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How to Register in PhilHealth Online in 3 Minutes?

PHILHEALTH ONLINE REGISTRATION: This guide is for the PhilHealth members only. Non-members cannot register thru this procedure because PIN (PhilHealth Identification Number) is required upon registration.

Take note: This is not a membership registration tutorial. This registration process will only allow you to access your PhilHealth account online. You can conveniently access your Premium Contributions or Payment History and your profile. You can also access and print your Member Data Record (MDR). Did you remember that MDR is a document that PhilHealth issued to you after you successfully registered in their office? And by the way, you can also reset your password if you want.

So, How Can You Register in PhilHealth Online?

1. Go to the Official Website of PhilHealth (www.philhealth.gov.ph). Find the member inquiry box located in the right side bar of the website. And click the Register link.

PhilHealth Registration Link
PhilHealth Website Homepage

2. You will be redirected to the registration form. Enter the appropriate information in the blank fields. Take note: PhilHealth Identification Number (PIN) is required. Non-members don't have it. If you're not yet a PhilHealth member, you must go to a PhilHealth office and apply for membership. You can pay for as low as Php 200 per month as self-employed or individually-paying.

The red asterisk (*) in this Registration Form means required. Important: An active email address is also required to fill-out. You need an email address where you can receive the Activation Link. PhilHealth will send you a message containing Activation Link to your email. And you need to click that link in order to activate your account. So, without an email, you cannot proceed to the registration process.

PhilHealth Registration Form Online
PhilHealth Online Registration Form

3. After you filled-out the registration form, the system will sent you the confirmation message and the activation link to your email. Click the activation link to activate your account.

PhilHealth Activation Link Email Message
PhiHealth Activation Link Sent to your Email

Transcription of the Email Message:

Dear Mr./Ms. ***** *******

Your account has been successfully created. To activate your account please click the link below and log-in using the following information:

PIN: ************
PASSWORD: ******

Please click the link below and activate your account to complete your registration:


If the link is not working, copy and paste it to your browser address bar.
Should you have any questions, suggestions or comments, you may e-mail us at actioncenter@philhealth.gov.ph or call 441-7442.


PhilhealthMember Management Team

Citystate Centre, 709 Shaw Boulevard
1603 Pasig City.

- END -

4. After clicking the Activation Link, you will be redirected to a confirmation message in the PhilHealth website which states:

PhilHealth Account Activated

FINISHED! You're now registered, activated. You can now access your PhilHealth account online.

What's Inside Your PhilHealth Account? What Features Can You Access?

You can access the following features:
  1. Your Profile
  2. Your Premium Contributions (or Monthly Payment History)
  3. MDR (Membership Date Record) Printing
  4. Reset Password
PhilHealth Member Account Information

Personal Profile

In the Profile page, you can view the following details:
  • Your PhilHealth Identification Number (PIN)
  • Name
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Martial Status
  • Address
  • Dependent/s
  • etc.
PhilHealth Profile Info
Profile page of a PhilHealth Member

Contribution (Payment History)

You can also see your monthly payment (contributions) shown in the photo below:

PhilHealth Contribution (Payment History)

Member Data Record (MDR)

When you click the MDR Printing link, you can view your Member Data Record (MDR), the document issued to you by PhilHealth upon registration in their office.

PhilHealth Member Data Record (MDR)

Reset Password

Clicking the Reset Password link will get you to the Reset Password Page where obviously you can reset or change your password.

PhilHealth Reset Password

Are you having any problems in registering in PhilHealth online? Do you find the PhilHealth Online Registration convenient for you?
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Total comments: 55
55 E   (22 October 2017 8:10 PM)
Is this all a joke? Been waiting for the e-mail confirmation however, I have not received it yet. Based on the previous comments, seems that there IS A PROBLEM. PLEASE TAKE ACTION. OR ELSE. Just don't have this kind of service.

Thank you (only if this issue can be resolved).

54 Keyt   (09 October 2017 4:37 PM)
I did not receive the confirmation email from philhealth, what should i do?

Another question and i am hoping that you will answer this. I am not yet employed but i am already applying one of the req is philhealth is it correct that I chose INDIVIDUALLY PAYING? what if matanggap ako can i change that or is it allowed to use individually paying kahit na may company na kong pinagttrabahuhan?

Thank you in advance!

53 ronnel gutierrez   (07 October 2017 8:30 AM)
i already register I also did not receive any email confirmation, please this problem. thank you

52 Amrollah   (03 October 2017 2:10 PM)
Please do check you SPAM FOLDER. The most awaited reply might be there. :)

51 MATHIENICA OLIVAR   (02 October 2017 4:15 PM)
Havent recieved any confirmation email yet. Please do some actions now because I really need my Philhealth No. as soon as possible.

50 allen   (20 September 2017 11:27 AM)
I also did not receive any email confirmation, please this problem. thank you!

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49 charie   (08 September 2017 1:44 PM)
I also did not receive any email confirmation, please this problem. thank you!

48 lester   (29 August 2017 1:11 PM)
I also did not receive any email confirmation, please respond on how to fix this.

Thank you.

47 nfp   (25 August 2017 2:26 PM)
hi, tanong ko lang kung nasagot na ba yung mga tanong nila about no confirmation email? im having the same problem here.

46 jeremy   (10 August 2017 8:09 AM)
nagregister po ako pero wala naman pong confirmation sa email ko? tell me delay ba talaga? nako

45 James Lorence Abuan   (02 August 2017 4:22 PM)
I did not receive any email confirmation, please respond on how to fix this.

Thank you.

44 justine pagaduan   (27 July 2017 2:25 PM)
how come i did not received any confirmation on my email? been waiting for hours!

43 Marielle Mae A. Sanchez   (24 July 2017 12:17 PM)
Can I ask for my PhilHealth Number? Hoping for your immediate response?

42 Jeanny   (23 July 2017 3:06 PM)
I did not receive any confirmation from philhealth online registration. Please do something better about it.

41 Rio Carrasco   (20 July 2017 6:12 AM)
How come every time I try to register ito lumalabas?

There are no matching record for the information you have entered. Please check all the entries and try again

Any assistance will be highly appreciated.

Thank you,

40 Artemio Gilig   (29 June 2017 6:50 AM)
Wala akong na received na activation code kahit sa spam wala. Ano gagawin ko?

39 iah   (17 June 2017 3:03 PM)
"Registration successfully processed.

Please check your email to activate your account.

Please check your spam folder if you can't see the activation email from us."


38 Toni   (16 May 2017 2:23 PM)
I registered online but I haven't received a confirmation in my email. Can you please help? Thank you.

37 Nathan   (04 May 2017 10:28 AM)
EPRS certificate was already expired how can we get the updated EPRS certificate ?

36 luke   (21 April 2017 8:18 AM)
i haven't received a confirmation email from philhealth ... what im gonna do?

35 Merwin Kakilala   (30 March 2017 3:10 AM)
how to register online?

when i click agree to term and condition and click accept it always go back to the homepage
please fix it.

34 Merwin Kakilala   (30 March 2017 3:10 AM)
how to register online?

when i click agree to term and condition and click accept it always go back to the homepage
please fix it.

33 Jo-an dela cruz   (26 February 2017 10:44 AM)
Paano po mag register sa online?

32 Jo-an dela cruz   (26 February 2017 10:43 AM)
Panu po mkaregister sa online?

31 Jhenny Rose Rescar Mendoza   (14 February 2017 3:42 PM)
I tried to register today for how many times already.It keeps telling me that my User Name is already exist. What does it mean? Is my email address invalid or what? What user name does it mean? Thank You!

30 Rachel Ann   (09 February 2017 5:58 PM)
Hi. i did not receive any activation link / email. i waited for 30mnts and still not receiving one. PLEASE I really need it. can I re-Register?

Please reply. Thanks.

29 Joan Hardin   (26 January 2017 11:44 AM)
You should fix your website so the member cant get headache, specially me i paid every 3 months.

28 Joan Hardin   (26 January 2017 11:38 AM)
I have a same problem, i registered last year Oct, 2016 until now i didnt receive any confirmation code in my email, i checked on spam anywhere i dont see any email. then i register again, i type my information when i submit the form it shows that the information is already exist. so i guess because this is the philippine website most of website here is not working properly its all BULLSHIT

27 KHIM RUSSELL BUAN   (25 January 2017 1:50 PM)
User Name Already Exist. yan po nakalgay di ko pa po nakukuwa mdr ko eh nag kamali ng email na nilagay

26 katherine ganal   (13 January 2017 1:31 PM)
I reset my password because i forgot, but i didn't receive any email from philhealth showing my new password.

25 ZyraNacion   (03 December 2016 11:40 PM)
Hi wala po ako nareceive na confirmation code sa email ko kahit saang folder ? Please fix this

24 christian g. silvestre   (27 October 2016 1:42 PM)
Sir/ma'am nag register po ako ngayon ngayon lang pero wala akong narecieved na confirmation link to activate my account. Reply po sana kayo ,

Thank you.

23 daniel   (27 September 2016 5:56 PM)
is there website ok? this site https://eregister.philhealth.gov.ph/ always throws me back to this terms and conditions when i check the terms and click accept

22 Harry May P.Enero   (09 September 2016 0:24 AM)
how to apply?

21 marianne rosello   (02 September 2016 4:29 AM)
I didn't receive any confirmation on my email.. Please do something.

20 marianne rosello   (02 September 2016 4:22 AM)
i did not receive any email confirmation

19 glaedyn sacramento   (08 August 2016 12:36 PM)
I did not receive any confirmation on my email, is your system working?! I need to print the MDR now because it's emergency.

18 Jeffrey Gomez   (23 July 2016 9:04 AM)
I want to apply

17 Rennalyn Molet   (09 July 2016 1:10 PM)
i did not receive any e-mail confirmation

16 Johneileen Ballares   (02 July 2016 12:12 PM)
Hi! I did not receive any email confirmation. I need to print the MDR now because it's emergency. What should I do?

15 Tris   (27 June 2016 6:03 PM)
Hi I did not receive any e-mail confirmation. Please help. Thanks.

14 Sweetberto Baradillo   (09 June 2016 4:00 PM)
So I have registered today but unfortunately, I haven't received any confirmation from Philhealth.

13 Joselle Nepomuceno   (05 June 2016 2:37 PM)
Hi I did not receive a confirmation on my email.

12 Rolyn   (14 May 2016 0:53 AM)
I did not receive a confirmation on my email.

11 mark jun bugarin   (29 February 2016 8:39 AM)
your system is not working properly. I tried to register several times but did not process

10 virginia   (28 February 2016 0:08 AM)
your system is not working properly. I tried to register several times but i don't receive any email to confirm my registrai

9 betchay   (08 February 2016 1:48 PM)
Hi i tried to register but the site is not working properly. Error says WEBSITE IS NOT AVAILABLE. Do they have other site where I can register online? https://memberinquiry.philhealth.gov.ph/info/validate.php. TIA☺

8 Elizabeth Barboza   (11 January 2016 11:41 AM)
Just wanted to clarify because im not yet member in Philhealth should i register online or do i need to go to the philhealth office to file my application for membership.
thanks your immediate response is highly appreciated.

7 carlota   (05 January 2016 9:33 AM)
hello, i have registered in philhealth online services to view my philhealth status online, however, i haven't received any email from philhealth which will activate my online philhealth account. may i ask how can i resend the email confirmation so that i can activate my philhealth online account?

6 Rhegeline   (30 November 2015 1:54 PM)
I did not received any emails after I registered
hope for your very fast reply. thank you

5 John Raymond Mallo   (17 November 2015 7:20 PM)
Me i Get My Philhealt Please

4 sheril pagatpat   (25 October 2015 12:28 PM)
Good afternoon,after i pay my philhealth is that good to used also for my hospitalization.Becasue i am going to do surgery this week. Thank you.

3 joyce   (26 July 2015 2:04 PM)
Hey Ray Vasri, I found a blank fillable "2012 YRC Freight ISC-270, [3/12]" here:http://pdf.ac/5lYWG7

2 RayVasri   (24 July 2015 8:13 PM)
Great Article. Does anyone know where I can find a blank Philhealth Registration Form to fill out?

1 zairah   (18 June 2015 8:34 PM)
Good evening, I just want to ask if theres a philhealth branch near in Torrijos,Marinduque.Thank you.