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Free Unlimited Calls to Globe/Touch Mobile Using Globe Telephone

Once of the largest telecommunications companies in the Philippines, Globe recently announces their latest promo in which you can avail free unlimited calls to Globe/Touch Mobile subscribers using Globe telephone/landline. Below are the steps to follow:

Free Unlimited Calls to Globe/Touch Mobile

Step 1

If you're a new applicant (not an existing Globe landline subscriber), you can choose any of the Tattoo@Home Bundled Broadband Plans:

Tattoo@Home Bundled Broadband PlansMonthly Service FeeMaximum Speed*
Wimax (Internet and Landline)Php1,0991 mbps
Php1,2992 mbps
DSL (Internet and Landline)Php1,0991 mbps
Php1,2992 mbps
Php2,2993 mbps
Php2,9995 mbps
Php4,99910 mbps
Php6,29915 mbps

Step 2

After you choose your preferred plan, you can apply to any Globe store or sales agents and bring a valid id. Or you can apply by calling Globe's hotline number:
  • 730-1010 - for new subscribers
  • 730-1000 - for existing subscribers
Step 3

When you applied for your preferred plan, you must request for "Unlimited Calls to Globe/TM.".

If you are already a Globe DSL/wimax (who applied for both internet and landline) subscriber, you can avail the unlimited calls to Globe/TM by calling Globe's hotline number indicated above. You can also apply to any Globe stores or Globe sales agents. Just pay an additional Php99 per month.

This service is available only to areas serviceable by DSL/WIMAX broadband bundles.
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ronalyn jadol   (04 May 2013 12:23 PM)
why we can't still avail the free call in globe and tm?

Lewis Wicke   (18 March 2013 2:40 AM)
I would like to set my Girlfriend up with Globe Bundled with cell dsl 3mbps for 2,299 pesos and I'm in the us how would I do it. The Bundled with unlimited talk & text international