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How to Convert Sun Load into Call and Text Combo
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Sometimes, you need flexiblity on the usage of your Sun Cellular load such as converting it to a specific service of Sun Cellular. Example of such service is the call and text combo. Sun Cellular now allows you to convert your regular load into a call and text combo for as low as P10. That's an economical reload product! To convert your load, just follow the steps below.

All loads are available via Sun Xpressload and Load Conversion. Available Call and Text Combo Load Denominations are 10 pesos, 20  pesos, and 30 pesos. (Take note: CTC stands for Call and Text Combo)

To register or convert  P10.00, text CTC10 to 247.

  • 1 day Validity
  • 10 minutes Sun-to-Sun calls
  • 40 texts Sun-to-Sun
  • 10 texts to other networks

To register or convert  P20.00, text CTC20 to 247.

  • 2 days Validity,
  • 25 minutes Sun-to-Sun calls
  • 80 texts Sun-to-Sun
  • 25 texts to other networks

To register or convert  P30.00, text CTC30 to 247.

  • 7 days Validity
  • 40 minutes Sun-to-Sun calls
  • 120 texts Sun-to-Sun
  • 40 texts to other networks

Xpress Load is the electronic prepaid reload service of Sun Cellular where you can buy load "Over-the-Air” via an accredited Sun Xpress Load retailer.
Load Conversion allows Sun subscribers to convert their regular load to special load e.g. CTC10 , CTC20 , CTC30 , etc.

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2 jamella cruz   (10-April-2014 11:41 PM)
Good day!
I'm trying to register at TA20 and convert regular load but I'm receiving a message that it is an invalid key.I always register and convert a load and this is the first time it happened until now.I called sun hotline and rep. told me to remove battery and sim for atleast 5 minutes then try but still I cant.
I'm hoping this could be fix.

1 yssa   (20-April-2013 7:36 PM)

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