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How to Renew Motorcycle Registration in the Philippines?

Some of you might be worried how tedious or complicated it is to renew your motorcycle registration here in the Philippines.

You don't need to worry. I'll share with you the process in a very simple way and I'll also share some tips to make your motorcycle registration renewal less hassle as possible.

You will know that it's time to renew your motorcycle registration if the current month coincides to the last digit of your plate number. If the last digit of your plate number is 2, then, February is the month of your registration renewal. If it is 5, then, May is the month of your registration renewal. If it's 12, then, it's December.

Always remember that the last digit or the last two digits of your plate number corresponds to the month of your registration renewal.

Here's the process on how to renew your motorcycle registration:
Renew Motorcycle Registration in Philippines

Step 1

You need to prepare the following requirements before going to the Land Transportation Office (LTO).

Requirements for Renewing Your Motorcycle Registration:

  1. Bring the original copy and the photocopy of the OR (Official Receipt) of your motorcycle registration.
  2. Bring also an original copy and a photocopy of CR (Certificate or Registration) of your motorcycle.
  3. Get a TPL (Third Party Liability) Insurance from an insurance company. Most often, insurance companies have satellite office or agent office near the LTO office. But I recommend to get a cheapest cost of insurance like from the one offered by Cebuana Lhuillier. What I've noticed is that insurance company's satellite office or agent office near the LTO office offers an expensive cost of insurance with almost the same benefits with Cebuana Lhuillier or those who provide motorcycle insurance. So be wise upon choosing an insurance. You may refer here on how to get or apply a Motorcycle Insurance in Cebuana Lhuillier: "How to Apply a Motorcycle Insurance in Cebuana Lhuillier?"
  4. Smoke Emission Test result. You can get this from a certified smoke emission testing center.
  5. Stencil of the engine number and the chassis number of your motorcycle. You can do this yourself or with the help of the employee in the Smoke Emission center.

Pictures of the Documents (Requirements):

OR (Official Receipt) of a Motorcycle Registration
Official Receipt OR Motorcycle Registration LTO
CR (Certificate of Registration) of a Motorcycle
Certificate of Registration CR of a Motorcycle LTO
Motorcycle Insurance
Motorcycle Insurance Policy
Smoke Emission Test Certificate
Smoke Emission Test Certificate of a Motorcycle
Stencil of the Engine Number and Chassis Number
Stencil of Engine Number and Chassis Number

Step 2

After you have all the necessary requirements, you can now go to the LTO office and apply for renewal of motorcycle registration. Submit the requirements. Your application will be processed.

Step 3

Have your motorcycle inspected by an LTO officer (checking if all the important motorcycle parts are working such as headlight, tail light, brake light, signal lights, horn, front and rear brakes). Payment of the inspection is Php50 and to be paid to the Cashier. You will receive a receipt which you should present to the LTO inspector.
You can skip this Step 3 if you know the LTO officer (as a friend or relative). This Step 3 has not been implemented to some LTO offices such as in parts of Mindanao.

Step 4

Pay the fees (around 400 to 500 pesos) of the registration renewal. Sit down and wait for the processing of your application... You will receive your new Official Receipt (OR) at the Releasing Window.
The process usually takes around 30 minutes to an hour depending on the number of applicants/clients in the LTO office.


  • Renewal will only take 30 minutes if you have a friend/relative who work in the LTO office. The 20-minutes is just the emission test and the 10-minutes is the processing of your registration inside the LTO office.
  • Implement a GIVE-and-TAKE approach. If you prepare all the requirements and give them to a fixer, you don't have to wait for several hours. You can go home and just wait for the text of the fixer.

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Jane dow   (28 April 2018 1:10 PM)
Hello sir. Nakabili lsi ako ng motor. 2004 p last.na rehistro.mga magkano po kaya abutin pag nagparenew ako.

mylene tanghal   (13 April 2018 10:37 PM)
My motor vihicle expird i want to know about policy how to renew

TOYI AT OYNIN   (19 January 2018 12:37 PM)
Magkano late fee?

Doris Maderazo   (21 December 2017 8:59 PM)
Mga sir magkano po penalty 2007 pa daw po huling rehistro ng tricycle at open deed of sale.what papers needed from the previous owner,aside from the OR & CR

Lester   (16 August 2017 10:19 AM)
i salute you! idol, a very helpfull information. Thanks a lot and have a ride safe always.

Francis   (03 May 2017 7:33 PM)
Sir ask ko lang kung magkano ang penalty kung 2014 pa ung last registration ng motor ko?

jin   (01 February 2017 12:22 PM)
Good information, very helpful, Well detailed...thanks for this...

Earl   (20 January 2017 2:04 PM)
na rehistro po ng kinunan ko ng motor ang unit ko nong DEC. 2016. Ang last digit ng plate no. ko ay 2. kailangan ko po ba irehistro by FEB 2017 or DEC. 2017 or FEB 2018?? Temporary plate pa po gamit ko ngayon.

Gail   (08 December 2016 9:48 PM)
Ask ko lang kung possible ba magrenew ng hindi dala ung motorcycle?

rinaldo oliveros   (03 December 2016 6:30 PM)
how to change registration from private to public transport for motorcycle (tricycle) I already have franchise / toda line. appreciate much your response

joseph lihaylihay   (26 October 2016 1:59 PM)
gusto ko na po parehistro yung motor ..honda dash mags ..red ..paso na po rehistro nun last aug.2015 .nasa probinsya po sa pollilio island di nga po ma ibyahe kasi baka mahuli ng mga enforcer ..gusto ko na po mauwi ulet dito sa manila ..at tanong ko lng din po kung magkano ang penalty kapg late registered ...pwede ko po ba iparehistro dito sa las pinas ..kasi ala po ako alam na malapit na LTO branch band doon sa quezon ..salamat po nang marami

Kira   (11 October 2016 3:31 PM)
mahirap ba magpa renew kapag paso na ng 1 month? mga gaano kaya katagal bago matapos? thank you

AL YAP JR.   (06 October 2016 11:02 AM)
Hello Sir,

I would like to ask since I bought a motorcycle from a friend, I already have Deed of sale, how much would cost me to renew since the last registration was 2013, the time it was bought.
Please advise.



jhonrey apao   (17 August 2016 12:10 PM)
Tanong ko lang po paano ko po malalaman na malinis ang record nang isang sasakyan may balak po kasi akong bibili nang motorsiklo

admin   (18 August 2016 1:11 PM)
jhonrey, get the original Certificate of Registration (CR) and Official Receipt (OR) and take note if there's loan information written at the back of at the front of these documents. If you can get those documents clean and in original copy, you're safe.