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Smart Balance Inquiry
It's easy to inquire the Smart prepaid balance of your cellphone. I'll show here 3 options on how to do that.

Smart Buddy

You can check your Smart balance through Smart Menu, Textand Access Number:

  1. Smart Balance Inquiry through Smart Menu. With SMART Menu, checking your latest SMART Buddy PESO and FREE TEXT balance is a breeze. Simply click on Buddy Balance and you'll receive a message stating your current pre-paid PESO, FREE TEXT balance and UnliCall/UnliText subscription expiration.
  2. Smart Balance Inquiry through Text. You can also check your latest available PESO, FREE TEXT balance and Unlicalls/Unlitext subscription expiration via text by typing ?1515 and sending to 214. You will then receive a text message stating your balance information. 
  3. Smart Balance Inquiry through Access Number. You can call to inquire about your PESO balance by simply dialing 1515 + SEND . After a short beep, you will then receive a text message stating your latest available PESO, FREE TEXT balance and Unlicalls/Unlitext subscription expiration, together with the date and time of your inquiry.
Other Options:
  1. Call 1515 in your cellphone and you will receive your balance details via text. Cost is 1 peso per inquiry.
  2. Log-in to your Smart Account on Smart website (https://my.smart.com.ph/). You can check your balance there. But registration and linking of your account to your mobile number is needed.
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9 Janet Veniegas   (25-February-2016 5:32 PM)
I cannot receive a message

8 lyn   (06-July-2013 6:47 AM)
bakt ang roaming number ko may signal..pero balit naka SOS CALL..di ako mk rcib ng text..may load naman sya..ano po ba dapat kung gawin?please reply asap.thanks

7 Manny   (21-November-2012 2:29 PM)
Thanks. I know now how to inquire balance in SMART.

6 shane cathryn   (22-July-2012 5:08 PM)
ang galing pero marunog ako

5 anna belle   (02-June-2012 12:05 PM)
walang kwentang network nyo

4 angela marey boco   (20-April-2012 8:32 PM)

3 angela marey boco   (20-April-2012 8:32 PM)
hai naku !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!

2 angela marey boco   (20-April-2012 8:32 PM)
ang papanget niu ! nd ako mkapagtext .. importante kaya to noh !!!1

1 joe romero   (04-May-2011 9:03 AM)
Why is it i cant send message although i still have a 30 pesos remaining balance and i actively an unlitxt for 5 days which will expire on May 8 this year......what is the meaning of this?