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How to Register in SSS (Social Security System)

Here's a brief procedure on how to be a member in SSS (Social Security System) Philippines. As long as you secure all the needed requirements, it is very easy to register in SSS. Just be patient with the long line (falling in line system) due to many SSS applicants and members everyday inside an SSS Office/building.

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Steps in SSS Membership Registration

1. You should get an E-1 form in the SSS office. Just ask someone in the office where you can get an E-1 form and fill it out. Here's a sample of an E-1 form below:

Social Security System SSS E1 Form
(Picture Snapshot) SSS E-1 form

2. Submit this E-1 form in two (2) copies. 

3. Also submit the original copy and photocopy of the following documents (requirements):
Primary Documents
Other Required Documents
  • For reporting spouse - Marriage Contract
  • For reporting child
    • If legitimate:
      • Birth or Baptismal Certificate
    • If illegitimate:
      • Birth or Baptismal Certificate or in its absence,
      • Proof of Parentage or Relationship
    • If legally adopted:
      • Decree of Adoption
In the absence of any of the primary documents, submit any two of the following where the name and date of birth of the registrant appear:

Secondary Documents
  • Record of Employment/Employer ID
  • GSIS Member's Record
  • Certification form National Archives
  • Alien Certificate of Registration
  • School/Voter's Identification Card
  • Driver's License
  • Marriage Contract
  • Birth Certificate of children
  • Joint Affidavit of two disinterested persons attesting to the correct name and date of birth of the applicant.
4. If the above-stated documents (requirements) are not available at the time of registration, comply immediately by submitting to the nearest SSS office to facilitate availment of benefits and privileges.


1. Issuance of SS number does not automatically qualify you for coverage. You must first be engaged in an occupation subject to SSS coverage.

2. An SS number is a lifetime number. No one should have more than one SSS number.
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162 Kenneth monteverde   (23 June 2016 8:46 AM)
pano po Mag fill up ng SSS E1 form s online

161 jaime pacia serrano   (18 June 2016 10:34 AM)
Paano po ba makakuha ng sss number

160 jeffrey biene pasquin   (02 June 2016 9:34 PM)
applying for sss number

159 weng   (11 March 2016 0:11 AM)

Can a 74 year old person apply for an sss id number? And pay contribution voluntarily?

Thank you

158 vergie lupiag   (14 January 2016 10:11 AM)
hi ma'am. Goodnoon. is the LCR acceptable ?

157 Magdalena Gruz Condangan   (08 December 2015 10:39 PM)
I would like to avail an sss membership...but the problem is i am here in Bahrain... what do i do? is it possible to fill up them thru this online services? thanks

156 jocelynsimbillo   (10 November 2015 8:20 AM)
how to register sss e1 form ?

155 CIARA MARIZ V.AMON   (29 September 2015 4:51 PM)
How to apply E1 form

154 Ronessa L. Rondilla   (22 July 2015 7:35 AM)
good morning po i want to apply sss

153 Denah Cobacha   (18 July 2015 3:20 PM)
I want too apply at SSS

152 Denah Cobacha   (18 July 2015 3:18 PM)
I want to apply SSS

151 ann   (10 July 2015 1:26 PM)
hello. i just wanna ask if it's okay to use an School I.D as valid I.D.

150 daedana van s.paragas   (08 July 2015 9:55 PM)
hello goodevening, paano po ako makakakuha ng umidcard? may sss number na po ako pero hindi lng ako nkabayad ng 3years, ano po dapat kung gawin?
tapos anu po yung mga requirements ng isang kasambahay pag yung po ang source of income ko?? nag aalaga pokasi ako ng mga bata

149 norman dalaquit pura   (15 June 2015 1:23 PM)
I have an existing SSS number but unfortunately I lost my SSS ID
can you help me to have that number again. I would like continue paying for my account but how to pay it here in abroad?

148 SANO LESTER JHON F.   (09 June 2015 9:32 AM)
for local employment

147 Roneil Alvarina   (04 July 2014 7:58 PM)
i have a diffrnt concern. i already applied SSS and got my # way back in 2008. and i already forgot it. can i still have my ss number back? what's the best thing to do? i hope you could help me. please send me a reply in my account; campanero.roneil@yahoo.com

God Bless!

146 jasmin99   (17 June 2014 0:47 AM)

145 fernan h. mantele   (16 June 2014 8:01 PM)
how can i have new sss i.d.

144 Olga Flores   (24 May 2014 2:28 PM)
How to apply or register online?
Thank you...

143 Victoria pepito   (05 May 2014 1:58 PM)
can I check my SSS number

142 ian   (20 April 2014 6:57 PM)
Hello. I'd like to ask about getting an SSS number for employment purposes though. Thanks!

141 mariella   (20 April 2014 8:38 AM)
i am 14 years old, i want to have an advance sss number ,,, is it possible for me to it at my age right now? pls let me know,,, thank you and i am looking forward to hear you soon..

140 joshua Rey De Leon   (12 April 2014 1:44 PM)
Marriage contract are accepted in the secondary document

139 patricia felizco   (04 April 2014 5:00 PM)
what's the next step after doing all this?

138 mariel   (03 April 2014 12:00 PM)

I just want to ask if there's an age limit on applying as SSS member.

I want my parents to be a member but they are already above 50's.

Can they be a member?


137 Merilou Guilo   (15 March 2014 9:58 AM)
Good morning! I already have an SS number and i registered my name with one incorrect letter, it is Merilou Lonsagay Guilo instead of Merilou Lonzagay Guilo. What should i do with it or the process should i take on? My SS number is 0426912196.

Thank you and God Bless!

136 rhoda lagno   (07 March 2014 10:01 PM)
i want to register online but how can i get the from .thnks a lot

135 Jowe-ann   (06 March 2014 11:10 AM)
Hi I just want to ask if you need to register as member of SSS, you should go to the SSS office personally or is it okay if you have proxy? I mean, I want to register to SSS and I don't have much time to go to SSS for forms and everything but I can ask someone to do it for me. Is it possible? Or I just download a form thru internet and then fill this out then I will go to your office by myself and proceed to the procedure of registration there?

Please let me know what the best thing to do.

Thank you.

134 cuteako47   (29 January 2014 4:33 PM)
hi..i want to continue my voluntary contribution..its just that i lost my card..and my last name also changed because I was annuled with my first husband and now i'm married to a japanese..what should I do to continue my voluntary contribution even though i live here in Japan..I think I can pay every month thru my metrobank online banking..I'll wait for ur advice..thank you..

133 Marvin Canalija Gonzales   (20 January 2014 1:25 PM)
hi! i'm Mr. Marvin Canalija Gonzales, 32 year old. i remember, i was able to register SSS when i was still on my first high school year. do i still have a chance to re-activate my old membership or do i'll just have to apply as new member? thank you and more power!

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