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List of typhoons to hit in the Philippines in year 2013
Do you want to know the names of the typhoons or storms that might hit the Philippines in year 2013? The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical, and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) already named the typhoons that will hit in the Philippines in 2013. The first typhoon that will hit in the Philippines begins with letter A. The second typhoon begins with letter B. And the third begins with letter C. PAGASA arranged the names of the typhoons or storms in alphabetical order.

Typhoons in Philippines 2012


  1. Auring
  2. Bising
  3. Crising
  4. Dante
  5. Emong
  6. Feria
  7. Gorio
  8. Huaning
  9. Isang
  10. Jolina
  11. Kiko
  12. Labuyo
  13. Maring
  14. Nando
  15. Ondoy
  16. Pepeng
  17. Quedan
  18. Ramil
  19. Santi
  20. Tino
  21. Udang
  22. Vinta
  23. Wilma
  24. Yolanda
  25. Zoraida
Among the list of of typhoons, what might be the name of the strongest typhoon that will hit the Philippines in 2013? And also tell us below in the comment if your name is the same with one of the names of the typhoons.
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19 Gillian Juguan Alojado   (19-January-2015 3:52 AM)
what month and day did the 25 typhoons enter the philippines? and how the typhoons affect our economy?

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what month and day did the the 25 typhoons enter the philippines????????

17 princess meimeih   (16-March-2014 8:15 PM)
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4 kristel   (22-August-2013 1:38 PM)
bakit umulit ang pangalan ng bagyo- ondoy and pepeng?. is this accurate?.

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