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Total Population of the Philippines 2013
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Last year (2012), the total population of the Philippines reached to about 103,775,002 according to the estimate of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), a US Government agency responsible for providing national security intelligence to senior US policymakers. If we convert it to millions, that is about 104 million people living in the Philippines.

The updated article about the latest population of the Philippines is posted at the "Total Population of the Philippines" article.

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5 pao • 6:59 PM, 19-June-2013
marami kasing tinedter ang maagang nabubuntis
4 vicky • 8:05 PM, 19-February-2013
pataasng pataas
3 ANGEL • 9:07 PM, 23-January-2013
2 admin • 9:08 AM, 22-January-2013
sixto rosales, CIA has not yet publish the Latest Total Population of the Philippines this year 2013. As soon as they issue the data, we will post it above.
1 marietta • 7:07 PM, 07-January-2013
not good

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