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How to Unblock the Blocked ATM Card in the Philippines

You might went to an ATM machine to withdraw money or inquire account balance. Sometimes, you may not be aware of the PIN codes (or PIN Number) you've entered on the ATM machine. One attempt, failed, Second attempt, failed. Then on the third try, failed again. You entered the wrong PIN and exceeded the maximum number of tries and you can no longer transact on the ATM. ATM card blocked/locked! Here are very simple options to unblock your blocked ATM card (be it a BDO atm card, BPI atm card, Metrobank atm card, Unionbank atm card, LandBank atm card, etc.) in the Philippines:
ATM Card blocked in ATM Machine

Option 1

To avoid the hassle of going to the bank, you can call the bank's customer service or hotline number.


Option 2

If you live near the bank or if you have the convenience of going to the bank, go to the bank. Ask for help to a bank officer in the Customer Care/Help section of the bank and request for unblocking your blocked ATM card. Don't forget to bring a valid id which the bank may require for identity verification purposes.

Option 3

You can wait after 24 hours (or 1 day) and your ATM card will be automatically unblocked.

Do you have any problem in getting help in unblocking your blocked ATM card?

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Jonas Macanip   (17 February 2020 8:28 PM) [Entry]

hi Admin,

na blocked po yung HDMF cash card ko po kasi naka three time attempts po ako na mali ang pin na napindut ko. Nakalimutan ko na rin pass ng ATM ko. ano pa dapat gawin?

Jonas Macanip

Rhea orzales   (26 December 2019 5:03 AM) [Entry]

Nablocked po yung security bank ATM card ko, pwede ko po ba ipa-unblock yun? Or kukuha akong bagong card? At makakapasok parin po ba dun yung sahod ko kahit blocked na ATM card ko?

Merajoy c gural   (29 November 2019 1:59 PM) [Entry]

Hello admin! What are the requirements or process in option 2? Thank you in advance

Reianne arguelles   (08 October 2019 9:56 AM) [Entry]

Hanggang 24 hrs din po ba pwedeng ma unblock ang rcbc?

jerico reyes   (28 July 2019 12:41 PM) [Entry]

pde po b over the counter pag blocked ang cashcard,nag try kc aq mag withdraw s pnb invalid transaction dw eh tama nman pin q,ayaw n khit s bdo,metrobank,land bank atm's ayaw n,

Donnn   (23 May 2019 6:14 PM) [Entry]

yung veterans bank ba po ba mag uunlock after 24 hours? Thank you.

Maria Emma B. Susi   (11 January 2019 7:21 PM) [Entry]

The bank Manager
Union Bank

Sir/ Madam:
The undersigned humbly requesting your good office to unblock my atm gsis ecard.It was accidentally blocked due to wrong pin l entered.
Hoping for your kind consideration and approval.

Very truly yours,

Menchie vargas   (09 January 2019 12:49 PM) [Entry]

Good day! Nag withdraw ako ng sa rcbc gamit ang aub card ko. Nang nag enter ako ng pin ok naman pero nung nag check na ako ng balance taz naghnap ng pin ulit 6 daw kailangan ei yung aub ko 4 lang ang pin . Nka 3times ako hanggang sa na block na. Ano gagawin ko?

Kenneth   (09 December 2018 9:58 PM) [Entry]

Hi, Ask ko lang po. What if na blocked ang ATM card nang dalawang beses okay lang yun? Please Help.

Rheabel ferrer   (08 December 2018 9:25 PM) [Entry]

Please pasagot agad naman po..

Rheabel ferrer   (08 December 2018 9:24 PM) [Entry]

Gud pm po..sabi po after 24hrs maunblock ang atm kung nawrongpin in 3x,..5pm nung friday,tapos binalikan ko kanina,.aroung 10pm,..bakit block parin po?..anong gagawin po?..kelangan ko na po kc makawithdraw,.sa pbcom atm po..

Ashley   (25 November 2018 8:51 AM) [Entry]

24 hours din po ba ang Metrobank hanggang sa ma unlock?

jonalyn rivera   (29 October 2018 5:32 PM) [Entry]

nablock po yung atm ko tapos nagrequest ako ng new pin.. magttransact po sana ako para kunin ang sahod ko block parin daw yung atm ko.. naka 2trials nanaman po ako.. may posibility po ba na mauunblock within 24hrs??
robinsons debit card po.. thank u

Ji   (10 October 2018 3:41 PM) [Entry]

Hi po, ask ko lang DBP bank kasi ung cash card ko galing pagibig. Nakalimutan ko po ung pin. Tapos ng attempt ako ng 2 beses around 2pm Pwede pa po ba kong mag try the next day ng hindi kakainin ung card ko ng machine? TIA

SERGIO ABARE JR   (30 September 2018 10:55 AM) [Entry]

Bkit kaya naging inactive/blocked ang Landbank Atm ng tiyo ko gamit nya to sa pagppension

Villy desor   (15 September 2018 12:01 PM) [Entry]

Na blocked po un landbank atm ko ng ftiday thru 3x wrong pin attempt..is it possible na ma unblock after 24hrs..kasi sarurday po

KAwwwa   (08 September 2018 1:46 PM) [Entry]

ang landbank ngayon parang kinakain na hndi bina-block. Tama ba admin?

valentin   (01 September 2018 8:29 AM) [Entry]

hello. paano po ma unlock ang akin pin sa land bank card and today is saturday i can't access them.

Gensan   (24 August 2018 1:31 PM) [Entry]

Sir pano naman kung DPB ung atm card ko, then wrong pin ako ng 8am tapos triny ko ng 3pm , e ayaw parin pero correct na ung pin ko , kng after 24 hours sir. is it 8am o 3pm na mauunblock the next day? Thanks

Gensan   (24 August 2018 1:28 PM) [Entry]

SIr, what if at 8am in today i entered wrong pin no.in my atm card, and i tried it again 1pm the same day.. My question if after 24 hours of being blocked, is it 8am or 1pm . ? HOpe for your immediate response

Elcie   (11 August 2018 5:11 PM) [Entry]

Hello po... My UMID card issued by landbank was blocked due to incorrect pin. Ma unblocked ba yon after 24 hours? Salamat sa sagot po... God bless.

Unicorn   (01 August 2018 2:12 AM) [Entry]

Good day po. Na blockpo ang landbamk atm debit card ko gawa ng 3x wrong pin. After 24 hours po ba sure na yun na maunblock sya at magagamit ulit? Nwninigurado lang po. Baka po kase biglang kainin ng machine ang card ko. Salamat po. God bless

einal   (23 July 2018 1:24 AM) [Entry]

I entered wrong pin in fund transfer during mobile banking and it says my card is locked!what will happen and what to do?

Meow   (21 July 2018 1:58 PM) [Entry]

Hi, I accidentally withdrew all my money. I was told to have remaining balance of 2000 or else it will be blocked. What will I do about this?

admin   (21 July 2018 3:52 PM) [Entry]

Meow, How many months does it have insufficient balance or zero balance?

Musa M.   (10 July 2018 3:57 PM) [Entry]

Thank you for your reply.

One thing though, I actually had this ATM card form my previous company. Though I've resigned already, I was still able to use the card as it is, until just a while ago because I forgot the exact PIN code combination of my card. Would I still be able to have my card unblocked in a nearest branch where I live?

What are your thoughts on this matter?

admin   (10 July 2018 4:51 PM) [Entry]

I don't know what type of ATM you're holding, whether it's Prepaid or Debit. Or if it's a commpany-issued ATM or personally-issued. If it's company-issued, you don't have the right to unblock the said ATM. If it's personally-issued, you need to replace your ATM card with a new Card if you truly forgot your ATM pin code. The Metrobank branch will not issue a new PIN code. It's a general rule for banks to replace a new ATM card for those who forgot their PIN code.

Although, you'll be given a new ATM card, your Account Number remains the same.

Musa M.   (10 July 2018 2:57 PM) [Entry]

Hello, good day affordableCebu.com!

I would just like to ask specifically, as per your Option 2, if is it possible for me to just go to any branch of Metrobank and ask assistance from them?

I hope you'd be able to answer my question here. Many thanks!

admin   (10 July 2018 3:25 PM) [Entry]

Hi Musa M., yes you can go to any Metrobank branch to unblock your ATM card.

If you want to withdraw money using your Metrobank ATM card in spite of being unblocked, just tell the Metrobank employee and he/she will assist you on that matter.

LIEZL   (10 July 2018 2:08 PM) [Entry]

hi po, how to unblocked my CASH CARD for Pag-ibig? naka 3 times attempt kasi ako ,,nakalimutan ko yong PIN ko,,Ano po kailngan gawin?

arlene   (03 July 2018 9:39 AM) [Entry]

good day. yung sa akin naman po ay, okay naman yung PIN ko, tapos bigla nalang sabing' ' YOUR ACCOUNT IS BLOCKED/INACTIVE,''. Always ko naman pos siyang ginamit. bakit po ganun?

chardnieiansohitado   (30 June 2018 5:37 PM) [Entry]

hi poh yung atm ko na block tapos my pera my sa loob maibabalik pa poh ba yung pera na nasa loob ng atm ko

admin   (30 June 2018 7:16 PM) [Entry]

Hi chard, the money in your ATM account is safe. You can still withdraw it over-the-counter. And your ATM account will automatically unblock itself after 24 hours. Tell us here if something goes wrong with your ATM account.

efferel   (28 June 2018 5:47 PM) [Entry]

Ilang digit of numbers po ba ang pincode ng landbank atm... Bpi is 4 metro is 6

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