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How to Register in SSS (Social Security System)

Here's a brief procedure on how to be a member in SSS (Social Security System) Philippines. As long as you secure all the needed requirements, it is very easy to register in SSS. Just be patient with the long line (falling in line system) due to many SSS applicants and members everyday inside an SSS Office/building.

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Steps in SSS Membership Registration

1. You should get an E-1 form in the SSS office. Just ask someone in the office where you can get an E-1 form and fill it out. Here's a sample of an E-1 form below:

Social Security System SSS E1 Form
(Picture Snapshot) SSS E-1 form

2. Submit this E-1 form in two (2) copies. 

3. Also submit the original copy and photocopy of the following documents (requirements):
Primary Documents
Other Required Documents
  • For reporting spouse - Marriage Contract
  • For reporting child
    • If legitimate:
      • Birth or Baptismal Certificate
    • If illegitimate:
      • Birth or Baptismal Certificate or in its absence,
      • Proof of Parentage or Relationship
    • If legally adopted:
      • Decree of Adoption
In the absence of any of the primary documents, submit any two of the following where the name and date of birth of the registrant appear:

Secondary Documents
  • Record of Employment/Employer ID
  • GSIS Member's Record
  • Certification form National Archives
  • Alien Certificate of Registration
  • School/Voter's Identification Card
  • Driver's License
  • Marriage Contract
  • Birth Certificate of children
  • Joint Affidavit of two disinterested persons attesting to the correct name and date of birth of the applicant.
4. If the above-stated documents (requirements) are not available at the time of registration, comply immediately by submitting to the nearest SSS office to facilitate availment of benefits and privileges.


1. Issuance of SS number does not automatically qualify you for coverage. You must first be engaged in an occupation subject to SSS coverage.

2. An SS number is a lifetime number. No one should have more than one SSS number.
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169 noemi vidalo   (12 May 2017 9:28 AM)
hi is it still allowed to apply sss even already 52 years old

168 Roy Pastro   (25 April 2017 12:10 PM)
Good day. Is there an age limit to be an SSS member?

167 Juanelyne Ibarra   (09 March 2017 9:30 PM)
Hello! I'm 18 years old turning 19 in April. Gusto ko pong mag apply ng SSS habang bsta pa. Okay lang ba?

166 susan   (13 December 2016 9:00 PM)
gusto ko po sana mag apply ng SSS mayrun po online application? salamat po

165 RYAN B. LAMUG   (10 November 2016 12:00 PM)
Is there age limits when it comes to SSS application for membership? If so, then what should be the minimum age in availing such??

164 Nerrisa b roberts   (01 September 2016 1:30 PM)
I am 52 yrs old , can i apply sss despite of my age? I am working here in hk

163 mary ann conta   (29 July 2016 6:07 PM)
Almost 3 years akong nag work and my sss number is temporary anong dapat kong gawin?

162 Kenneth monteverde   (23 June 2016 8:46 AM)
pano po Mag fill up ng SSS E1 form s online

161 jaime pacia serrano   (18 June 2016 10:34 AM)
Paano po ba makakuha ng sss number

160 jeffrey biene pasquin   (02 June 2016 9:34 PM)
applying for sss number

159 weng   (11 March 2016 0:11 AM)

Can a 74 year old person apply for an sss id number? And pay contribution voluntarily?

Thank you

158 vergie lupiag   (14 January 2016 10:11 AM)
hi ma'am. Goodnoon. is the LCR acceptable ?

157 Magdalena Gruz Condangan   (08 December 2015 10:39 PM)
I would like to avail an sss membership...but the problem is i am here in Bahrain... what do i do? is it possible to fill up them thru this online services? thanks

156 jocelynsimbillo   (10 November 2015 8:20 AM)
how to register sss e1 form ?

155 CIARA MARIZ V.AMON   (29 September 2015 4:51 PM)
How to apply E1 form

154 Ronessa L. Rondilla   (22 July 2015 7:35 AM)
good morning po i want to apply sss

153 Denah Cobacha   (18 July 2015 3:20 PM)
I want too apply at SSS

152 Denah Cobacha   (18 July 2015 3:18 PM)
I want to apply SSS

151 ann   (10 July 2015 1:26 PM)
hello. i just wanna ask if it's okay to use an School I.D as valid I.D.

150 daedana van s.paragas   (08 July 2015 9:55 PM)
hello goodevening, paano po ako makakakuha ng umidcard? may sss number na po ako pero hindi lng ako nkabayad ng 3years, ano po dapat kung gawin?
tapos anu po yung mga requirements ng isang kasambahay pag yung po ang source of income ko?? nag aalaga pokasi ako ng mga bata

149 norman dalaquit pura   (15 June 2015 1:23 PM)
I have an existing SSS number but unfortunately I lost my SSS ID
can you help me to have that number again. I would like continue paying for my account but how to pay it here in abroad?

148 SANO LESTER JHON F.   (09 June 2015 9:32 AM)
for local employment

147 Roneil Alvarina   (04 July 2014 7:58 PM)
i have a diffrnt concern. i already applied SSS and got my # way back in 2008. and i already forgot it. can i still have my ss number back? what's the best thing to do? i hope you could help me. please send me a reply in my account; campanero.roneil@yahoo.com

God Bless!

146 jasmin99   (17 June 2014 0:47 AM)

145 fernan h. mantele   (16 June 2014 8:01 PM)
how can i have new sss i.d.

144 Olga Flores   (24 May 2014 2:28 PM)
How to apply or register online?
Thank you...

143 Victoria pepito   (05 May 2014 1:58 PM)
can I check my SSS number

142 ian   (20 April 2014 6:57 PM)
Hello. I'd like to ask about getting an SSS number for employment purposes though. Thanks!

141 mariella   (20 April 2014 8:38 AM)
i am 14 years old, i want to have an advance sss number ,,, is it possible for me to it at my age right now? pls let me know,,, thank you and i am looking forward to hear you soon..

140 joshua Rey De Leon   (12 April 2014 1:44 PM)
Marriage contract are accepted in the secondary document

139 patricia felizco   (04 April 2014 5:00 PM)
what's the next step after doing all this?

138 mariel   (03 April 2014 12:00 PM)

I just want to ask if there's an age limit on applying as SSS member.

I want my parents to be a member but they are already above 50's.

Can they be a member?


137 Merilou Guilo   (15 March 2014 9:58 AM)
Good morning! I already have an SS number and i registered my name with one incorrect letter, it is Merilou Lonsagay Guilo instead of Merilou Lonzagay Guilo. What should i do with it or the process should i take on? My SS number is 0426912196.

Thank you and God Bless!

136 rhoda lagno   (07 March 2014 10:01 PM)
i want to register online but how can i get the from .thnks a lot

135 Jowe-ann   (06 March 2014 11:10 AM)
Hi I just want to ask if you need to register as member of SSS, you should go to the SSS office personally or is it okay if you have proxy? I mean, I want to register to SSS and I don't have much time to go to SSS for forms and everything but I can ask someone to do it for me. Is it possible? Or I just download a form thru internet and then fill this out then I will go to your office by myself and proceed to the procedure of registration there?

Please let me know what the best thing to do.

Thank you.

134 cuteako47   (29 January 2014 4:33 PM)
hi..i want to continue my voluntary contribution..its just that i lost my card..and my last name also changed because I was annuled with my first husband and now i'm married to a japanese..what should I do to continue my voluntary contribution even though i live here in Japan..I think I can pay every month thru my metrobank online banking..I'll wait for ur advice..thank you..

133 Marvin Canalija Gonzales   (20 January 2014 1:25 PM)
hi! i'm Mr. Marvin Canalija Gonzales, 32 year old. i remember, i was able to register SSS when i was still on my first high school year. do i still have a chance to re-activate my old membership or do i'll just have to apply as new member? thank you and more power!

132 Hee   (17 January 2014 1:52 PM)
Hi! Can i get sss id eve though im only a hs graduate and no working exp? Tumutulong lang po ako sa bus ng magulang ko as of now.

130 Sonia orourke   (10 January 2014 7:20 PM)
Hi I'm Sonia I have SSS number already but I can't put money what can I do? And I'm married I have 4 children.
My question s.can I get new SSS. Number ..? Please I need your reply thanks ...

131 admin   (14 January 2014 9:07 AM)
Sonia orourke, you need to go to SSS office and request for your SSS number. You can't get a new SSS number because it's SSS policy that no one is allowed to have more than one SSS number. Your SSS number is a lifetime number.

129 janice   (26 December 2013 9:41 PM)
what is mean your email address and confirmation do not match? i tried many times to register online but always tell like that

128 Miriam Magdalene Pascua   (17 December 2013 11:44 AM)
I'd already have my SSS number, but my problem is i lost my number of my SSS.
Someone can help or give me advise to prevent from re-applying again?
Thank you so much. Have a blessed day

127 Ma. Myrna   (05 November 2013 3:00 PM)
I already have an SS number and would like to apply for my lost passport and one of the requirements is SS E1. How could I get it again. Thank you so much and good afternoon.

126 safra hamisani bidin   (01 November 2013 10:38 PM)
good day..
i am an OFW in SAUDI ARABIA. Before i came here i was able to get the form E-1 with a number already but i lost it and i cannot remember.Also i did not start yet paying.

125 Roxanne Arielle Buenaventura   (30 October 2013 10:41 AM)
I acquired my SSS E1 when i was still in College now i"m looking for a job. I want to ask if my SSS E1 No. is still valid and do i have to pass any documents before paying some contribution?

124 Ferdinand M Jimena   (20 October 2013 12:11 PM)
I am an old SSS member? Do I need to register on line? How and Why?

123 Clarice D. Aragoza   (12 September 2013 4:57 PM)
I would like to check the loan and the contribution

122 Clarice D. Aragoza   (12 September 2013 4:56 PM)
checking for loan and contribution

121 REAH DANIELES   (12 September 2013 4:14 PM)
Can we easily get a form when we visit at your office... having those all requirements???

120 Mariza   (12 September 2013 2:38 PM)
hello, good day- can i get an E-1 form and have an SS number without visiting @ your office,.i mean can I get it online?thank you

119 Maria Lourdes Rosal   (11 September 2013 9:35 AM)
i have old sss no. but i'd lost years ago,i just want to know if it still valid?i want to register new sss no. could i?Thanks

118 romulo arcenal jr   (05 September 2013 12:42 PM)
how can i be a sss member if i could'nt visit personally to your office because of my work??? do you have registration online??? please response immediately... thanks

117 darius rice   (15 August 2013 0:40 AM)
Good day, i would like to ask if i secure a new sss id(unified id), how long will it take before i get it?.I have my old sss ID.

116 angelo carinan   (11 August 2013 7:34 PM)
what if my E1 form was lost? how can i get onother E1 form for my employement?

115 Anna   (01 August 2013 6:47 PM)
I'm currently working in a small company and SSS is not covered as part of our benefits. I would like to contribute and become a member on my own. How could I possibly do this and what type of membership should I take? I don't have any business. Thanks. Waiting for your reply.:)

114 lhotte   (30 July 2013 5:53 PM)

113 rochelle lastimoso   (30 July 2013 12:48 PM)
good day..
i have a problem with may sss user id and password, i forgot,pls help me so that i can see man contribution

112 kenneth   (26 July 2013 2:33 PM)
pwede puba ung baptismal certificate kc may dipirensya ung birthcertificate ko ehh

111 jean   (24 July 2013 8:44 PM)
Gud day sir/ma'am

I just want to ask how we claim a burial of our father, he's sss record name are not the same on he's birthcertificate, hope you can help us thank you...

110 april dave devela   (23 July 2013 6:49 PM)
my fiance is in rhiyad,, he stopped contributing about 5yrs. ago. and right now.. i would like to continue his contribution. Am i allowed to voluntarilly contribute for his absence? what do i need?do i need any authorization letters, whatsoever?

thanks alot!

109 theresa   (17 July 2013 10:01 PM)
ahm wala pa phong hulog ung sss ko kc pho kakakuha ku lang pho hnd pa pho ako na kakahanap ng trabho gusto ko pho sanang ako ang maghulog anu pho ba ang dapat kong gawin wla dinpho akong nigosyo

108 jemimah   (16 July 2013 7:44 PM)
pde nbang kumuha ang 17 y/o ?????

reply please !

107 genesis briones   (09 July 2013 7:22 PM)
i have already an sss number, i decided to start my contribution, pls., tell me how step by step!!!
Thank You Very Much ! ! !

106 Honey Vee Gomez   (04 July 2013 9:55 PM)
how about a photocopy of our marriage contract? i submitted it already when i get my passport. do i need to get another copy of it from the National Statistics ?so that i can comply to the required documents?

105 cherry mie carpo   (03 July 2013 10:58 PM)
Panu ko po makukuha ang aking sss # nawala po kasi ang aking E1.

104 Jandy bermejo   (01 July 2013 7:18 PM)
Please can you help i cant reg. to your online service membership.it say's that i got invaled ss number,i got already a ss id...thanks.

102 Juris   (30 June 2013 9:27 AM)
Gus2 q po I tuloy ung pag hulog q kaso nakalimutan q ung num q' magoopen po b aq ng bago?

103 admin   (30 June 2013 9:38 AM)
Juris, remember this: "An SS number is a lifetime number. No one should have more than one SSS number."

Huwag po kayong mag-open ng bago. Pumunta po kayo sa opisina ng SSS at maghulog.

101 ERIC GENAVIA   (29 June 2013 1:57 PM)

100 Ramona C. Vega   (29 June 2013 11:07 AM)
S I R / M A D A M:


I would like to make the annual renewal of membership in the System. What Form is needed for this matter?

Thank you for your favorable action.

99 Maryiel Sastre   (27 June 2013 8:31 PM)
Ask lang po..my online registration po ba ng SSS?

98 Amor   (27 June 2013 9:22 AM)
Para po sa bagong mag aaply, makuluha na po ba yung SSS no. on the same day na nag submit ng reqts? Salamat po.

97 agusta ogano maguiwe   (26 June 2013 2:11 PM)
hi!gusto ko po ituloy ang sss payment ko pero nakalimutan ko na account num..paano ko po ba itutuloy...salamat

96 Michelle Espiritu   (24 June 2013 10:53 AM)
Can Ask if what is the specific Age limit of a person who can register as an sss member?

95 sherilyn del valle   (21 June 2013 6:20 PM)
i have a problem po,ng work po ako nung 18 ako s 1 pbrika at ng huhulog ng monthly contribution s sss for 5 mos.kaso po later on nlman ko n mli po pla ung birth date n nai file ko dpat po ay feb 1 1979 pero po feb 1 1980 po ang nailgy ko s documnt n ipinsa ko..ngayon po gusto ko sna ma ipa activate uli ung membrship ko at mg se self employed po ko.ano po b dapt ko gwin?..1997 po ako ng work at ikinuha ng sss..tnxs po

94 Siege   (20 June 2013 2:23 PM)
Hi - I was trying to apply sss loan through online but it says my sss# is temporary. What does it mean? What should i do? Thanks!

93 jacqueline caga salic-o   (20 June 2013 11:49 AM)
gud am i just want to verify my sss number because i could no longer access to continue my membership pls post my number tomy account .thx

92 solayao, mirasol   (11 June 2013 3:39 PM)
Hello I need imformation if it s allowed to put parents and brother sister, niece the one who grow up with my parent since she is 1month she is 5years old now can I use to thim my binificiary and can I use copy not origenal, thank I want to know please godbless

91 pauljohncrucillo   (11 June 2013 11:20 AM)
do we need to be regularized in the company before to become a member of sss?

90 bernard   (08 June 2013 11:18 AM)
i lost my e1 how can i check online if i am still register on sss? sice i file e1 i dint check it....

89 jomar solana   (06 June 2013 10:17 AM)
i lost my E-1 form...how do i get my SSS number

88 noel   (05 June 2013 10:13 AM)
i wan't to ask, if my older brother is still qualified to get a sss number? he's 39 years old of age. can any one help me regarding this matter? thank you :)

87 Jonnabel   (02 June 2013 9:19 PM)
how to get my SSS number because my E1 has lose

86 laura luis   (31 May 2013 12:52 PM)
pede ba yung postal id ba
o brgy id

85 elvira nuestro   (30 May 2013 4:09 PM)
Ask ko lang po ano age limit pwede apply ng SSS. Salamat po

84 samantha   (30 May 2013 12:45 PM)
i would like to ask if i can fulfill via online the E1 form tanx;;;

83 Guissenni   (25 May 2013 7:40 PM)
help me! I would like to inquire the salary loan status of my husband Rosendo C. Hingpit. Please!!

82 mae   (25 May 2013 11:56 AM)
can an 18 years old get an sss number.?

81 LYDIA NITUDA   (20 May 2013 4:27 AM)

80 rem   (16 May 2013 10:18 AM)
ilan po talaga ang puwede ipasok na anak sa sss educational loan, pag married? puwede hobang 2 anak? sabi kasi isa lang.at ilang weeks po bago ipadala ang tseke sa school?.salamat po.

79 jake   (16 May 2013 10:18 AM)
hi, bago lang ako nag register sa sss. E-1 form. meron pa bang next step para makuha na ang sss number ko? or makukuha na agad? thanks.

78 yhean   (14 May 2013 6:43 PM)
can i get sss if im only 17?

77 arjae   (13 May 2013 8:18 AM)
pwede na po ba makakuha ng sss ang 17y/o? at maybayad po ba ang pagkuha?

76 cherry   (08 May 2013 6:27 PM)
bakit po nag iinvalid yung ss number ko pag nag reregister ako sa sss.gov.ph??

75 orlando eco cruto jr.   (05 May 2013 12:32 PM)
i forgot my sss e1 number? paano ko po ulit malalaman ung sss no. ko?

74 Lemuel Avenido   (04 May 2013 1:30 PM)
sir.. paano po kaya ko ulit malalaman yung SSS#. Nawala kasi yung E-1 ko..

73 emilyn godilo   (02 May 2013 12:37 PM)
nung 18 years old po ako nagfill up po ako ng sss form E-1 is it still okay parin ba? now that i am 21 year old na..

72 joana may dacillo   (22 April 2013 1:17 PM)
pwd po mlaman ilan months kuna nhuhulugan sss..ko..

71 carmencita s. lacapag   (20 April 2013 9:32 PM)
ask ko lang f pwede pa ba yong number ko kahit hindi ko nahulogan 10 years na...tnx

70 roel j. lacapag   (20 April 2013 9:28 PM)
ask ko lang naka ilang hulog na ako...tnx

69 norilyne c lacuesta   (27 March 2013 10:41 PM)
i like to see my sss

68 mysel delos reyes   (26 March 2013 9:25 AM)
..can i register online in sss e-1.. im not yet employed.. requirements for employee

67 Ma.Teresa B.Chavenia   (21 March 2013 6:22 PM)
almost 4years po ako ng hulog sa tabaco bracnh SSS pero yun hulog ko po pala pinding lang sa bank ipina ayus ko po ng 2012 april til now po wala pan result ?pano ko po mapapatuloy yun paghulog ko?at pano ko po yun matransfer as member SSS OFW kun til now po wala pang result?sana naman po maayus na yun one year na po ako nghihintay wala pa rin po balita?salamat po

66 aisa   (16 March 2013 4:34 PM)
naka kuha napo ako dati ng E-1 di ko lang po itunuloy dati cguro mga 8yrs n nakalipas my record parin po ba kayo nun?

65 Bhelle   (15 March 2013 8:02 PM)
Does 17 years old working student can get an SSS membership and what are the requirements if she/he can?

64 alie   (07 March 2013 8:53 PM)
does 17 year old can get an sss number?

63 jerick ilagan   (03 March 2013 8:23 PM)
ilang taon po ba pwede magapply ng SSS?

62 cassandra me salvador   (19 February 2013 3:36 PM)
can i regster online

61 joy devera appaccag   (13 February 2013 11:15 AM)
ask qlng poh kng san poh kmi mag aaply ng sss..dto poh kmi sa tondo

60 jenifer abad   (12 February 2013 11:29 AM)
paano po ba magbago ng beneficiaries kasi po married na po ako kaso nandito po ako sa korea ngayon. at paano po aq makakahulug ng mothly.ano po ba dapat gawin? salamat po.

59 Janella Fral   (11 February 2013 3:03 PM)
Paano mag pa register sa sss kung employer ka?

58 hermie gaan   (09 February 2013 11:09 PM)
where is the sbr no or reciept number in rS5 IF THE PAYMENTS MADE AT BAYAD CENTER

57 ailene.cuaresma   (29 January 2013 4:38 PM)
I'm currently a member. But I stop paying. I'm here in the other country. Can I continue to pay?

56 Lorie   (22 January 2013 5:34 PM)
Pede po bang mag apply ng sss Kahit nasa ibang bansa po ako,at ipadala ko nlng ang requirement sa family ko at cla ang magdala po sa office kase po nung umuwi po ako At mag apply ng sss d na po ako nabigyan ng form dahit maraming pila at stop na ang bigayan ng form po gsto Ko po talagang mag apply kaya lng po naka uwi na po ako rito sa ibang Bansa help me nmn po

55 Rygel Grace   (09 January 2013 2:24 PM)
can i ask if my documents are valid? one cedula, birth certificate and an ID from my work?

54 kriselle v. bayubay   (07 January 2013 9:57 AM)
madam/sir tanung q lng po kung mgknu ang ihuhulog every month..or pnu po pag every 6moth?thanks and God bless

53 looch   (03 January 2013 2:38 PM)
can we apply for sss number online?

52 marlohjen ZAMUDIO   (03 January 2013 10:17 AM)
good day! ask ko lang po kung magkano po ang start ng hulog buwan-buwan if new member ako?

51 erickson   (02 January 2013 2:15 PM)
Hi ask ko lang po...
paano gagawin pag hindi ka pa member tapos,,,
ofw ka, paano mag apply kung nasa ibang bansa ako
pede ba relative ko or friends mag fill up at para maging member ako ng sss at makakuha ng sss number
-erick canieso
email : erck_canieso@yahoo.com

50 sarah jane muyot   (27 December 2012 6:38 PM)
pano mo makakuha ng static information/employment history??

49 Jemilo B.Gono   (12 December 2012 2:01 PM)
I made a full payment of my SSS Loan in Surigao City last nov.2012 about third week.They told me that it will take two weeks for them to show me that im fully paid.its almost one month now from the time i paid.One week after my payment i came to manila to renew my documents. i can notl go back to surigao city because i still have documents to renew.
M y SSS nunmber is 03-3751538-1 . i want to know if im already cleared from my loan obligation by sending me an email.Thank you very much & more power to the SSS.

48 Louie Iso   (28 November 2012 12:37 PM)
ma'am and sir good afternoon...pwede ba mka register sa sss ang isang empleyado ng government kahit job order/contractual ang position nya?salamat po........

47 redge   (23 November 2012 7:33 PM)
pano po if nasa abroad ung applicant???pano po mag apply....pwede po ba na ung mother nlang ang mg fill up then mg scan nlang po ung applicant na nasa abroad ng autorisation letter....

46 ahlot   (23 November 2012 4:52 PM)
pwede po ba ako kumuha ng e1 kahit hindi pa nso copy ung birthcertificate ko kasi on process pa po late registered po ako ! pls respond ..

45 grace carpio   (19 November 2012 5:58 PM)
tanong co lang po kung pwede po ba acong mg apply ng SSS kahit nakatira na co sa ibang bansa?

44 nelza claveria   (18 November 2012 5:13 PM)
tanong ko lang po panu kukuha ng SSS halimbawang nasa abroad.andito po ako sa Oman.

43 Ailyn G. verdfelor   (15 November 2012 7:32 PM)
im from Qpo where is the nearest office?

42 Ailyn G. verdfelor   (15 November 2012 7:30 PM)
what are the requirement to register in SSS membership? this is my First time im just self employed. please reply im goin to ur office on monday.

41 NESTOR L. DERPO   (13 November 2012 8:38 PM)
I would like to reactivate and update/amend my SSS,
i lost my sss id . Please respond

40 Jenny   (11 November 2012 11:35 PM)
ask ko lng po pano po qng tumigil na ung father ko sa paghuhulog sa SSS pero nakalampas 25 years namn po ciang naghulog sa SSS pag dating po ba ng 60 ng father ko may makukuha pa rin po ba ciang pension??

tnx kindly answer me

39 nuruddin m. harani   (09 November 2012 9:58 AM)
ive lost my sss and i don't know my sss number

38 arnel F. gonzales   (09 November 2012 8:25 AM)
tanong ko lang po,paano malalaman na may sss number na po ako,hindi ko lang po kasi matandaan kong nakakuha na ako noon,kasi may nagpasama sakin sa sss,hindi ko lang mataandaan kung kumuha rin ako,malalaman po ba kung may sss no. na ako'gusto ko sana mag member as voluntary lang.

37 cheryl caluya   (04 November 2012 7:46 PM)
please i need asap answer.. is it ok if i only have nbi clearance and a school id for me to be able to be a member of sss?

36 marita fontanilla   (30 October 2012 8:18 PM)
is there any chance to have my sss number i lost it and i want to activate,but i forgot my number..how

35 marita fontanilla   (30 October 2012 8:16 PM)
bkit ang tinanong kung paano sya maging member nasa ksa sya..pero hinde nman magamit yung form..i lost my sss number .how can i activate ,i forgot my number..im here in qatar

34 rafael jardiolin   (27 October 2012 10:51 AM)
have any fees ?

33 geraldine   (24 October 2012 1:08 PM)
does the birth certificate need to be authenticated?

32 Estela Marie V. Hallasgo   (21 October 2012 5:08 PM)
Hi! I would like to know if how much should I pay in registering in SSS. I am new and I don't know what t do.. Can u send me also thru email the process to register? Thanks!

31 Estela Marie V. Hallasgo   (21 October 2012 5:07 PM)
Hi! I would like to ask if how much should I pay in registering for SSS. I am new.

30 Evelyn   (18 October 2012 12:05 PM)
Pwede ko pa bang ipa member nanay ko kahit 57 na sya?

29 therese   (17 October 2012 1:12 PM)
is there any age limit to be a member of sss?

28 raffy l galicia   (17 October 2012 9:11 AM)
baguhan lng poh aq...kukuha po aq ng sss number ano p ung mga requirment at saan poh aq mkakuha nun n mlapit sa las piñas..

27 pappi brad   (27 September 2012 8:24 PM)
i really hate your employees especially the ones attending the main entrance and the one giving forms and priority numbers. so unprofessional and they dont even know their job description. i dont know why you hire such brainless people!!!

26 lester   (27 September 2012 2:46 PM)
how much do I pay to get an SSS E-1 form?

25 ivy   (26 September 2012 5:52 PM)
do we need to submit all the requirements stated, or just some specific number?

24 loriebeth malarayap   (20 September 2012 11:42 AM)
gud day!just wanna ask how can i get another copy of my E-1 since i lost it.i need it for my pre employment..pls email me asap.thank you!

23 melinda pamintuan   (14 September 2012 11:31 AM)
gud day!just wanna ask how can i get another copy of my E-1 since i lost it.i need it for my pre employment..pls email me asap.thank you!

22 Chatrina   (08 September 2012 7:26 PM)
hello,Im chatriNA, an OFW in abu dhabi. Gusto ko sanang mag enquire kong paano maging miembro ng SSS di pa kasi ako makakauwi after two years pa gusto ko sanang habang nandito pa ako maka pag simula akong mag bayad.

pwede nio ba akong e advise kong asno ang pwede kong gawin or kong paano ako maka pag apply sa SSS.

21 Cherry Daluperi   (08 September 2012 1:05 PM)
Sir / Mam,

Ilang buwan po bago makuha ang SSS ID Card?

20 CHARLIE B. DE JUAN   (05 September 2012 2:38 AM)
gusto ko po sanang makuha ulit ang sss number ko kasi missing po... ang problema di ko na matandaan ang sss number ko...papano ko po ba.... mkuha sss number ko... kailangan ko po ba na mag register ulit.....?

19 Lorena L. Santos   (31 August 2012 3:30 PM)
Good day!! I would just like to ask some queries regarding my Uncle. He just received his lump sum May of this year because he was 60 yrs old last April 9, 2012. My uncle wanted to avail for a pensioner loan is he already qualified to avail such loan by this time?

My next question how much is the minimum contribution for a self employed person. Thank you and God bless...

18 edward   (29 August 2012 7:17 PM)
meron po ako e-1 pnu po ako mgkrun ng RS 5

17 Evaristo Turao 3rd   (16 August 2012 9:35 PM)
nwala po e1 q hndi q na alam sss# q at gusto q sanang ilapat s RS-5..panu po b un?

16 jonalyn castillo   (14 August 2012 8:59 PM)
i lost my sss e-1 and i forgot my sss #..what will i do?

15 Fhengot   (03 August 2012 9:01 AM)
ano po requirents para makakuha ng sss no?

14 Gemma hervas   (23 July 2012 10:17 PM)
Ask ko Lang ano Gagawin ko kasi mayron akong SSS Pero ung bago kong employer ngayon Ay nalalaman ko na Di Nya pala Ito binabayaran.pwedi ko pa ba ipagpatuloy ung membership ko sa SSS ko
? Malaki na kasi ung nahuhulog ko dati kasi sa factory ako nagtatrabaho.

12 Nena L.Macapanas   (16 July 2012 7:44 AM)
How can l get an online mail address to the SOCIAL SECURITY SYSTEM to check an online loan status

13 admin   (16 July 2012 10:30 AM)
Nena, one way of getting an online mail address (or what we called email address) is to go to Yahoo Mail (this is the link: https://login.yahoo.com/config/login_verify2?.intl=ph&.src=ym) and create an account.

11 alm   (12 July 2012 4:10 PM)
how to apply for changing status,,,and what are the requirements?

10 emilyn morada   (29 June 2012 10:12 AM)
what is RECEIPT NO./OTC: to be filled on sss member online registration?

9 Roxanne   (24 June 2012 2:52 PM)
May I ask what is the age requirement in order to register at SSS? thanks

8 Emelyn   (28 May 2012 1:00 AM)
I lost my E1 and I need to pass it in my new work.What will I do?

7 eva   (12 May 2012 9:37 PM)
I am already registered in SSS but I lost it,how can I get another form E1?.I really need it in applying a job.

6 Chariyn S. Severo   (18 March 2012 2:56 AM)
im here in ksa..i really want to be a member,can i apply online?pls tell me d steps on how to apply online thanks

5 Kevin M   (11 March 2012 3:17 AM)
Keithryn - Give me a call or send me a text message so I have your new phone number. Thanks.

4 aileen   (29 February 2012 10:50 AM)
will it be possible to apply as a member online??

3 Erna   (20 February 2012 9:29 PM)
Will it be possible to download any E-1 form. i am working abroad and i want to apply for SSS.


2 Keithryn Casipong   (04 January 2012 11:12 PM)
Can you please help me to give information regarding application for SSS Membership. I am currently working in Bahrain as an Administrative Assistant.

Is possible for me to apply online?if Yes, please give me the steps..


1 Phoebe   (26 August 2011 6:17 PM)
I am currently in Las Pinas and i my residential address is n Quezon City, can i still get E-1 form validated in SSS office here in Las Pinas?