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M Lhuillier (ML) Kwarta Padala Terms and Conditions (Money Transfer)
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A money-transfer service provider in the Philippines, M. Lhuillier Kwarta Padala has over 1,400 branches all over the country.

We cannot underestimate its importance in bridging the gap of many Filipinos in terms of money transfer. We know how it serves as a bridge of many OFWs to send money to their families in the Philippines.

On other hand, we, as a customer, must also know our responsibility, the terms and conditions of M. Lhuillier Kwarta Padala.

Aren't you aware of the most frequently asked and useful questions such as...?
  • Is a person below 18 years old (minor) qualified to send or receive money in M Lhuillier?
  • Does M. Lhuillier Kwarta Padala accept bank check for money transfer?
  • Does M. Lhuillier has the option to give check to the receiver?
  • What to do if you forgot the password made by the sender of money?
  • After the money was sent by the sender, how many hours you should wait to pickup the money?
  • Are there any charges if the sender chooses to cancel his/her transaction?
  • Does MLhuiller accepts check (cheque)?
  • What will happen if you didn't pick-up the money or if the receiver didn't pick-up the money after one month?
These questions will be answered one by one as you read the ML Kwarta Padala Terms and Conditions below. Take note of the underlined statements.

M Lhuillier (ML) Kwarta Padala Terms and Conditions (Money Transfer)

1.  The ML Kwarta Padala money transfer service is available in all M. Lhuillier Financial Services, Inc. (MLFSI) branches nationwide. The sender must ascertain that there is an open branch near his/her receiver where the latter can claim the money.

2.  The sender and the receiver must be personally present, must be of legal age, must submit a valid ID, must comply with the Know Your Customer (KYC) from and the Customer Information Sheet and must subscribe to the AMLC rules and regulations and other applicable laws in making the transaction.

3.  The sender must write the full name of the receiver including the full middle name in the Customer Information Sheet or the MLKP form. Should the sender fail to give the full middle name of the receiver, it shall be considered a waiver on his part to include this information in verifying the transaction, MLhuillier shall not be held liable for any paid transaction to a receiver whose full middle name information was waived by the sender. Incorrect spelling of the receiver's name(s) may cause delay in paying out the transaction.

4. The sender hereby agrees that the transaction shall be released to the claimant receiver if the latter can present Kwarta Padala Transaction Number (KPTN) and comply with the valid ID, KYC and all other requirements as may be required by law.

5. The sender must relay to the receiver the complete and correct KPTN and must advise the receiver to bring a valid ID for additional verification purposes.

6. The sender may waive the age requirement of the receiver. However, a minor receiver can only claim the money provided said minor is a relative of the sender to the 4th civil degree or a godchild/ward/beneficiary of the sender or whose relationship with the sender is such that it does not violate the Child Trafficking Law. The said minor receiver must still comply with the identification requirements mentioned herein. Minors below 12 years old must be accompanied by his/her guardian. The said guardian must comply with the requirements in Item No. 2 herein.

7. MLFSI accepts only cash (Philippine Pesos) in processing money transfers and the receiver is paid in cash (Philippine Pesos) at the payout location unless otherwise agreed upon by the parties in a special contract.

8. The sender may add a message to the transaction. However, the message must not be of such a nature that contractual obligations arise thereof between the sender and the receiver. If such is the case, the sender absolves M. Lhuillier from any liability or responsibility arising from the failure of the delivery of the message.

9.  The sender and the receiver may be notified of the status of the transaction via SMS provided their cellular phone numbers were furnished by the sender to M. Lhuillier. Should there be a failure in notifying the receiver for any reason whatsoever, M. Lhuillier shall not be liable for the failure in providing said information.

10.  The money is available for personal pickup in any M. Lhuillier branch nationwide, subject to the hours of operation of the selected payout branch including closures without prior notices, its telecommunications facility, its connectivity to the MLKP system, and other conditions, including but not limited to, power and telecommunications failure, computer or gadgets failure, inclement weather and the like.

11.  In cases where the selected sendout or payout branch happens to be a "not online" branch, the time when the transaction information is available in the MLKP system and its retrieval thereof may vary according to the communications facility of the said selected branch. A "not online" branch is that which does not have direct access to the MLKP system due to telecommunications limitations.

12.  The sender may also direct MLFSI to forward the money to the account of the receiver with any bank, corporation, institutions or entity.

13. Should the sender decide to cancel his/her transaction, he/she must submit a written request to MLFSI for the cancellation of the said transaction. MLFSI will refund the principal amount of the money transfer only. MLFSI will refund the charges upon written request of the sender only if the money transfer is not available to the recipient within seven (7) days from the time it was sent. To the extend allowed by the law, MLFSI may deduct a service fee of FIVE HUNDRED PESOS (P500) per month from money transfers that are not picked up after one month from the time it was sent.

14. Changes to the original entries of the sendout may be made only be the sender upon personal presentation of a written request and payment of the additional charges. The said changes shall be processed immediately and the transaction shall be made available in the system subject, however, to the conditions mentioned in item 10 herein. Should the change be made in a branch other than the branch where the transaction was originally made, the sender must present the valid ID which he/she presented in the original sendout branch for verification purposes. And if the said other branch happens to be a "not online" branch, the sender must present, together with the said valid ID, the duplicate copy of his sendout form.

15.  In no event shall MLFSI or any of its agents be liable for damages for delay, nonpayment or underpayment of this money transfer, or non-delivery of any supplemental message, whether caused by negligence on the part of its employees or agents or otherwise, or unpublished closure of the intended payout branch of the receiver beyond the sum of FIVE THOUSAND PESOSO (P5,000), in addition to refunding the principal amount of the money transfer and the service fee. Further, in no event will MLFSI or its agents be liable for any indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages beyond the aforementioned amount.

16.  MLFSI and its agents may not accept process or pay any money transfer that any of them determines, in their sole discretion, to be in violation of any MLFSI policy or applicable law.

17. All claims or suits regarding this transaction shall be filed in the courts of Cebu City only.

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31 Vylon Pre Crispino • 7:55 PM, 29-December-2014
Is there any charge if I wiil get the money 6 days after it was sent to me?
30 princess • 10:28 PM, 07-June-2014
good eve... how i will know the status of my remittance from new zealand going here in philippines?.. i already have the reference number...bit i need to know the status of it before i will go to your branch here in my place to collect it..looking forward to your reply.. thanks..
29 MARICAR DOCYOGEN • 9:48 AM, 28-May-2014
Good day,

would like to know if i can still get the amount sent to me last april of 2013 which i forgot to collect from Saudi Arabia.

The transaction code is FT13125014900833.

Your immediate response would save me the travel of going to the branch and being embarrased if I have nothing to pick up.

Thank you.

Maricar Docyogen
28 haron pangandigan • 8:48 PM, 18-May-2014
Can 15years old like me can send money...plsss answer
27 abby • 7:08 PM, 12-May-2014
Ang amount expected lang po ba ang binibigay?what if po in case ng sobra or kulang? Kasi sakin po ksi walang putal ang nilagay ko pero po ung sa sinend sakin ng tita may putal po. Bakit po ganun? Please answer po admin.
26 sugar • 10:06 PM, 27-April-2014
what if mali ung na input na name
25 verna barrientos • 11:27 AM, 06-March-2014
Please ans. po asap paano kung malalayo yung branches ng mlullhier sa area nmin saang ibang branch pwd ko i-claim ang remittance?? Thank u
24 benalyn tomas • 2:10 PM, 23-February-2014
just want to ask if how it takes to get the money from Singapore to Philippines?
23 janice • 9:12 AM, 20-February-2014
ask ko lang po, f pwede ba check online yong code number na pinadala f nareceived naba or wala pa?
22 yanyan • 11:33 AM, 04-February-2014
ask ko lang po., paano po kung magpapadala ako ng pera tapos nakalimutan ko pong i send ang code., makukuha parin ba niya ang pera?
20 ricky datiles • 4:36 AM, 18-January-2014
can i save the money on any branch of mlhulier and not taking by the receiver for a month or a year? because I want to save it until I return to the philippines.
21 admin • 3:42 PM, 21-January-2014
ricky datiles, you will be charged a service fee of P500 per month if you do not get the money after one month. So, in 12 months (1 year), the total charges would be amounting to P6000.
19 geneveve • 7:34 AM, 11-December-2013
tanong ko lng pwede ba hanggang 5 months pa bago kunin yung pera????
17 Bai Yashmien Rose Tahal • 10:21 AM, 21-October-2013
Does 18 years old below like me a 15 yea old girl are qualified to receive money?
18 admin • 5:40 PM, 22-October-2013
Bai Yashmien Rose Tahal, no. The receiver must be of legal age which means he/she must be 18 years old and above.
16 suzane banzuelo • 11:02 PM, 30-August-2013
ask ko lang po sana may nagpadala po na frend ko from saudi arabia ok po b yung 3 letters and 5numbers na send nya po ng 10pm tapos 3pm pa daw po makukuha..tnx po
15 NESLY SIBUG • 11:34 PM, 16-August-2013
hello can i ask some help how many control # in m lhuillier kwarta padala i need the answer this is my first time using your branch thanks.
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