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How to Unblock the Blocked ATM Card in the Philippines

You might went to an ATM machine to withdraw money or inquire account balance. Sometimes, you may not be aware of the PIN codes (or PIN Number) you've entered on the ATM machine. One attempt, failed, Second attempt, failed. Then on the third try, failed again. You entered the wrong PIN and exceeded the maximum number of tries and you can no longer transact on the ATM. ATM card blocked/locked! Here are very simple options to unblock your blocked ATM card (be it a BDO atm card, BPI atm card, Metrobank atm card, Unionbank atm card, LandBank atm card, etc.) in the Philippines:
ATM Card blocked in ATM Machine

Option 1

To avoid the hassle of going to the bank, you can call the bank's customer service or hotline number.


Option 2

If you live near the bank or if you have the convenience of going to the bank, go to the bank. Ask for help to a bank officer in the Customer Care/Help section of the bank and request for unblocking your blocked ATM card. Don't forget to bring a valid id which the bank may require for identity verification purposes.

Option 3

You can wait after 24 hours (or 1 day) and your ATM card will be automatically unblocked.

Do you have any problem in getting help in unblocking your blocked ATM card?

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Aljelyn martinez   (16 April 2018 5:13 PM)
Hello po, nagchange pin ako sa landbank atm po nagkamali ako ng type tapos ngblocked na agad po...panno kaya yon

Ferdinand Matias   (14 April 2018 10:41 PM)
Im a metrobank atm cardholder. Im currently working as a seaman. My question is how can i unblock my atm card when im not here in the philippines. I leave my atm card to my brother for him that I will send money to my account. Thank you.

ADONES P VILLALON   (14 April 2018 1:09 PM)
Good day po. Magtatanong lang po ako kung automatically maunblocked ang bdo atm after 24 hours

admin   (14 April 2018 1:44 PM)
Yes Adones

mahmood ahmad   (18 February 2018 3:29 AM)
Plz .fund recor plz

Armando Tumala   (05 January 2018 1:02 PM)
Hi Sir/Maam,

I would like to ask if you can unblock my ATM card because I badly needed it today. AUB ATM number **** **** **** 2614. Thank you. God bless.

Warmest Regards,
Armando Tumala
0946 061 3638

Zandra M. Gonzales   (23 November 2017 6:52 AM)
How can i unblocked my landbank atm?

merwin   (18 November 2017 11:47 AM)
will my blocked atm card be automatically unblocked within 24 hrs?

Chai   (11 November 2017 6:55 PM)
My atm was blocked due to wrong pin number.

Alison opeña   (02 November 2017 10:14 AM)
Good day po. Magtatanong lang po ako kung automatically maunblocked ang bdo atm after 24 hours

Jonna   (24 October 2017 8:16 PM)
What if pagayaw ilabas ng machine iyon card?
Magwiwithdraw po sana ko tapos nagrequest walang cash na.lumabs tapos may lubas,
We cannot retain your card and so on...
Ano pa ba dapat kung gawin.
Saving account type po siya.

Annalyn Molina   (22 October 2017 6:00 AM)
Nanakaw po yung wallet ko kasama BDO ATM ko po.
Tapos napablock ko na po sya.
Tapos po may magandang loob na nagsauli nito.
Pwede pa po kaya maactivate ulit to or I need to get new card?please help to.
If pwede pa po maactivate paano po?

roselyn ayawon   (21 October 2017 9:55 AM)
Na block po yung atm card ko kahapon , ano pong dapat gawin po ? para ma unblocked salamat .

Roger G. Haboc Jr.   (19 October 2017 9:45 AM)
I am trying to activate my atm card but i accidentally failed to enter the PIN 3 times and it was blocked, will it be unblocked in 24 hours and can be activated after 24 hours too?..

Jolina mariz   (15 August 2017 7:01 PM)
How long will it take to unblock my card if I will go to the nearest bank office? Thank you.

Lorna Amarilo   (31 July 2017 10:39 PM)
Mam pwede ko ba sa dubai asekasohin ung block
Atm ko kabayan saving account
Kc nawala atm ko tas pinablock ko
Po din after we found the atm
Iwant to unblock can i do in dubai
Branck kc nasa dubai ako need ko ung pera po
Talaga may 16thousand po un

Rachel Faith Robles   (30 June 2017 6:19 PM)
na block po yung atm card ko ng friday. sabi nila within 24hours so makakawithdraw na po ba ako ng saturday? and then do i have to go sa bank or automatic na pong mag uunblock within 24 hours?

Melanie Cabahug Casinillo   (30 April 2017 5:54 PM)
Good evening po na block po kasi yung atm ko ask ko lang po kung after 24 hours ma a unblocked na siya agad? Thank you po

Jocelyn padilla   (10 April 2017 12:13 PM)
Good morning po. Magtatanong lang po ako tungkol sa atm ko.. Nablocked po kasi since last year. May deposit po ako na 10,000 .nasa dubai po kasi ako. Kaya po hindi ko po maayos. Ang sabi po kasi sa akin maayos ko lang po iyon kung ano mismo ang magpupunta sa branch ng bpi. Posible po ba na makuha ko po iyong deposit ko na 10,000 pagkaayos ko po ng atm ko. Thanks po. Sana po ay masagot nyo ang aking katanungan. Regards po sa company and best of luck.

LEMNLYDANE   (13 January 2017 2:59 PM)
What if I got my Metrobank ATM Card on a BDO ATM Machine and I accidentally press the wrong password? Can I use again my ATM or does it restores again?

Marvin Torres Robles   (24 December 2016 7:15 AM)
hi. pwede po magtanong. Kahapon kasi na block card ko dahil sa wroig PIN. Ano po dapat gawin kasi holiday po ngayon wala po office bank kahapon. Around 3pm na block possible po ba after 24hours ma active yong atm card ko.

Marvin Torres Robles   (24 December 2016 7:06 AM)
helo po
ask ku lang po sana! kahapon po kasi mga arround 3pm magwithdraw sana ako sa bank ng producer bank pero nagka problema po sa pag lagay ng password e.hangang sa ma block ang atm card anu po dapat gawin para ma active ulit ang atm card

Emz   (22 December 2016 8:05 PM)
Hi good evening! Can you unblocked debit card through calling to your hotlines? And what is the hotline numbers? Thank you

Jealmar   (17 December 2016 7:04 AM)
Hi! Good day! Ask ko lang kung ngayon na blocked yung ATM ko? Saturday Same time unblock ? or Monday ? Thanks. Kasi Saturday and Sunday no bank tama po ba? salamat

Austin   (29 November 2016 9:20 PM)
My atm was blocked just tonight, from the three options listed above, the third one is gonna be my only choice since its holiday tomorrow. Will it still be effective, or would my atm be available tomorrow after 24 hours? Thank you in advance.

jimmy   (06 November 2016 11:17 AM)
thank you is there no easy way because its a hassle its only available 7-5 in the afternoon

admin   (08 November 2016 4:11 PM)
jimmy, there's no other way or other easy way.

Dana   (18 September 2016 10:55 PM)
Can u unblock debit card through the hotline or call center??

Michael Erik Santos   (15 September 2016 4:30 PM)
Hi! Good day! Ask ko lang kung ngayon na blocked yung ATM ko? Saturday Same time unblock ? or Monday ? Thanks. Kasi Saturday and Sunday no bank tama po ba? salamat

Chay   (25 September 2015 1:35 PM)
I called in and asked the BPI representative to block my ATM cause I thought I lost my card! He successfully blocked it by asking me those verification questions. But I just found my card and now, I don't know what to do. Is there anyway that I can unblock my card? If I call in again, is it possible that a Rep can unblock it?