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What To Do for Lost ATM Card in the Philippines?

No matter how careful you are in keeping your ATM card safe, there will be circumstances out of your control that your ATM card will be lost. If you are an ATM cardholder in the Philippines, here are very important things to do if you lost it or if your ATM card has been stolen.
Lost ATM Card in the Philippines
1. If your ATM card is stolen or lost, you must contact or call your Bank's customer service right away, report the incident and let the card be canceled.

Your bank's customer service representative will ask some personal information for identity verification. Information such as your address, birth date, the name of your mother/father will help the customer service identify you as the real owner of the ATM card.

Reporting your card to your bank's customer service will avoid unauthorized usage/access to the stolen or lost ATM card. If your ATM account contains more than a million of money, then you should immediately or urgently report it. Don't risk your money by delaying the report. The bank will cancel your ATM account by deactivating it and unauthorized access will be avoided.
2. Another option, is to go or report your lost/stolen ATM directly to your bank (branch of account). The bank will cancel your ATM account right away. Don't forget to bring your valid ID.
The bank will block your ATM account right away. Unauthorized access or withdrawals of your ATM account will be prevented. You will have to fill-out some documents for the report.
3. If you want an ATM card replacement, you can request it in your bank. You should comply first the requirements of the bank such as, Notarized Affidavit of Loss, Valid ID, and the replacement fee. Banks in the Philippines differ in replacement fees. The fee ranges from 100 to 200 pesos.
Some banks offer quick ATM card replacement. It means that you can receive your new ATM card on the same day you request for it. They have a machine that can produce and process your ATM card right away.

In other banks, you have to wait for 3 to 7 banking days before you can claim/receive your new ATM card.

Once you receive your new ATM card, make sure you to check the correctness of your name being printed or embossed in your ATM card.
Is your ATM card lost or stolen? Tell us how your ATM card has been lost or stolen in the comment below.

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Jumila Cabiles [Entry]

I just lost my Metrobank atm card yesterday, and i just noticed it now. Whay should i do? I dont know the account number.
Joyce Maniquiz [Entry]

Goodpm mam / sir:

What can i do my credit card is lost i dont know when because i didnt use it for how many many long... only now i discovered that... i dont know who' stolen, please help me to cancel my card oh so sad... thank you!... God bless please reply
Virginia G. Rivera [Entry]

My house was entered by thief just tonight & want to block my ATM account