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SULITXT 5: 25 TM to TM/Globe Texts for 24 hrs

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1. What is Sulitxt5?

Sulitxt5 is a text promo from TM where you can get 25 texts to TM and Globe for 24 hours for only 5 pesos!

2. Who can register to Sulitxt5?

Sulitxt5 is only available to TM subscribers.

3. How can I register for Sulitxt5?

It's easy to register for Sulitxt5! Just text SULITXT<space>5 to 8888. You will be charged P5 for each registration.

To use the 25 texts to TM and Globe, you don't need any additional maintaining balance.

4. After I register, how can I use Sulitxt5?

Wait for the confirmation message before using Sulitxt5. While you have not received the confirmation message, each text you send out will cost you P1.

5. If I know that I won't be able finish the 25 text messages in 1 day, is there any way for me to extend the expiry of the remaining texts so that I will be able to use them?

You can register to Sulitxt 5 again before your original registration has expired, and the remaining texts will be rolled-over.


  • I registered to Sulitxt5 at 10am on February 14.
  • At 9am of February 15, I still have 20 texts remaining.

If I register to Sulitxt5 again at 930am of February 15, my new balance will be 45 texts which will all expire at 929am of February 16.

6. Are there other TM promos I CANNOT register to while I'm registered to Sulitxt5?

You cannot register to ASTIGTXTALL and ASTIGUNLI while your Sulitxt5 subscription is still active.

7. If I am registered to other TM promos, will I be able to register to Sulitxt5?

You cannot register to Sulitxt5 if you are still registered to the following offers:

  • AstigTxtall
  • AstigTxt10
  • AstigUnli

8. I still have FREE TEXT in my load balance, what will happen to my free text when I'm registered to Sulitxt 5?

Your first 25 texts to TM or Globe will be charged against your 25 texts from Sulitxt, before it gets deducted from your free text. But if you text other networks, those texts will be charged to your free text.

9. How to inquire load balance  (balance inquiry)  from my Sulitxt 5?

Just text SLTX<space>BAL to 8888.

10. What will happen if I continuously text even if I have finished the 25 texts or my Sulitxt5 has expired?

If your 25 texts have been exhausted or if your subscription is expired, all your next texts will be charged the regular text rate of P1. But if you have FREE TEXT balance, this is what will be used up.

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9 cristel   (10-June-2013 7:22 PM)
New subscriber po ako ng TM. At sapalagay ko ayaw ma-stop nung PROMO na hindi ko na magamit.. How can I stop the promo?

8 rocky   (08-November-2012 12:28 PM)
text SULITXT OFF to 8888

7 JOMAR FREGILLANO   (21-August-2012 11:48 AM)

6 handa fanda   (20-January-2012 0:40 AM)
here where i got it to stop simple

5 Aba Sortido   (08-January-2012 8:32 AM)
Just figured it out. Type SULITXT OFF send to 8888. Hope this helps. :)

4 MOTHER FUCKEN TM!!!   (25-December-2011 10:44 AM)
how do i stop this thing? hindi ako makapagregister sa ibang promos!! nakakaasar!!!

3 elle   (09-December-2011 9:59 PM)
How to stop sulitxt 5 on tm??

2 Enzo Aquino   (06-October-2011 3:41 PM)
how to stop this frigging thing i cant even register to a another unli this si so freaking annoying darn it please do help us here

1 whin   (27-June-2011 0:33 AM)
how to stop the subscription of sulitxt?