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University of Cebu (UC) Main Address and Contact Number

University of Cebu (UC) Main is open to any comments, suggestions or inquiries. Just give them a ring.

University of Cebu Main - Address/Contact Numbers

University of Cebu Main - Complete Address:
University of Cebu Main Campus
Sanciangko St.
Cebu City 6000 Philippines

* You can use this as a mailing address.

University of Cebu Main - Contact Number/Telephone Numbers:
Trunk Line: (032) 255-7777
Fax: (032) 253-0729
  • President's Secretary:    135 / 134
  • Chancellor's Secretary:    135 / 115
  • HRD:   155 / 147
  • Accounting:  154
  • Alumni:   129
  • Cashier:     109
  • EDP:     120
  • Graduate School:     127
  • High School:     143
  • Elementary:     115

For enrollment inquiries in University of Cebu-Main, you can contact their trunk line number: (032) 255-7777
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136 John Paul   (04 June 2016 12:18 PM)
i would like to ask , if you have solas training ?

135 John Paul   (04 June 2016 12:16 PM)
hello . i would like to ask if you have Training this Months? solas .. ill wait for your reply badly .. i will enroll monday if you have this Trainin MFA,SDSD,MARPOL,PSCRB

134 dyan antic   (16 November 2015 11:29 AM)
I would like to ask lang po sana if pwede po magpresent po sa inyo ng training courses..para po sa mga student.. we have a HSE TECHNICAL COURSE FOR OIL AND GAS.. THIS IS A 2 DAYS TRAINING THAT HELP para po sa mga nais mag training ESPECIALLY sa mga petroluem enginering students po..dahil ang cover po ng HSE is HEALTH,SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENT TRAINING..

thank you and plaese response.. GOD BLESS.

133 Edilberto Cariaga   (10 November 2015 11:42 AM)
Good day!
I am an OFW from K.S.A. and would like know where can I request my Certified True Copy of my TOR/Diploma in BSME to be used in DFA (RED Ribbon) for authentication purpose.
Please guide me accordingly.
Thank you.

132 april jane panon   (04 November 2015 4:48 PM)
hi ! good day .may i ask question? can i check my grades in 1st semester my course is BSHRM . may i ? please ? in all grades in 1st semester . thank you . im waiting for your reply thank you .

131 Maria Theresa J. Almario   (23 October 2015 6:33 PM)
Good evening . I'm a BSBA student from UC-Main. May I know how to inquire for this semesters grade via online. I'm hoping for your reply or just text me in this no. 09066594031.
Thank you!

130 Perl Joy Laureno   (23 September 2015 2:31 PM)
Good day, I just wanna inform if how can i get my TOR? should i pay the whole semester before getting it? because actually I did'nt finish my whoke semester there because of financial problems and im planning to transfer this 2nd semester, can I know what's the process in getting my TOR, Thank you :)

129 Braille Cañete   (23 September 2015 5:50 AM)
How much is the tuition fee of BS Civil Engineering per semester in UC-Main? Thank you and God Bless :)

128 Pinky Zayla Ornopia   (14 August 2015 1:15 PM)
Good day. May I know how to get a TOR? Like the requirements and stuffs needed. And where can I get it? Thank you.

127 Jerome R Antazo   (26 July 2015 9:54 PM)
If I transfer on second semester in these university. Are my subjects on my first semester shall be credited?

126 paradero, lordesita a.   (17 June 2015 2:38 PM)
good day! madam/sir, may i know on how to get my tor and diploma through online process? thank you.

125 Cristy L. Abaton   (08 June 2015 4:21 PM)
Good day!
May I know the process of getting my TOR online?

124 Neil Ryan L. Taladua   (31 May 2015 8:12 PM)
good eve mam/sir,

when the class starts ?

Thank you and God bLess...

123 dina   (18 May 2015 9:06 AM)
Good morning i am graduate and alumni of batch 2005 octoberian graduates. I would like to know if how i can get me year books,and also i lost my alumni ID. can i get another one???What the process to get another alumni ID..
Hope soon you inform me. throught my email.

122 rhian castillo   (25 April 2015 12:07 PM)
Good day. I just want to know if its possible that i can pay the tuition of my daughter directly to the school. Its just i want everything in order and in the right track. Please tell me how...

121 Rosalea Rusiana   (14 April 2015 11:34 AM)
Good afternoon I want too ask f when is the enrollment start? I'm hopping for your reply or you can call this # 09356216405

120 Cris Gian Carlo Ayop   (18 February 2015 5:04 PM)
Good day!
Would like to ask on how to inquire grades or TOR via online.
I am a student before in UC Main.I'm hoping for your reply or pls do email me at crisgiancarloayop@gmail.com

119 Sarah Temblor   (30 January 2015 8:02 PM)
Good evening!
I just want to ask u f when is the enrollment start? i'm h0ping for Your reply or u can call this # 09438614172...Thanks!

118 한지훈   (10 November 2014 11:43 AM)
Hello, I am an Educational Businessman in Korea. In order to discuss about entrance of foreign students from Korea, I called your school over 20 times up to now but I could not reach it so far. I would like to get an email from a representative person from UC such as President's secretary or Director of Academic Affairs or International Affairs soon. My email address is nykingkong1@gmail.com [/b][size=12][color=blue][b]

117 Samuel Gacrama   (10 July 2014 3:27 PM)
Good day,Do you have a Students Special Permit (SSP) for foreigners who are studying in your school?


116 Gabriel A. Labajo   (15 June 2014 1:51 PM)
Good day, may I ask if I could still withdraw all my subjects? because I will be stopping studying this 1st semester.

115 115allysabatayola   (09 June 2014 10:51 AM)
Hi good morning do you still accept transfeere
please contact me 09078266123
Thank you!

114 alessa vergara   (05 June 2014 0:06 AM)
I just want to know po kng magkano po ang ojt fee at kng nag oofer po b kau ng practicum sa abroad like u.s.a kc po gusto ko po mag transfer sa university of cebu

113 Mary Luz C. Cabachete   (20 May 2014 6:53 PM)
When the Class Starts in College?

112 Josh Vincent V. Daclan   (15 May 2014 7:19 PM)
i'll becoming a 1st year College in UC main .. ahmm i would like to ask, if when is the enrollment of the criminology review,,in preparation to incoming Criminologist Board Examination. just call my Mother's number : 09289008330

Thank you for this site.

111 Josh Vincent V. Daclan   (15 May 2014 7:15 PM)

When The Class Starts?

110 Rolando Nerosa   (14 May 2014 9:14 AM)
good morning!
i just want to inquire if you need a working student in your school in college,please contact me in this number:09423597485,because my parents cannot afford ..please help me, "THANK YOU "

109 maria   (02 May 2014 4:05 PM)
Is their a possibility to transfer a course even if you already had a course that you had enrolled ? What I'm gonna do that just for me to transfer a course without being payed the course that I had enrolled in first semester because the class is not yet start ??? please help me I want to transfer course.....

108 lovely   (16 April 2014 2:13 PM)
good day! i just want to inquire if you have a med.tech course and how much the tuition fee? thanks

107 christine   (16 April 2014 11:06 AM)
Good day !
I just wanna ask about the tuition fee of computer secretarial , per semester . Thankyou :) Reply back !

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