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How to Unblock a Blocked LandBank ATM Card?

This scenario may apply to you. You might want to withdraw money in an ATM machine using your LandBank ATM Card. Then you insert your atm card in the ATM machine.

But you forgot your ATM PIN. You tried any ATM pins whatever came out to your mind. First PIN try, failed. Second PIN try, failed. And third PIN try, failed also.

Unblock a Blocked Landbank ATM Card

And now your LandBank ATM card is blocked from accessing your account. This is the most major reason why most LandBank ATM cards are blocked - incorrect ATM PIN entry.

So how can you unblock your blocked LandBank ATM card? You can follow any of these three options:

Option 1

If you have a phone and a load, you can avoid the hassle of going to the bank. You can just call LandBank's Customer Service Hotline:

  • Telephone: (02) 405-7000 - this is a 24/7 Customer Service Hotline No.

Other LandBank Contact Numbers:

  • (02) 551-2200
  • (02) 522-0000
  • (02) 450-7001

The customer service may ask some personal identification information. So, you might prepare your ID.

Option 2

If you're near to a LandBank branch, you can go to the bank. Ask for help to a bank officer in the Accounts section in the LandBank branch.

Request for unblocking your blocked atm card. Don't forget to bring your valid id (government-issued if possible or company id).

Option 3

The laziest option is this: just wait for 24-hours. Your blocked atm card will automatically be unblocked.

This instance is applicable only to atm cards which were blocked in the ATM machine and not to atm cards which you intentionally block by request due to atm card loss or thief.


If you badly need cash and your ATM card is blocked, you can still withdraw money over-the-counter in a Landbank branch.

Take note: You might think that you can withdraw in another ATM (machine) even if your ATM card is blocked or locked. It will not work. Your ATM card is still blocked even if you use a different ATM machine.

Tips in order to avoid forgetting your ATM PIN

  • It's better to memorize your ATM PIN related to your most memorable date (not birthdate)
  • Have a physical written copy of your ATM PIN in your house. Keep it in a very safe, private and secure place. In case you forgot your PIN, you have a backup copy.
  • You can also have virtual copy of your ATM PIN in a computer. But make sure it's located in a private and password-protected folder or program.

Do you have any other problem or concern with your LandBank ATM card?


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