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University of Cebu (UC) Main Address and Contact Number

University of Cebu (UC) Main is open to any comments, suggestions or inquiries. Just give them a ring.

University of Cebu Main - Address/Contact Numbers

University of Cebu Main - Complete Address:
University of Cebu Main Campus
Sanciangko St.
Cebu City 6000 Philippines

* You can use this as a mailing address.

University of Cebu Main - Contact Number/Telephone Numbers:
Trunk Line: (032) 255-7777
Fax: (032) 253-0729
  • President's Secretary:    135 / 134
  • Chancellor's Secretary:    135 / 115
  • HRD:   155 / 147
  • Accounting:  154
  • Alumni:   129
  • Cashier:     109
  • EDP:     120
  • Graduate School:     127
  • High School:     143
  • Elementary:     115

For enrollment inquiries in University of Cebu-Main, you can contact their trunk line number: (032) 255-7777
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Total comments : 145
Hazel   (03 January 2018 7:27 PM)
I would like to get my TOR whilst I'm here abroad.
Please guide me on how to obtain.

Thank you.

emedio bustillo   (06 November 2017 9:31 AM)
My son, Mark Louis, had stopped enrolling about 2 years ago. I think he is 3rd year irregular taking computer engineering. He just told me, he had a balance of 12 thousand pesos. Can he be enrolled paying only certain percentage of the balance obligation? He wants to push through his course this semester. Pls tell me if there are other requirements.

alfred lopez   (10 October 2017 9:13 AM)
UC Administrator, The new building at alcantara st. is now almost completely done, can we suggest the UC admin to provide a parking bay for the PUJ who will load and unload passenger at the said area like the one in Gaisano country mall, Banilad. Hoping this suggestion will be given positive response, Thank you .

Kin Deniega   (25 September 2017 1:29 AM)
Hi university of cebu,
I would like to ask if it's ok to pay my tuition fees by bank to bank account with the use of USD currency if its possible because the money will be sent from spain because theres no php option on my friends credit card. Thank you

Miacelle Feliz Bana-ay   (07 September 2017 9:09 AM)
Good day.
I would just like to ask if how long does it take to request for an original copy of my tor. Do I have to pay for it and probably how much would it be? Thank you.

Rodolfo Camasura Jr   (19 April 2017 11:52 PM)
I am a guardian who wants to verify the status of the student. Will you please help me how to do it on-line.
Thank you.

Mat Espino   (30 March 2017 1:36 PM)
Our company RBL Fishing Corporation is engaged in deep-sea fishing and located at 925 M.Naval St. Navotas City, is looking for a Civil Engineering Graduates who are interested to apply for our vacant position under our Building Maintenance Department.
May I request that thru this post, UC graduates/alumni may send their resume with copy of transcript of record to our email account rblfishingcorp888@yahoo.com or to matespino21@gmail.com.
Thank you very much

Angelo Jhon Bulawan   (07 March 2017 5:24 PM)
I would like to ask, is there any available position of your HR department or as a full time/part time teacher. I would like to apply. thank you

Ruben John Cabalhug   (16 January 2017 3:38 PM)
i would like to ask if kung naka enroll na ako sa first sem only year 2015... kabilang ba ako sa k12? pagbalik ko sa pag-aaral ngayung 2018? di pa kc ako nakapatoloy kc meron pa akong balance sa school... hope merong reply...

John Paul   (04 June 2016 12:18 PM)
i would like to ask , if you have solas training ?

John Paul   (04 June 2016 12:16 PM)
hello . i would like to ask if you have Training this Months? solas .. ill wait for your reply badly .. i will enroll monday if you have this Trainin MFA,SDSD,MARPOL,PSCRB

dyan antic   (16 November 2015 11:29 AM)
I would like to ask lang po sana if pwede po magpresent po sa inyo ng training courses..para po sa mga student.. we have a HSE TECHNICAL COURSE FOR OIL AND GAS.. THIS IS A 2 DAYS TRAINING THAT HELP para po sa mga nais mag training ESPECIALLY sa mga petroluem enginering students po..dahil ang cover po ng HSE is HEALTH,SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENT TRAINING..

thank you and plaese response.. GOD BLESS.

Edilberto Cariaga   (10 November 2015 11:42 AM)
Good day!
I am an OFW from K.S.A. and would like know where can I request my Certified True Copy of my TOR/Diploma in BSME to be used in DFA (RED Ribbon) for authentication purpose.
Please guide me accordingly.
Thank you.

april jane panon   (04 November 2015 4:48 PM)
hi ! good day .may i ask question? can i check my grades in 1st semester my course is BSHRM . may i ? please ? in all grades in 1st semester . thank you . im waiting for your reply thank you .

Maria Theresa J. Almario   (23 October 2015 6:33 PM)
Good evening . I'm a BSBA student from UC-Main. May I know how to inquire for this semesters grade via online. I'm hoping for your reply or just text me in this no. 09066594031.
Thank you!

Perl Joy Laureno   (23 September 2015 2:31 PM)
Good day, I just wanna inform if how can i get my TOR? should i pay the whole semester before getting it? because actually I did'nt finish my whoke semester there because of financial problems and im planning to transfer this 2nd semester, can I know what's the process in getting my TOR, Thank you :)

Braille Cañete   (23 September 2015 5:50 AM)
How much is the tuition fee of BS Civil Engineering per semester in UC-Main? Thank you and God Bless :)

Pinky Zayla Ornopia   (14 August 2015 1:15 PM)
Good day. May I know how to get a TOR? Like the requirements and stuffs needed. And where can I get it? Thank you.

Jerome R Antazo   (26 July 2015 9:54 PM)
If I transfer on second semester in these university. Are my subjects on my first semester shall be credited?

paradero, lordesita a.   (17 June 2015 2:38 PM)
good day! madam/sir, may i know on how to get my tor and diploma through online process? thank you.

Cristy L. Abaton   (08 June 2015 4:21 PM)
Good day!
May I know the process of getting my TOR online?

Neil Ryan L. Taladua   (31 May 2015 8:12 PM)
good eve mam/sir,

when the class starts ?

Thank you and God bLess...

dina   (18 May 2015 9:06 AM)
Good morning i am graduate and alumni of batch 2005 octoberian graduates. I would like to know if how i can get me year books,and also i lost my alumni ID. can i get another one???What the process to get another alumni ID..
Hope soon you inform me. throught my email.

rhian castillo   (25 April 2015 12:07 PM)
Good day. I just want to know if its possible that i can pay the tuition of my daughter directly to the school. Its just i want everything in order and in the right track. Please tell me how...

Rosalea Rusiana   (14 April 2015 11:34 AM)
Good afternoon I want too ask f when is the enrollment start? I'm hopping for your reply or you can call this # 09356216405

Cris Gian Carlo Ayop   (18 February 2015 5:04 PM)
Good day!
Would like to ask on how to inquire grades or TOR via online.
I am a student before in UC Main.I'm hoping for your reply or pls do email me at crisgiancarloayop@gmail.com

Sarah Temblor   (30 January 2015 8:02 PM)
Good evening!
I just want to ask u f when is the enrollment start? i'm h0ping for Your reply or u can call this # 09438614172...Thanks!

한지훈   (10 November 2014 11:43 AM)
Hello, I am an Educational Businessman in Korea. In order to discuss about entrance of foreign students from Korea, I called your school over 20 times up to now but I could not reach it so far. I would like to get an email from a representative person from UC such as President's secretary or Director of Academic Affairs or International Affairs soon. My email address is nykingkong1@gmail.com [/b][size=12][color=blue][b]

Samuel Gacrama   (10 July 2014 3:27 PM)
Good day,Do you have a Students Special Permit (SSP) for foreigners who are studying in your school?


Gabriel A. Labajo   (15 June 2014 1:51 PM)
Good day, may I ask if I could still withdraw all my subjects? because I will be stopping studying this 1st semester.

115allysabatayola   (09 June 2014 10:51 AM)
Hi good morning do you still accept transfeere
please contact me 09078266123
Thank you!

alessa vergara   (05 June 2014 0:06 AM)
I just want to know po kng magkano po ang ojt fee at kng nag oofer po b kau ng practicum sa abroad like u.s.a kc po gusto ko po mag transfer sa university of cebu

Mary Luz C. Cabachete   (20 May 2014 6:53 PM)
When the Class Starts in College?

Josh Vincent V. Daclan   (15 May 2014 7:19 PM)
i'll becoming a 1st year College in UC main .. ahmm i would like to ask, if when is the enrollment of the criminology review,,in preparation to incoming Criminologist Board Examination. just call my Mother's number : 09289008330

Thank you for this site.

Josh Vincent V. Daclan   (15 May 2014 7:15 PM)

When The Class Starts?

Rolando Nerosa   (14 May 2014 9:14 AM)
good morning!
i just want to inquire if you need a working student in your school in college,please contact me in this number:09423597485,because my parents cannot afford ..please help me, "THANK YOU "

maria   (02 May 2014 4:05 PM)
Is their a possibility to transfer a course even if you already had a course that you had enrolled ? What I'm gonna do that just for me to transfer a course without being payed the course that I had enrolled in first semester because the class is not yet start ??? please help me I want to transfer course.....

lovely   (16 April 2014 2:13 PM)
good day! i just want to inquire if you have a med.tech course and how much the tuition fee? thanks

christine   (16 April 2014 11:06 AM)
Good day !
I just wanna ask about the tuition fee of computer secretarial , per semester . Thankyou :) Reply back !

connie   (05 April 2014 1:03 PM)
I just want to ask if naa bay basketball enrolment this summer for kids? Thanks

Amorjean Prance   (03 April 2014 1:30 AM)
Dear Sirs,
I am writing to you to ask for some information regarding the enrollment fee for high school student? Thank you

jamilla t. panes   (31 March 2014 9:34 AM)
good day!
i would like to ask, if when is the enrollment of the criminology review,,in preparation to incoming Criminologist Board Examination.,and the amount to be needed?,,or please contact me @ 09355483397.

Im hoping for your positive response..


Joshua T. Nudalo   (31 March 2014 8:38 AM)
Good day!

May I ask when the enrollment of Masters Degree starts and how much is enrollment fee?

Thank you.

Sherlyn basig   (26 March 2014 9:26 AM)
hi..good day..i would like to ask about the enrollment,,when and what are the requirements needed for freshmen..

thank you..

JUDELYN   (18 March 2014 11:21 AM)

angel mae sayson   (12 March 2014 7:25 PM)
Hi! great day! i would like to ask regarding review for october 2014 CPA exam.
1. when is the start of the review?
2. what is the schedule of the review?
3. what is the terms of payment for the review course?

thanks much,
i would be glad if you could give me feedback on my queries.

JRsia143   (18 February 2014 1:28 PM)
i would like to ask if what are those vacant scholarships for UC main college? Do you have a Drafting course?

vincent edward casauay reyes   (30 September 2013 4:38 AM)
goodday, i am requesting for a copy of my highschool diploma year 1999-2000.

loremil arado   (10 September 2013 8:17 AM)
i would like to ask if i will get my good moral certificate,how many days it will take to release?hoping for your effective response to my request..thanks and god bless

sherwin   (06 August 2013 10:48 AM)
i would like to inquire if your CPA review center still accepting enrollment for this coming October 2013 board exam...

imaysay marklane   (30 July 2013 6:28 PM)
hi! good day.. ahm, ask lang poh. anu pobah ang requirements para sa working scholar dyan gusto ko kasing mag aral dyan ngayong 2nd sem... plzzz contact me in this number 09126876822 .. k tnx

Kai   (24 July 2013 11:29 AM)
I love UC. Home of topnotchers... 'Proud to belong :)

Kai   (24 July 2013 11:28 AM)
Good day to you. I just want to ask if you offer summer classes for steno 3 and other steno subjects? Are your course descriptions same with UCLM? Your kind reply is much appreciated. Would it be alright if I attend summer class there even if I'm from UCLM. I just need to do this for me to be able to graduate next year 'Lord willing. Again, many thanks for your needed advise and for taking time. Regards. God be with you always.:)

john   (16 July 2013 3:28 PM)
5 times call...twag lang daw ulit...txt me pls 09354143204
please i really need ur answer

cindy marie aguipo   (04 July 2013 12:34 PM)
ask lang po. totoo po bang ang uc ay nag offer ng NO TUITION FEE INCREASE?

melatot   (24 May 2013 4:14 PM)
kailan po ba ANG PASUKAN

melatot   (24 May 2013 4:14 PM)
kailan po ba ang pasukan wink

aiza torrefranca   (19 May 2013 4:30 PM)
Good afternoon,

Can i ask, how much the tuition fee of IT (information technology) course?When is the end of enrollment?Hope you reply this message.I need to know.

Thank you


dennrazier   (06 May 2013 11:50 AM)
when is the enrollment??? theirs a nautical caourse in UC???
Heres my # 09067719705. waiting your feedback. tnx

Achu Obi   (03 May 2013 2:00 PM)
I want to know how and where to send my credentials..I am based in Nigeria

catherine   (01 May 2013 8:44 PM)
hi,just wanna know the schedule of ds year enrolment for solas

Alvin adnan   (24 April 2013 9:23 AM)
I enrolled in autocad training for April 22, 2013 but unfortunately the class was postponed can anyone tell me when the class will resume?

jona   (23 April 2013 7:43 PM)
hi can I ask how much the tuition fee HRM for a whole semester?hope to hear you soon....I need to know your answer.tnx

Alexia Yap   (18 April 2013 2:22 AM)
Iwas wondering if I could take a special exam. I'm in Belgium and I'm supposed to be a sophomore this year but last year I had to learn the language here so now i'm an irregular freshman. I want to go back to the Philippines and study in UC because I prefer the studies there but I don't know what to do. I want to take an exam so that i can go directly to third year. Help? mail me :>>>> what should I do?

marjorie g. barbasa   (17 April 2013 1:07 PM)
good day...
can i ask how much is the entrance fee for freshmen student and how much is the tuition fee for the whole semester? i really need your answer thru my gmail add..tnx wt ur reply...coz were still in leyte,...we see to it that we know the entrance and tuition fee so that we can prepare enough budget in going there

chrisanne james c. basalo   (05 April 2013 7:13 PM)
about the "naval architecture and marine engineering" what are the requirements...

- is it okay if i will submit first my report card before my form 137.. because based on my research! "form 137" is one of the requirements?

collousus   (04 April 2013 6:43 PM)
how much is the tuition fee???

collousus   (04 April 2013 6:41 PM)
when is the enrollment??? theirs a nautical caourse in UC???
Heres my # o9o69377010. waiting your feedback. tnx

maricar   (27 March 2013 6:24 PM)
Hi there,

I would like to inquire about the requirements in high school level because my brother is planning to enroll in your university, please give me a feedback..Thank you!!

rhonaly   (26 March 2013 5:06 PM)
good day ! may i ask if you offer a summer entitled WORK ETHICS??

jan campos   (11 January 2013 10:12 AM)
Good morning mam...Ask lang ko about cisco...When pde mag enroll og what man ang requirements..?Thanks...

john rex igot   (19 December 2012 11:08 AM)
may i know po kung ano ang local # ng marine department dyan po sa UC main?
kukuha sana ako ng training coures! thanks po

apurba brahma   (01 December 2012 3:55 PM)
I want to address in panbel for stcw95 corses

joyce   (27 November 2012 12:56 PM)
may exam pa po b ung academic scholar?

jeansatina   (05 November 2012 10:04 AM)
wen magstart ang klase?exact day po...


evonitha   (02 November 2012 11:23 AM)
just wana ask when would be the 2 sem classes start. . ?

Read more: http://www.affordablecebu.com/load/directory/university_of_cebu_uc_main_address_and_contact_number/26-1-0-238#ixzz2B22x4CTC

Nie Que G   (29 October 2012 11:24 PM)
just wana ask when would be the 2 sem classes start. . ? and do you still accept transferee student to take an assessment exam this week??

Read more: http://www.affordablecebu.com/load/directory/university_of_cebu_uc_main_address_and_contact_number/26-1-0-238#ixzz2AlEwLp6k

Nie Que G   (29 October 2012 11:23 PM)
just wana ask when would be the 2 sem classes start. . ? and do you still accept transferee student to take an assessment exam this week??

albino erojo   (28 October 2012 8:39 AM)

Good day..

Pwede mag ask if when mg start ang SOLAS karon 2nd sem..ug unsa ang mga erquirements..tution pay..?
palihug reply to my e-mail add..

thank you.


shiela mae dalo   (24 October 2012 6:38 PM)
hello po.. ask lang ko f when mag start ang class sa 2nd sem.. thank u hope u response... GODBLESS

hazel bunaos   (17 October 2012 12:52 PM)
hi gum pm pwede mangutana if unxa n ung bag.ong offer nga course karon dn mangutana xad cu kong pila ang per sem xah bisiness administration ?

Mikko Dagar   (13 October 2012 1:07 PM)
Hi Im From Sports Pilipinas (GMA News TV) we are going to feature your very own pride, -JUNMAR FAJARDO. May i ask if the university has a old videos na naglalaro siya? Pagmamayari po sana ng school yung videos, kayo ang nagcover need ko lang po sana as my video support. please answer me po its a break na din po ito from fajardo and in your school. if you have questions Iemail niyo lang po ako sa email add above.

Thank You and God Bless

Patpat Ü   (13 October 2012 11:24 AM)
how much po ang tuition fee pag HRM?? at kailan mag sisimula ang ang enrollment for 2nd sem? tnx and Godbless

mercidita c. casio   (11 October 2012 1:07 PM)
hi good afternoon ask lng onta ko kong onsa ang inyong mga requirements sa mo apply og working student sa inyo skol og asa ipasa ang mga requirements....txt this number 09231451354....thank you and more power....

salmiyah   (09 October 2012 7:56 AM)
gud morning! ask ko lng po sana kung magkano na po ang tuition fee ni mark gregory dagohoy celera?txt me in dis # 09472883795...thank you and more power :)

Mark Ian D. Sorrilla   (08 October 2012 8:52 PM)
hi...just wanna ask if wen would be the deadline of the enrollment and if there would be an entrance exam...tx...:)

just please reply in this number:09051560662
p.s.:the email i wrote isnt mine so just text me...tnx again...:)

Gina Belen   (05 September 2012 7:51 AM)
Good Day!

I need your assistance please. You have a student in Criminology named Peter Prime Ersan. I just wanted to return something important. Is he name stated in proper order? Please assist. Thanks

florante a. torrino   (04 September 2012 3:44 PM)
Good Day!

ask langko kon pwede ko magpa issue ug balik sa akong DECK WATCHKEEPING,ug unsa ako himo-on kay nawala ang original nga copy..paki text langko aning no.naku...09219569413

Thank You & God Bless...

charity   (17 August 2012 1:30 PM)

ask lng ko..g pa red ribbon s ako diploma ako gi pa process akong cousin cuz naa ko dri s singapore krn..dli ko mka uli ky pa larga nsad ko s dubai..ako unta epa red ribbon ako diploma. gi process na s ako cuzin pro gipangayoan ug authorization..ng padala nko auhtorization pro dli daw pwd kailangan ug tatak..unsay tatak d i na gusto...plz advice me ky nka book na ako husband s dubai ug ticket..by sept 1 nko larga plz do advice me wat to do...

CHERNAN F. MAMING   (30 July 2012 4:16 PM)
hi! good day!! I would like to ask lang po kung magkano po ang tuition fee niyo po sa course na HRM..?
this is my contact number 09433218176..

Thank you and More Power!!!!

Emmanuel Tadiosa   (28 July 2012 2:53 PM)
good day! ask lang ko if unsay req. kung mo school ug solas pila pud ang tuition? naa pud moy course na seafarer catering/stewarding na course pila pud ang tuition and req. dis is my email add. emmanueltadiosa@yahoo.com/09466015266 thank you god bless...

june florel p. sajonia   (25 July 2012 8:19 PM)
ask lang me mam or sir pwede makakuha training certificate kay nawala ako papeles?

christy tangub   (16 July 2012 4:31 PM)
ask unta ko,pla diay ang sem sah AB ENGLISH ?
ug naa moy course nga DEVELOPMENT COMMUNICATION?

joy resuento   (05 July 2012 11:02 AM)
ask lng ko ngdawat japun mo ug working kon october?unsa ang requirements?salamat

Juztene Ray Suarez   (28 June 2012 9:11 PM)
Good evening po ma'am/sir:
I just wanna ask if you have a student name LEMUEL NEMENZO? I'm not a student of university of cebu but i just wanna know if you have this person. Just contact me to this number (09276100200) if you have this student LEMUEL NEMENZO(E-Learning student).
Thank you so much ma'am/sir.Im hoping for your call or text.

jade   (27 June 2012 11:08 AM)
gud.pm pwd pa magpa endrol? sa uc lm highskul?

meriam lagnason   (20 June 2012 2:51 PM)
tanung kolang po kung miron bakayong culinary arts course?

pamela agagon   (19 June 2012 6:30 PM)
gud pm sir/mam,
i can i ask po ng copy of my diploma even just a xerox coz i need it for my employment right now im here in singapore and i have no one to ask for it , can u send me even xerox copy of my diploma thanks hope u can send it to me right away coz i need it asap thanks you.

rona maturi   (18 June 2012 9:43 AM)
hello po ask ko lang po magkano po ba yong.. tuition pay sa customs?

abdul jallane a umpar   (17 June 2012 10:21 PM)
bleassed day po!!!!!!may iknow ur schedule of ur training about pcsrb? and the requirements? urgent lang po sir/ma^am. thank you po

ernie oser   (13 June 2012 8:36 PM)
Hi there !

I have a proposal for SALESMANSHIP Program Short Course. Hoping we can implement this program in your prestigious institution.

Ernie M. Oser
Sales Coach / Trainer

John Michael Fabilena   (01 June 2012 10:53 AM)
Good day!
Can I ask about your SOLAS Training Schedule?
How long does it take?
May I know the requirements for enrollment?
How much does it cost?
My no:09351041708
Thank you very much!

crystal april   (01 June 2012 9:14 AM)
wen mag start ang class sa uc-main??

hershey   (23 May 2012 5:32 PM)
hi good afternoon ask lang po hanggang kailan ang enrollment?

Joseph Racines   (21 May 2012 9:55 AM)
Good day! I want to apply for solas. What are the requirements needed and how much is the training?

reynaldo dungog   (29 April 2012 1:39 PM)
hi po,ask lang ako when ang schedule ng solas training?ano ang mga requirements at ilang araw?magkano ang bayad?Pls. reply me asap....thanks

Vittadini Json   (26 April 2012 9:54 PM)
Hello, good day! I just want to ask your SOLAS program schedule, requirements, and payment. I'm hoping for a reply the soonest you receive this. Thank you!

win   (23 April 2012 10:36 AM)
Can i know the schedule of your SOLAS Training?How much it cost and what is the requirements for enrollment?

marie   (10 April 2012 11:39 PM)
Good day!
Can I ask about your SOLAS Training Schedule?
How long does it take?
May I know the requirements for enrollment?
How much does it cost?

Thank you very much!

liz   (10 April 2012 10:06 AM)
hello po.. ask ko lang if how much and tuition sa comerce major in business management.. thank you.. God bless!!

meg3211   (03 April 2012 8:29 PM)
Good evening!

I am Meg from Mandaue City. I will just ask regarding your Graduate School program, nag offer ba ang UC ug Masters in Special Education?


SANNY LIBRES   (03 April 2012 1:17 PM)
what is the requirement for the examination?

SANNY LIBRES   (03 April 2012 1:16 PM)
this is just an enquiry when will be the schedule of UCLM entrance scholoarship examination in Leyte province?

Michael   (29 March 2012 2:27 PM)
Can I ask lang po if where I can find the result ng mga scholarship passers ng UC sa Leyte?

lovely   (29 March 2012 12:51 PM)
hello po,,, just wana ask about the korean language class in UC.... is this offered this summer????? want to enroll sana...

godelive bulac   (22 March 2012 5:46 PM)
ask unta q if when ang enrollment sa transferees,by june? and then kung pila pod ang registration sa enrollment? then asa pod nako makit-an ang checklist/curriculum/prospectus sa financial management..... hope for positive response on this matter..as soon as possible..thanks..God Bless!!!!

loidamamaro;   (19 March 2012 1:37 PM)
ask po sana if pwede pa mapa bst nac yung training ng 2004...im calling ur tel numbers pero dpo makontak.tnx

mhay   (06 March 2012 9:47 PM)
good day,,ask lang unta ko if ,nag offer pa ba mu sa health aide course ug sa health care services na course?then unsa ang kalainan sa health aide ug health care services?then kanus a mag start ang enrollment ai nga course?ug unsa ang requirements?tnx

Beyrutzim Laminero   (04 March 2012 5:28 PM)
ask lang ko kung unsay kurso angay kuhaon kung mag secretarial? pila ang tuition fee??kung pwede detailed cya about sa kurso..

jacalan premil   (02 March 2012 4:44 PM)
ask lang ku if how much ag basic safety training fee..and unsa ag mga requirements for that....tnx

Jeciril E. Sy   (01 March 2012 1:04 PM)
I just want to ask if how much the SOLAS Training fee, what are the requirements and when to start the enrolment and the trainig? Please keep update. Thank You.

narmelie allison   (19 February 2012 1:26 PM)
hi goodmorning!

I would like to ask if how much ang tuition fee for grade1 and 1st year highschool? pila man mabayran per month? kindly include sad ila books, entrance fee and requirement.

thank you very much, hoping for your quick response..

Mrs Narmelie Allison

narmelie allison   (19 February 2012 1:24 PM)
hi goodmorning!

I would like to ask for the tuition fee for grade 1 and 1st year highschool, and how much man per month amo mabaryran, pls include sad sa ila books and entrance fee and the requirements sa next schoolyear.

Mrs. Narmelie Allison

lydia abangan   (15 February 2012 5:40 PM)
ask ko lang f ang grade 1 unsay mga requirement , naa ba entrance exama ang bata and when ? pila ang entrance ? monthly tutition sad. thank u very much.

kris caparida   (14 February 2012 4:53 PM)
hi good day,

I just want to know if pwede ba ipakuha ug lain ang yearbook? cause dili ko makakuha ky nagwork ko. unsa ang mga steps nga buhaton nga makuha ang yearbook sa ako gi-authorized nga person?

mark roy amilao   (14 January 2012 5:42 PM)
just want to nquire, if ill take seamans book or SOLAS,it takes hw mny weeks or months? and how much it wll cost? im hre nw n dubai UAE.

Joyce I. Sanchez   (23 December 2011 3:55 PM)
I would like to ask lng po kong puede ba na cousin ko po ang kukuha ng TOR ko,need ko kasi tapos dito po ako sa Korea now. Ano po ba mga requirements sa pagkuha ng TOR and how much is the payment?

mila fe alo   (27 November 2011 3:36 PM)
gud pm.ask lng po kung papaano makukuha ang honorable dismisal?nandito po kasi ako sa mindanao.din makukuha po ba kaagad kung e process with in 1 day?how much po ang bayad?makukuha ba yun if saturday?pls reply as soon as posible.coz i ned it badly and urgently.tanx

Joanne Paz Marie C. Pusta   (16 November 2011 7:48 PM)
Good evening. Just wanna inquire bout how much is your SOLAS training and Deck Watch? When is the next schedule? What are the requirements needed? Hoping for your quick response. Thank You. :)

Tam Valdehueza   (15 November 2011 5:50 PM)
Just want to ask if how much is the fee for SOLAS, what are the requirements, and when?? Can i take SOLAS and get seamans book even if im undergrad?? Tnx

teresa bernadas   (10 November 2011 10:40 PM)
good evening po ask ko lang kung makakuha ta ug solas ug seamanbook if ever undergraduate sa SRC din ug mukuha ta ug STCW95 training makakuha kaha ta ug solas??

ruby ann villejo   (06 October 2011 11:39 AM)
hi...good day...ask ko lang po kung magkano na ang matrikula pra sa commerce at kilan po ang enrollment ng 2nd sem this year?

Hezziel Jean MArie MInor   (21 September 2011 10:51 AM)
ask ko lang po f naa nay application form for seeds ang uc for 2nd sem.. I am a freshmen student...

rejean mae sardena   (09 September 2011 10:26 AM)
hi good morning ask lang po ako kung mag kanu ang taution fee ng HRM dyan sa inyo at may entrance exam po vha!!!!!!!!!!

mikee ohay   (08 September 2011 8:02 PM)
hi.. pwd po bang magtanong 2ngkol sa pscrb training po.. ? magkano po ba ang bayad sa training nang PSCRB.. ? paki sagot naman po a.s.a.p .. sa mail add ko.. tnx po

Bernaditte Geyrozaga   (08 September 2011 8:57 AM)
Dear Sir/Ma'am:

Good Day!

I am a student of University of Cebu - Main Campus, since 2006 - 2008 taken Associate-Bachelor of Liberal Arts Major in Computer Secretarial. May I ask, how much my tuition fee for the last 2007 - 2008 for the second semester only, but I did not finished the second semester due to the financial problem.

Please, send me an information if how much the full payment that I paid for the second semester even I stop studying before the midterm examination.

I send you herewith my Identification number 06984777.

I look forward your quick reply and kind consideration.

Respectfully yours,


gretchen verdeflor   (06 September 2011 12:41 PM)
just wanna ask if how much is the tuition fee for Bachelor of Science in Accountancy....
and also please send me the prospectus of this course (BSA).
thank you!

ashley   (28 August 2011 5:39 PM)
ask lang po f magkano yong tuition nyo sa midwifery and hrm..

Chona S. Marcera   (06 August 2011 1:01 PM)
Hello Sir/Maam,
My son is graduating this March and he plans to study in UC as BSMT. Can I inquire? How much is one semester? Is there any scholarship program? Can you send to my email some information about this? I am working here in Maldives, but I will be going back home in March, probably by April I will be there in your school to enroll him in advance before i can go back to Maldives.
More power and best regards.
Sincerely yours,

Chona Sabaldan Marcera

rose   (17 July 2011 5:17 PM)
im currently studying at UC (main) sa mga freshmen wala pong entrance exam except cguro sa kursong nursing...yun lang po ...

john paul   (17 July 2011 2:56 PM)
ask lng po ako if kailan po ung entrance exam nyu sa upcoming freshmen sa 2012?at magkano po ung entrance fee???tnx po..plz reply po

lyn   (15 June 2011 5:53 PM)
saan po yung list nyo sa batch 2006-2007 COMP sci department?

Robby O. Quiapo   (09 June 2011 10:56 AM)
I will inquire lang po if when is your schedule for Solas Training?How much is the Training Fee?and What are the requirements needed to take the training?Please paki-reply po ma'am/sir,Thanks ahead and God bless:-)

imee tinapay   (06 May 2011 8:08 AM)
ask ko lng po paano ako makakuha ng honorable dismissal?d2 po kc ako sa manila...

nede albino   (12 April 2011 12:05 PM)
ask lang start na ang enrollment sa u.c,naa ba entrance exam and new students