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Lost Land Title in the Philippines: How to File Replacement?

What happens when one loses their copy of land title or it gets destroyed by fire, floods or other calamities? Where does one begin?

There are two copies of title. One is the Owner's copy. And the other one is the title filed at the Register of Deeds.

Lost Land Title in Philippines

If you lose your copy or the owner's copy, you can file a replacement. You have to go through a judicial process. For judicial proceedings, you need to have a lawyer who will represent you in court to prepare the petition because there will be court hearings. The judicial process normally takes six to nine months to complete.

If you lose the title filed at the Register of Deeds, you have two options: Administrative or Judicial.

In the Administrative Proceedings, it is the Land Registration Authority (LRA) who will issue an order to the Register of Deeds to issue a new title. This is much shorter. You don't have to go to court. 

How would you know if you can apply for Administrative or Judicial Proceedings if the copy of the title at the Register of Deeds gets destroyed? Republic Act 6732 or the Administrative Reconstitution Act tells us how. You can apply for Administrative Proceedings if at least ten percent (10%) of the total number of titles or the number of titles is not less than 500 which are lost or damaged. Otherwise, you have to go through judicial.
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7 Mariano Abella Jr.   (27 July 2017 10:16 AM)
My deceased fathers land title got lost because of time. I was able to obtain a True Copy of my fathers land title title from our local Register of Deeds here in Davao City. How do I obtain an ORIGINAL copy? Thank you.

6 JOYCE MARZAN   (05 November 2016 2:33 PM)
how can i replace my original title that has been misplace my relative been doing the process spend over 70k pesos until now no responsed the its been 1 yr already what should i do

5 Rodante Villar   (05 November 2016 6:01 AM)
Ang akin pong tiyahin at ang kanyang asawa ay nagsangla ng kanilang lote sa Mandaluyong City. Nang matapos na po ang takdang panahon para tubusin nila ito sa kanilang pinagsanglaan ay sinabi sa kanila ng taong kanilang pinagsanglaan na nasunog ang titulo ng lupa nilang isinangla kaya hindi nila ito matubos hanggang ngayon. Ano po kaya ang dapat nilang gawin?

4 Gie Calasahan   (04 November 2016 5:11 PM)
I have a reproduced copy of title that was misplaced...is this considered administrative?
Thank you.

3 Merts LLanes   (01 November 2016 5:27 PM)
Dear sir/madam,

The original copy of the title that we purchased was loss in the course of transferring the land tile to our name with our agent. What do we do to transfer the title to our names without the copy of original title. Request the procedures and requirement needed.

Thank you.

2 Lin   (17 October 2016 12:16 PM)
I misplaced my original title for my property in manila. I have a certified true copy. How do I go about getting an original? how much does it cost? how long does it take? Thank you

1 KARY L. BALAGOSA   (19 April 2015 8:09 AM)
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