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Total Population of the Philippines 2016
Philippines is a sovereign state in Southeast Asia in the western Pacific Ocean. It ranks in the top 20 most populated countries in the world.

We based our figures below according to the estimate of the Commission on Population (POPCOM) of the Philippines and the Central Intelligence Agency(CIA), a US Government agency responsible for providing national security intelligence to senior US policymakers.

We must also be aware of the total number of unregistered children/people in the Philippines (especially those who are living on the very remote areas in the Philippines). Therefore, the estimated figure might be lower than the real total number of population of the Philippines.


According to the Commission on Population (POPCOM) of the Philippines, the estimated total population of the Philippines as of January 13, 2016 is 102,467,483.

Total Population of the Philippines 2016


According to the Commission on Population (POPCOM) of the Philippines, the estimated total population of the Philippines as of January 1, 2015 is 100,730,309. It still ranks as the 12th most populated countries in the world.

Total Population of Philippines 2015


According to the Commission on Population (POPCOM) of the Philippines, the estimated total population of the Philippines this year 2014 (January 2) is 98,909,981. It still ranks as the 12th most populated countries in the world.

Total Population of Philippines 2014


Likewise, the total estimated population of the Philippines in year 2013 according to the CIA is about 105,720,644 (July 2013 estimate).

It ranked as the 12th most populated country in the world.

Total Population of the Philippines 2013


According to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the estimated total population of the Philippines in 2012 is about 103,775,002.

Total Population of the Philippines 2012

Almost 104 million people are living in the Philippines. Compared to the population of other countries, Philippines ranks as the 12th most populated country in the world and China as being the undisputed no. 1 most populated country.

Interesting Facts About the Philippine Population

Other demographical information provided by the CIA (based on 2012 estimate) are the following:
  • 34.6% of people in the Philippines is composed of 0 to 14 years old (17,999,279 male and 17,285,040 female)
  • 61.1% of people in the Philippines is composed of 15-64 years old (31,103,967 male and 31,097,203 female)
  • 4.3% are 65 years old and over (1,876,805 male and 2,471,644 female)
  • Population growth rate is 1.873% (2012 estimate), which makes the Philippines ranks as the 63rd country with highest population growth rate in the world.
  • Manila is the most populated city in the Philippines with 11.449 million people. Next is Davao City with 1.48 million people, Cebu City with 845,000 people and Zamboanga City with 827,000 people (based on 2009 estimated population)

Major Ethnic Groups in the Philippines

The population of the Philippines is mainly composed of ten major ethnic groups:
  1. Tagalog
  2. Cebuano
  3. Ilocano
  4. Bisaya
  5. Hiligaynon or Ilonggo
  6. Bikolano
  7. Waray
  8. Kapampangan
  9. Muslims (Moros)
  10. Lumad
According to CIA, Tagalog is the largest ethnic group which allocates 28.1% of the total population.

Projected Total Population of the Philippines (Year 2000 to 2040)

Number of Population
(Source: National Statistics Office (NSO-Philippines)

Summary of Projected Population by Sex and by Five-Calendar Year Interval, Philippines: Year 2000 - 2040:

Assumption 20002005 2010 201520202025  2030 20352040 
 Low Assumption         
 Both Sexes
 76,946,500 85,135,200 93,506,600 101,808,500 109,713,000 116,928,700 123,226,000 128,465,300 132,536,300
 38,748,50042,823,200 47,004,600 51,141,400 55,064,200 58,645,400 61,779,600 64,397,300 66,447,300
 38,198,00042,312,000  46,502,00050,667,100  54,648,800 58,283,300 61,446,400 64,068,000 66,089,000
 Medium Assumption         
 Both Sexes
 76,946,500 85,261,000 94,013,200 102,965,300 111,784,600 120,224,500 128,110,000 135,301,100 141,669,900
 38,748,500 42,887,300 47,263,600 51,733,400 56,123,600 60,311,700 64,203,600 67,741,300 70,871,100
 38,198,000 42,373,700 46,749,600 51,231,900 55,661,000 59,912,800 63,906,400 67,559,800 70,798,800
 High Assumption         
 Both Sexes
Source: National Statistics Office / 2000 Census-based Population Projection in collaboration with the Inter-Agency Working Group on Population Projections

  • cia.gov
  • popcom.gov.ph
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How about gender and population of gender not estimated but exact

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We highly appreciate if you could furnish us the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches your latest research information or news letter. Thanks and more power.

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165 Elnar Noemi   (27-August-2014 1:29 AM)
as per se, population itself around the world might decrease or increase, as for us in Philippines, the situation is more like that, decreasing because there's some Filipinos who died or prefer to live abroad, I mean live in another country, increasing because, most Filipinos, who doesn't have job they don't do anything just doesn't care about what so called family planning, what's all in their mind, the more the merrier in their family household, but what will happen to this children, if you are in poverty, you have to think million times, if you will add another child to feed, another human being who will suffer of poverty. yeah, I'm talking to my experience... and thank God at least we can have sumthing now on our table. I hope government will give more attention on family planning projects... If you already have, two or three children, that's it. Just my opinion and suggestion, thank you.

164 Miguel Esmeralda   (27-July-2014 11:18 PM)
100 miilion??? c'mon Philippines you can do better than that... you have lots and lots of rooms for expansion...you can't slow down now... you're getting closer to becoming the most populous country in the WORLD and that's really something to be proud of... who cares about poverty... it's GOD's blessing!!!

163 emil   (03-June-2014 10:13 PM)
it so very many people in philipines

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order of the cities by population

161 ning singh   (01-April-2014 7:28 AM)
very good ,please name the cities by order of the numbers of the population

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Hello. May i ask some of you for those who know the answer kung bakit mas mataas ang population ng 2012 sa 2013 at bakit bumaba sa 2014? Please answer me -.- i need it for my report about this. Thank you.

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It's quite scary to live there. If you catch disease. You have no money to get accepted in the Hospital. Your doomed ! People living near the poverty line continues to increase the members of their families. The future of their kids is very bleak. The next generation will pay a heavy price from what their ancestors started decades before. They suffer today. Then their next generation will suffer for the same consequences. They are so desperate. Even our rich Government leaders has done only quite a bit to assist poverty stricken families.

155 amy   (27-January-2014 12:07 PM)
is not alarming???!!!

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The count continues to increase. It doesn't decrease how about the deads?

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Does the increase of population affects the success of Philippine economy? I think so!

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145 Marby Min   (13-September-2013 6:43 PM)
This is just an estimated population for the year of 2013. The current population in the Philippines as of 09-13-2013 is 98 835 973. Am I right? :)

144 loida de la pena   (09-September-2013 8:21 AM)
Hi! I'm trying to look for the number of minimum wage earners in the Philippines via google but couldn't find it. Hope you have that info, also if you have the number of billionaires, millionaires and salaried work force (middle class). Thanks a lot!

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what s da total populationof the philippines as of september 6 2013.

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