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How to Transfer a Land Title in the Philippines?

For many, the joys of acquiring a new property can easily be spoiled by the hassles of title transfer.

What does one do when the title of the property newly acquired is still under the previous owner's name?

Land Title Transfer in Philippines

How to transfer a land title in the Philippines?

So, basically there are five steps:

1.) Gather all requirements (documents)

You have to secure all the documents from the Register of Deeds, Municipal or Provincial Assessor Office, and BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue). What are these documents?
  • Certified copy of Title
  • Certified copy of Tax Declaration

2.) Assess and Pay Taxes

After gathering all the requirements, you have to secure the computation of the following taxes:
  • Capital Gain Taxes (from the BIR)
  • Documentary Stamp Taxes (from the BIR)
  • Transfer Tax (from the Municipal or Provincial Assessor's Office)
After you get the computation of the taxes, you have to pay it through the banks for Capital Gain Tax and Documentary Tax.

For the Transfer Tax, you have to pay it to the Municipal or Provincial Assessor.

3.) Process and Get the BIR Clearance

After payment of taxes, you have to go back to the BIR. You have to submit the documents (requirements) and file for the issuance of Certificate Authorizing Registration (CAR).

4.) Process the Transfer of Title

After you get the CAR from the BIR, you need to file or submit this to the Register of Deeds. You need to get the assessment of the registration fees. After that, you need to pay it. And then you have to wait until the transfer of title is processed. 

5.) Transfer of Tax Declaration

So after you get the title, you have to go back to the Municipal or Provincial Assessor to file for the application of the transfer of Tax Declaration.

The whole process normally takes around two to three months to complete. As you can see, these tasks are bit complicated. It's very tedious and time consuming.
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76 Iijima Myrna   (22 September 2017 1:27 AM)
i am living in japan for 32 years but my citizenship is still filipino how can i get ID in Philippines except my passport or alien card
when i came to cebu i find difficulty for submitting ID when buying tru credit card

a big help for me if i can have one

75 Vilma Araneta   (31 March 2017 6:52 AM)
I bought a piece of land in Pansol Calamba since last October i fully paid already the lot but the problem is the title i havent received yet...the name of the developer is Sr. Sto Nino de Jesus..and they told me the processing will be a year to release and they told me this after i fully paid the lot while buying it they never told us about the processing of the lot....

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74 christina patricio   (27 March 2017 12:57 PM)
hi maam/ sir what if your property not already transfer to your name, and the old owner is dead in last 3 years ago?

73 Antonette Desabayla   (25 March 2017 8:48 PM)
What is the process that I need to do if I'm letting my son use his fathers last name. He was already registered at our province since 2014 and he is using my last name. What are the requirements ? Me and the father is not yet married.

72 Jessie pascual   (24 March 2017 7:57 AM)
I have a title that is written in spanish how can i get a copy in English

71 George   (22 March 2017 12:23 PM)
How to transfer lost title of a dead person to son with 5 siblings?

70 Wilson G. Basong   (04 February 2017 10:18 AM)
How to correct a mispelled name and wrong type of gender in my birth certificate?

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69 Pie   (26 December 2016 1:58 PM)
About how much does it cost for the transfer of land title?

68 lou   (13 November 2016 6:09 AM)
I need help. I bought a land and fully paid 3 years ago, but until now the transfer of title is not given to me.

67 Rowena Bomediano   (12 November 2016 8:57 PM)
Gaano po ba katagal ang transfer of land title? Yung sa akin po kasi inabot na nang 3 years pero hanggang wala parin po ang title ko. Attorney nag aasikaso nung sa akin.
Normal pa bo ba na umabot nang ganyan katagal ang processing nang tito?

66 Adelito Navarrete   (06 November 2016 2:52 PM)
I am transferring our Lots to our three daughters thru " Deed of Donation ". Is this process still covered by Capital Gain Tax ?

65 David Tecson   (06 November 2016 2:03 AM)
Na isanla lupa namin sa isang tao sa petsa ng napag usapan hindi naka tupad ang magulang ko na bayaran ang pinaka sanlaan lumaki ang tubo ng halagang 50k, nung i verify namin ang titulo ng lupa namin, inilipat nila ang titulo sa pangalan ng napag sanlaan. Tanung ko po tama po ba na rematahin ang lupa na napag sanlaan at ilipat sa pangalan na napag sanlaan kahit na walang abiso.

64 Ladesma miguel   (05 November 2016 11:16 AM)
Where can i find the answer on comment section, my question is as the same asked by on that section

63 Rose vilma gonzaga   (05 November 2016 10:29 AM)
Hello po,
Itanong ko lang bakit subrang mahal mag pa titulo ng kahit maliit na lote po ,thank you please reply me

62 roxan daogas   (05 November 2016 6:57 AM)
I need to transfer my name the land that i bought pero yung may ari po is patay na,need daw kc perma niya di ko naman alam kung saan yung pamilya niya ngayon..

61 Nini Sangco   (05 November 2016 3:28 AM)
What happens if after 14 years the buyer still has not transferred the tiltle to his/her name. Does the previous property owner still have rights to it?

60 son222   (04 November 2016 11:01 PM)
Hello po gusto ko po sanang malaman kung may right po kamisa lupa na almost 40 years na naming tinitirahan. Ang kwento kasi ng tatay ko kung gaano kalaki
ang malinisan mo yon ay iyong pag-aari at biglang may lumitaw na ang sabi sila
daw ang may ari ng lupa at dahil hindi alam ng tatay ko ang tungkol sa karapatan
sa lupa kami pa ang bumili ng kalahati nito. Ngayon yong kalahati nito na
tinataniman namin ng gulay, puno at iba pang halaman gusto ulit nilang ibenta
sa iba dahil kailangan daw nila ng pera. Hindi po namin alam kung may hawak
silang titulo na patunay na sila nga ang may ari nito. Dahil dito na kami
namulat at lumaki kung maaari po sana ay ayaw naming ibigay na lang ng basta
basta ang lupa. May right po ba kaming ipaglaban ang lupa? Please help us,
Thank you.

59 Jojo Dionisio   (04 November 2016 6:15 PM)
I bought a land in san pablo Laguna with only a tax declaration. How can i have it titled in my name

58 Ella   (04 November 2016 6:01 PM)
Do I need an Absolute Deed Sale in Transferring the Title? Thanks

57 ge   (04 November 2016 3:59 PM)
For more comprehensive approach regarding transfers of ownership, please feel free to get in touch. Email: mail4gpq@yahoo.com.

56 renante canada   (04 November 2016 2:35 PM)
good day, our land title is in the name of my deceased lolo. my mother wanted me to transfer the title under my name.What would be the process to be done? Thank you

55 Butch Abella   (03 November 2016 12:31 PM)
Can a Land Title of our surviving Mother be transferred to her daughter as a Deed of Donation without any of us five surviving siblings signing any Extra Judicial document stating that we agree with the Deed of Donation?

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54 jane panes   (03 November 2016 9:36 AM)
Gusto ko po sana ipalipat sa aking pangalan ang titulo ng lupa mula sa yumao kong lolo? Subalit buhay pa po ang tatlong kapatid ng nanay ko.ano po ba ang dapat kong gawin?

53 jane panes   (03 November 2016 9:30 AM)
Gusto ko po sana malaman kung ang titulo ng yumao kong lolo kung pweede po ba maipatransfer sa pangalan ko? Dahil patay na po pareho ang mga magulang ko. subalit may tatlong kapatid pa ang nanay ko sa kasalukuyan .ano po ang dapat kong gawin?

52 Lawrence Drilon   (02 November 2016 9:12 PM)
Dear Sir / Madam,

Good day. Ask lang po ako. The lot are 1,000 square meter and land title own by my Sister. She sell to me a partial lot of 350 square meter. My problem is she loan in the the 650 square meter. What I will do get or transfer to my name the 350 square meter?.

Please advice.

Thank you

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51 elaine mendoza   (02 November 2016 1:58 PM)
tanong ko lang po kung papano po ba mag lagay pa ng isang pangalan sa titulo ng lupa. Sa ngayon ang titulo ay nasa name ng kapatid ko gusto po nyang ilagay ang name ng asawa nya . Paano po ba yun

50 virginia aquino   (28 August 2016 9:14 PM)
ask ko lang if yung title ay Mother TItle tapos po yung owner o lolo ko ay matagal ng patay..paano po mapapalipat ung title under my name..lahat po ng anak nya ay patay na except po sa isa pero german citizen po siya,ako po ay apo sa tuhod na... Sa akin po iniwan ng lola ko ung title...apat po kami magkakapatid...please reply po para malaman ko ang gagawin step by step...Maraming Salamat..

49 loucroix   (28 August 2016 7:14 AM)
My older brother manipulated my ill mother into signing a deed of sale and transferring her properties to him before she passed away. She also has some farm trees that he had taken over. My mother had always been fair to us and wanted to distribute her properties equally to all her children before she passed. This brother and his common law wife were both dope addicts and were homeless before they and their children moved into my mother's home and lived with her for three years before my mother passed away. I used to send money for my mother for her subsistence and medication which my brother and his wife use for their own and even used her money for medication which have caused my mother to pass away quickly. I am currently unemployed abroad and don't know what to do. Before my mom passed away in 2007, I even built a 5 door rental apartment in her property in 2006-2007 so her needs and medication were taken cared of. My brother had taken all the rental proceeds ever since without even taking into consideration that there are still four of his siblings that
should benefit from my mothers properties. What do I do and who should I consult about this? Thank you.

48 roby   (27 August 2016 1:37 PM)
Hello Po,

May tanung lang po ako. Una sa lahat nakabili po ako nang lupa sa province nang Butuan City. This transaction eh very hassle kasi po yung lupa na bili namin ai wala palang original tittle anyhow, kami pa ang nag process sa lahat nang papers from the mother of tittle kasi nong original na owner kasi ang nabilihan namin is anak na so yong papa nang papa nioya ai hindi pala nila gi hand over yong orignal nang mother of tittle so kami pa ang nag pa process sa lahat . Cut the story short now after couples of years kasi 2012 pa ito natapos lang at lumabas ang mother of tittle is this year 2016 na after all the long process. Ang nang yari po ngayun lumabas na ang mother of tittle complete na nalahat however, po pinabalik nanaman ang papers sa BIR to get the clearance pero ang problema kasi till now how many months na sa kanila yung papers hindi parin lumabas kasi ang rasons is may new protocols daw ngayun na naka hold nang papers namin to go back sa ROD. Ewan ko bakit ganito ang storya eh completo naman lahat requirements?
Salamat po hope to hear from you son.

47 Romezeus g. Atienza   (23 August 2016 12:49 PM)
What about properties, only tax declaration for titling

46 Rey Matanguihan   (22 August 2016 8:45 AM)
Hello. I made full payment to the developer and got a TCT with my name as the owner and an official receipt indicating a transfer taxas the nature of collection with my name as payor. Is the transfer process complete already or do I still have to do something? Somebody recently that all TCTs should be "annotated". I've been paying for the real property tax for many years, all of them indicating my name as owner

45 Winnie thurston   (13 August 2016 1:25 PM)
I need to transfer the land that I just bought

44 neil   (18 May 2016 3:10 PM)
some lands in our community were sold to the city government and converted into city subdivision . these lands were awarded by the governments to the residents in the area but don't have a transfer of title.

how to acquire land title, awarded by the government ?a transfer of title is needed

thanks a lot ..!!

43 Badz bancoro   (20 April 2016 4:08 PM)
The declaration of the lot is in our name.(me and my brother) what are the steps and documents needed to acquire a title?

42 ryanne   (21 January 2016 7:24 AM)
seems easy but this is not

41 Marianne   (05 December 2015 3:40 PM)
What is the OMEGA PLAN TITLE of Quezon City? Why is it there was a jeopardy of land titiles registered on year 2011?

40 Mrs, Marichu.taylor   (04 December 2015 4:18 PM)
Just I want to ask how to transfer my two lots in alfonso cavite but still both in the mother title? How much cost each lot? Pls email me your answer.. Thank you... Mrs, Marichu.taylor

39 bosswhiteman   (11 November 2015 11:13 AM)
This is Philippine Government, so expect the bullshit things will happen.

38 teresita leonardo   (29 September 2015 4:44 PM)
hi ! i wonder is almost 5 months now and almost 3 months mytitle is not done for my land i spend a lots of money keeping waiting the realeease of mt DAR And BIR .i already given 2k just to sign from BIR under the table and my cousin keeping telling me wait for DAR text .my cousin always going to Lucena for DAr.

37 beth   (11 September 2015 8:38 AM)
I bought a part of a land and transferred it in my name but the processing was a dismay. from the date I lodge my papers at ROD its been a year now. every time I make a follow up the ROD its always in the encoding process. My question is how long will it takes the encoding section to complete the process.

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36 perlita   (08 September 2015 3:53 AM)
if i buy land cost 250,000 pesos how much tax do i need to pay?

35 Sonia Basco   (03 September 2015 7:56 AM)
Quick question here. A property and land title has been under my parents. They let my uncle stayed in that property and paid the property tax. Will there be any problem and does my uncle have the right to claim the property under his name?

34 PAUL SATIN   (29 August 2015 5:29 AM)
my developer submitted all the requirements for my land title application and that is almost 1 year now. how true the processing is only 90 days? pls. help me about this because i need my land title badly,, thanks..

33 april   (27 August 2015 3:39 PM)
transfer land title

32 Ryan   (25 August 2015 7:10 AM)
For questions on Title Transfer. Please send me an email, I will be glad to assist you and answer your concerns.

You can also check my facebook page "HBLR DOCUMENTATION SERVICES"


Ryan, HBLR Documentation Services

31 Edwin   (24 August 2015 8:29 PM)
Hi, I would like to ask how to tansfer at least 3 to 4 land titles which was still in the name of our parents who died: (mother) year 2008, (father) 2014?

30 Marita de Leon   (24 August 2015 11:13 AM)
What will happen to my property which is in my name when I pass away? I am a widow with 2 ault children and one minor. I don't want to transfer the title to them yet because I may need the document for other purposes such as getting visa, etc..

29 Magrabi2008   (24 August 2015 2:33 AM)
My husband has one hectare property and he has plan to sell it after knowing when his fixing the requirements to sell it that there was an attachment (someone filled civil case for collection small amount of money 200,000pesos] to us.my questions are can we able to transfer the title to the buyers even if there is attachment to the tax declaration,the title is clear in the registry of deeds if there is attachment in tax declaration can he transfer the title to the buyer.the property cost more or less 12 million pesos and the amount of the attach civil case is only 200,000 pesos,thank you for your future answer

28 Mary Jorjane O. Puig   (23 August 2015 11:30 PM)
I saw this post and I need to comment. The first step has an inaccurate list of documents. The documents will depend on what type of property you are buying. A certified copy of the Title and tax declaration are not the only documents you need... I also saw a comment regarding the deadline of payments for Cap. Gains Tax, Doc stamp tax and Transfer Tax. They DO NOT have the same deadline of 60 days. Please do not post information that you are not knowledgeable of, it will confuse the reader. If you buy from a real estate company, they will do this job for you. Transferring titles on your own is very tedious and frustrating. May I suggest you buy properties from a REALTOR. They will do this job for you and they are licensed to do all this documentations.

27 Jinky Jumantoc   (23 August 2015 9:08 PM)
I bought land in my province last 2010 but until now I still didn't transfer it to my name. Is there any possibility that the owner before might take the land back even though the title was already in my aunt's hand? If I will transfer that these days, how much do I spend for that matter? That land is not costly.I bought that sixty thousand peso 5 years ago.How much do I need to pay for the tax?

26 Lillian Gabudao   (23 August 2015 7:04 AM)
Is there a way to pay an estate tax without extra judicial settlement Pls answer my queries pls?

25 YOLANDA G. ESCANILLA   (23 August 2015 2:54 AM)
how to file a land tille of my mother i asking only because my mother is die for 7 yrs now

24 Dewanie V.Batan   (22 August 2015 6:03 PM)
what if the land has a decree and the only documents that the owners have is only tax declaration?there is chance that the owner can process for land title? thanks

23 maj   (22 August 2015 5:24 PM)
Procedures in transferring land title

22 Louie   (22 August 2015 5:08 PM)
Last 2010 I bought a land from our neighbor the problem is the land that she sold for us was from the lahar donation land. And we got only certificate from her. My question is how can we legalise so we can transfer in our name and have a land of title under our name. And how much would it cost??

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21 Feliciano M Bautista   (22 August 2015 4:18 PM)
Very important to remember, all three - Capital Gains Tax, Documentary Stamps and Transfer Tax should be paid within 60 days from the date the Deed of Sale is notarized or else there will be penalties and interest.

20 Carmi P. Lorenzo   (22 August 2015 4:04 PM)
What about school lots that are not yet transferred to the achool or to DepEd? Thanks.

19 Angel Aguinaldo   (22 August 2015 5:35 AM)
I wish there are some ways to do it easily without hassles, going back and forth, etc. Thank you.

18 Tarcelita   (22 August 2015 1:42 AM)
What if we have a subdivided lot already from our father's property, but he is already dead. Do the processes changes.

17 Audrey Salazar   (22 August 2015 0:38 AM)
I don't think 2-3 months is the time frame.It is more than that.Register of Deeds can not give you exact time.I have filed our transfer of title end February I went to follow it up in July, still on process...

16 luzviminda lesigues   (22 August 2015 0:27 AM)
What if i lost the title of the previous owner. And also the deed of sale was lost. How could apply for a transfer of title?

15 wayne silverio   (21 August 2015 9:14 PM)
i just want to ask if who will pay the capital gain tax, it is the seller or the buyer?thanks

14 r maglonzo   (21 August 2015 8:01 PM)
what if the title has memorandum of encumbrances? is it really possible to transfer the title to someone who bought the lot/

13 Eric   (21 August 2015 7:44 PM)
Taxes are not always Capital Gains. If you are dealing with a developer that is regularly engaged in dealing real properties, it wouldn't be capital gains tax, but a creditable withholding tax (CWT). CGT or CWT should be for the account of the seller. If the buyer shoulder these taxes, then it should be added to the cost of purchase. As result, tax would become higher.

12 Geraleh Sampang   (21 August 2015 6:55 PM)
Thank you for the information, now we have an idea how we do it.. But I have question, like us we are OFW can ask one of our family to do the whole process... Hoping you can help us ... Thanks again!

11 Epifanio R. Gaya   (21 August 2015 6:17 PM)
I loss my title of my properties ,how can apply for a new one ,I have a photo copy of it.

10 nivera esponilla   (21 August 2015 3:08 PM)
how much (approximately) will i be spending for the whole process?

9 camilo p. quilapio   (21 August 2015 11:28 AM)
Nice site very easy to understand.

8 Sally Jorilla   (21 August 2015 9:10 AM)
good day..

What shall we do if the copy or record of the title is missing from the register of deeds but we have the original title. It was not yet transfered in my parents' since they bought it in 1980s'?

Please help us..

Thank you

7 Moises Dumindin   (20 August 2015 3:39 PM)
Can you please further explain the mechanics. Thank you.

6 Araceli Silva   (20 August 2015 3:00 PM)
very informative. Thanks for posting.

5 Mea A.   (20 August 2015 12:21 PM)
Hi. Thank you for posting this. I'm so lucky that my friend shared this on Facebook. Actually, this is my target next year, so I'm really glad to read this since I haven't started to research.

Anyway, do you have any idea how to compute the taxes? Or do you already have an article about this?

4 edwin wacan   (20 August 2015 10:23 AM)
what if the lot that i buy is subdivided,,then i want to transfer into my name,,what is the requirements and procedures..please reply me

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3 Edgar Y. Pallarco   (18 August 2015 12:02 PM)
Another requirement for the payment of capital gain tax to BIR and Transfer Tax to Provincial or City Treasurer is Certificate of No-improvement from Municipal, City or Provincial Asessor

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2 Edgar Y. Pallarco   (18 August 2015 11:51 AM)
Payment of Transfer Tax will be on Provincial or City Treasure's Office

1 kary balagosa   (16 April 2015 10:21 AM)