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How to Get CEDULA in Any Part of the Philippines?

CEDULA, also known as Community Tax Certificate (CTC), is an add-on tax in a city or municipality where you live in.

It's required by government institutions, business establishments etc.

Here are very simple ways to get a CEDULA in your area, wherever you are in the Philippines.

How to Get CEDULA in any Part of the Philippines?

How to Get CEDULA in Any Part of the Philippines?

There are no requirements needed in getting a CEDULA or Community Tax Certificate.

You can get a CEDULA in 2 ways:
  1. The quickest way to get a CEDULA is to go to a Baranggay Office. If you do not know your Baranggay Office, just ask your neighbors or the people around your area.
  2. Or you can go to the City Hall or Municipal Hall and get a CEDULA. Just ask the people in the City Hall or Municipal where to get a CEDULA. They're very willing to assist you.

Sample Picture of a CEDULA or Community Tax Certificate

CEDULA Community Tax Certificate (CTC)
That's it. Simple as that. And don't forget to bring a payment worth Php100 or Php200 for the CEDULA.

The amount varies depending the city or municipality.

Do you have any problem with getting a CEDULA in your area? Please tell us in the comment below.

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