (21 November 2012 1:28 PM)
hi good day,, our company has 1 schoolar ,,can we send tuition fee directly to your school bank account?thanks

19 Mary   (10 November 2012 6:17 PM)
Hi! Madam/Sir , i would like to ask if when is the last enrolment for 2nd sem this year 2012-2013. Can i enroll this coming monday? Thank You! Godbless!

18 anonymous   (06 November 2012 1:35 PM)

i have a question... if a student stop in 1st sem... she/he can enroll in 2nd sem??

17 Reynaldo Abellar   (30 October 2012 4:43 PM)
yeah hello!

i would like to ask if when is the last day for enrollment in U.C. 2nd semester 2012-2013 is it on november 5 or 10. Thank you in advance for your answer.

16 camile castanares   (23 October 2012 6:26 PM)

Would like to inquire if how much is the tuition fee for BS. Accountancy and when is your enrollment for 2nd semester. Hope to receive your feedback asap. Thanks and God Speed!

15 jeniffer dacay   (21 September 2012 2:20 PM)
hi just wanna ask what exact date the enrollment this coming october?? tnx

14 Charlemagne Cubin   (11 July 2012 5:40 PM)
just wanna ask if you offer a SOLAS course? if so how much is the payment? thanks!

13 Kee Pee   (15 June 2012 4:03 PM)
Greetings! I just wanna inquire if there still vacancy in Basic Education Kinder 1???Can we still enroll my brother tomorrow, June 16, 2012??? He is running 4 yrs old by july 5 this year.

12 mirasol condino   (13 June 2012 2:16 PM)
Hello, good day! I just want to ask if what are the TWO COURSES offered in this school.

Thank you and more power!

11 mirasol condino   (13 June 2012 2:14 PM)
Hello. good day! I just want ask if what are the two courses offer in this school?

10 Joevanie Javier   (08 June 2012 1:24 PM)
Hello I want to ask if you accept octoberian

9 Joevanie Javier   (08 June 2012 1:23 PM)
Hello good day .. I want to ask if to accept octoberian?thanks more power ..

8 Nina Plaza   (06 June 2012 1:31 PM)
Good day,

Just would like to inquire the 2012 yearly plot schedule of your coming examinations for monthly payment schedule for your 1st yr. highschool students? Thank you for the feedback regarding this matter

7 jerico pareja   (29 May 2012 5:23 PM)
Good pm! can u pls tell me how can i get my class card through mailing/e-mail...I really need it for my Job..tnx!!!

6 javy mae recana   (26 May 2012 6:26 PM)
hi,,,good day po..when po sulod fr the incoming freshmen...good bless

5 mauren latonio   (23 April 2012 8:19 PM)
i want to ask how much is ur semestrial for education and asking also f thers less pecnt if i have a twin to get the sme course

4 Relieta Fielding   (03 October 2011 10:56 PM)
Hi good day! i am here in Canada and i am one of student in UCLM BS HRM i would like to ask if what do i need to do to get my record there in uclm because i want to continue my HRM here in Canada but i need to credit some of my subject but i dont know how to get my record from you guy`s thanks and im looking forward to your reply,GODBLESS

3 Euldefranvi lumapas   (28 August 2011 10:46 AM)
hi..good day po...when po ang enrolment nyo sa second sem..???looking forwarrd to hear your reply soon...be bless po..

2 Marievin O. Pedrosa   (21 July 2011 3:41 PM)

May I know po if where po ung campus ng UC na nay BSCS/BSIT courses o Department of Computer Science. I am from Kidapawan City po and we are planning to have an educational tour on December. W e would like to visit your school po. thank you and God bless po..

Ms. Marievin

1 Honey Lyn Altamira   (07 June 2011 2:34 PM)
Good Day ! I just wanna ask if it's still acceptable to shift to another course when its already enrolled . I took up BSCS and enrolled at UC-LM and want to shift to another .Is it possible to shift even the classes will start next week? Where do i need to require about this ?