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List of typhoons to hit in the Philippines in year 2012
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Do you want to know the names of the typhoons that might hit the Philippines in the year 2012? The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical, and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) already named the typhoons that will hit in the Philippines in 2012. The name of the first typhoon begins with letter A. Names of typhoons are arranged alphabetically as it happens after the other.

Typhoons in Philippines 2012


  1. AMBO
  3. COSME
  4. DINDO
  6. FRANK
  7. GENER
  8. HELEN
  9. IGME
  10. JULIAN
  11. KAREN
  12. LAWIN
  13. MARCE
  14. NINA
  15. OFEL
  16. PABLO
  17. QUINTA
  18. ROLLY
  19. SIONY
  20. TONYO
  22. VICKY
  23. WARREN
  24. YOYONG
  25. ZOSIMO
Among the list of names, what might be the name of the strongest typhoon with greatest damage that would hit the Philippines this year 2012?

And also tell us below in the comment if your name is the same with one of the names of the typhoons.

Haven't you notice that there are more typhoons that occur in the Philippines compared to other countries? That's because the Philippines is in the geographical location that generally produce heavy rains and flooding of large areas. And PAGASA projected that typhoons in the next years will be more worst than the past years. It's getting to be hotter during summer and wetter during rainy season.

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37 alyanna   (12-February-2014 7:52 PM)
what are the newest things in the philippines???

36 Joselito G. Dita   (21-November-2013 4:04 PM)
can you give the name of typhoon that struck at philippines on october 2012.

35 lars   (22-August-2013 9:30 PM)
thank god that we havent been like that destructive!!!!!!!!!

34 bb calida   (19-February-2013 8:13 PM)
4 me the typhoon pablo is the crapped of the world because only pablo i remember in all typhoons hahahahahahahahahaha,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.................... .........

33 fe abrasaldo calida   (19-February-2013 8:03 PM)
thank,z ................. you give us a more formition in our assigment where proud of you thank u vry much

32 tintin gavina   (01-February-2013 9:24 AM)
thanks d2 ..............................i love this page.tpos na din ung project

31 crime master   (27-January-2013 1:57 PM)

30 crime master   (27-January-2013 1:56 PM)
pangit ka

29 marilyn monroe   (26-January-2013 8:34 PM)
tama gid

28 marsrrol   (21-January-2013 4:56 PM)

27 abigail rentillo   (18-December-2012 8:23 PM)
please .. protect are invironment...

26 Jocelyn   (06-December-2012 11:16 AM)
I think Pablo so far. :(

25 mar   (05-December-2012 2:55 PM)
Typhoon PABLO.

Strongest typhoon eveeeerrr in the philippines.

24 dado   (01-December-2012 3:38 PM)

23 cashmere tipo   (26-September-2012 8:05 AM)
what are the typhoons that hit the philippines in 2012?

1-15 16-30 31-37

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