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How to Transfer a Land Title from a Deceased Parent in Philippines?

If your parents (mother and father) are already dead or deceased, you can still transfer their property or land title to your name. This is applicable to citizens in the Philippines. Here's a simple and basic steps in transferring a land title from a deceased parent to his/her children.

Transfer Land Title from Deceased Parents in Philippines

1.) The children or child of the deceased parents needs to execute a Deed of Extra-judicial Settlement of the Estate from a lawyer.

All the children should enter in an agreement on how to distribute or dispose the properties (e.g. land).

2.) Publish the Deed of Extra-judicial Settlement of Estate in a newspaper of general circulation in the City and Province once a week for three consecutive weeks.

3.) Get the Affidavit and Certification of the Publication in the newspaper and bring these documents to the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR).

4.) Pay the Estate Tax in the BIR.

The BIR will issue a certificate that you should bring to the Land Registration Authority or in the Registry of Deeds in order to file a transfer of title.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • What if there are some siblings or children of the deceased parent who are not included in signatory agreement? All the children (you, your brothers and sisters) should sign the agreement. Even if some children are not interested to inherit the properties of the parent, they are obliged to make and sign a waiver. If they don't make a waiver, the extra-judicial settlement of estate will not be processed.
  • What if your brother or sister is already been dead and had a children? Do they have the right to inherit the property? Yes.
  • What if your brother or sister doesn't cooperate with you in signing the agreement? You should go to the court and let the court call the attention of those who doesn't cooperate with you and let the court decide on how to distribute or dispose the properties according to the law.

Are you having a problem in transferring your parents' land title to your name?
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11 Bell   (27 August 2016 1:59 AM)
Thank you for these important kind of information. ..I might need it in the future.

10 june lambert   (26 August 2016 5:34 PM)
the 3 cousins of mine went to our house and confiscate the title of one parcel of rice field which my mother inherit from my grandparents, all my aunties and uncles got their shares and died, by the way my mother is the youngest from the 8 siblings and before she dies things happened.How can we get the share of my mother?????

9 emmanuel bigcas ladao   (26 August 2016 5:28 PM)
I am the daughter of my father on his first marriage,He bought a property with only his name as the owner,but it was bought when he was living in with my stepmother/and my 3stepbrothers...what is my real status on being an heir to that property? Seems like my stepbrothers are trying to disregard me nowadays...they don't want me to get involved with the property..they are only telling me so many lies...may I know how can I have any assistance regarding this matters? Thanks and Godbless

8 Ferfidia C. Viray   (26 August 2016 4:34 PM)
My mother is paying the real estate tax on their property and most of her siblings has sold their share. Though my mother may have or not have paid their share in full since they don't know the sharing of their property, can my mother has the right to transfer the property in her name? How do you compute the estate tax? Is this the only thing she needs to pay?

7 Sheila Reyes Garcia   (25 August 2016 9:01 AM)
Hello!!i just want to ask if its possible that the land of my dad will be transfer to my name with the consent of my 3 siblings?As my priority is to renovate our property and it will be easy for the bank to loan a reconstraction loan,Im worried that our house will collapse in the near future.And im worried about the generations of my family.Is it possible?what will be the steps im going to do?

6 Jobi andolini   (24 August 2016 8:26 AM)
The land owner (my dad) died on 1994.
My 2 siblings and i wasnt able to pay estate tax back then.
Now its already 2016
Cn we still process the transfer?
Can we avail amnesty from the bir?
Hw about lately duterte govt plans to reduce estate tax from 20% to 6%?
Hope to hear from u soon

5 Eleanor de Leon   (23 August 2016 11:20 PM)
Can we have an idea on how many percent is the estate tax that is collected by the government? How is it computed Thank you.

4 CARLY MC ENTEE   (23 August 2016 11:06 PM)
We are now processing this land Problems. But we have to pay 450k to BIR. Is it possible to ask for a tax amnesty? Ist such a burden to the Heirs to still be paying for this big amount from BIR. We dont have this amount to start with. We cannot move on with the next steps.

3 Jocelyn Z. Yanilla   (23 August 2016 12:31 PM)
Question: What should we do because the land title of the lot of our parents who are all dead was washed away during the typhoon Sendong. Please advise. Thank you.

2 Robaina D. Kansi   (23 August 2016 8:22 AM)
My father died 2001 and have acquired properties prior to separation with my mother. How will we process the distribution of the land which was left by my father without any will of testament. Hoping to hear from you soon. Thank you.

1 Edith Barana   (22 August 2016 7:58 PM)
Your articles are very informative. I would like to know if you have information about land reform? Or comprehensive agrarian reform? Thanks!