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How to get on the for you page (FYP) of TikTok

How to get on the for you page (FYP) of TikTok
"Tiktok is one of the fastest-growing social media apps in the world. It has a current user status of 1 billion active users, which translates into a very active fanbase for anyone who can harness the power of TikTok or go viral on the app.
TikTok’s popularity increased with the lockdown, and with its increased popularity came one question, “How to get on the FYP of TikTok?” The Tiktok ‘For You’ page is the main page of personalized, curated content that TikTok users see when they log into the app.

Tiktok is a social media app available on Android and iOS for creating and sharing short videos between 15 and 60-seconds long on any subject.

It was first launched in 2016 as Douyin in China, then in 2017 in global markets as Musical.ly, rebranding as Tiktok. Since then, Tiktok has been downloaded over 2 billion times and has millions of active users, making it the ninth most used social media app globally.

Although it started as an app for Gen Z to lip-sync to their favorite songs, TikTok has since grown into a medium for users to share videos on different topics, ranging from comedy skits to business tips.
TikTok is the newest social media app, which makes it a great platform to grow a following, unlike the oversaturated markets of Facebook and Instagram, with its rigid algorithms.

The ‘For You’ page, more popularly known as the FYP, is the first page you land on when you open the Tik Tok app. It’s a personalized feed curated by the TikTok algorithm. The FYP might contain videos by content creators you do not follow, but the Tiktok algorithm predicts what you would like based on your interests and previous interactions.
For example, if you’ve searched about Food or left comments on food videos, you can expect to see more and more videos about food on your FYP. The aim of this is simple – the app wants to keep you on there longer, which means it has to interest you in staying longer.

Although it might look complicated and was originally shrouded in mystery, the Tiktok algorithm is pretty simple. According to a statement released by the Tiktok HQ, ‘The For You feed reflects preferences unique to each user.

The system recommends content by ranking videos based on a combination of factors – starting from interests you express as a new user and adjusting for things you indicate you’re not interested in, to – form your personalized ‘For You’ feed.” Going by that, this is how the For You page works.

The more users interact with your video – the more people like share, comment on or duet your video, the greater the possibility of the algorithm picking your video up. Another thing to note is the percentage of people that complete your video. The more users watch your video till the end, the likelier the algorithm would pick your video up.

Like every other social media platform, using popular hashtags, sounds, and captions is a way to get your video on the fyp of more people. If you use a trending hashtag or sound, your video has a greater chance of getting picked up by the algorithm and placed on more For You pages. TikTok’s goal is to keep more users on the app, and making trendy content is one way to play into the algorithm.

The settings you indicated when joining the app – your location, language preference, device all play a role in creating videos or pictures for your FYP. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot apply to a global audience as long as your content appeals to users.

There is no sure-fire way to succeed on Tiktok, and the algorithm is constantly changing and mutating. Your video won’t rank if your content doesn’t resonate with your audience. However, there are things you can do, tested and trusted ways, to improve your chances of getting on the TikTok For You page.

Using hashtags relevant to your content and trending boosts your chances of getting on the For You page. Some users believe that using hashtags like ‘#fyp’ would increase the video’s chance of ranking, but that is just a rumor that hasn’t been confirmed. Putting hashtags relevant to your content on your video makes sure that you attract users interested in your content, helping you build an audience.

Your video completion rate affects how your video ranks, so the more people finish your video, the more the algorithm would pick it up. Creating shorter videos plays into this section of the algorithm. The less time a user has to watch your video, the more likely it is that they would watch to the end and not swipe to the end.
Tiktok captions have a limit of 150 characters, including hashtags. This means that you get less chance to express yourself via that medium. The ideal TikTok caption should be short, have related hashtags, and encourage encouragement. You could also make your caption a question that users would have to answer in the comment section. Remember that comments are also a way to boost your video on the app.

Create High-Quality Videos: If your Tik Tok videos are low quality or grainy, it may be one of the reasons your videos aren’t getting enough interactions. Users wouldn’t want to watch low-definition, blurry and grainy videos. They would wipe away your video, which may signal to the algorithm that you aren’t making useful content, leading to you getting shadowbanned.
Users also like edited videos, so make sure to play around with filters, transitions, and stickers to make your video more interesting.

Engagement is critical in making it to TikTok’s FYP. You can get more engagement by posting when your audience is active, and you can discover this by changing your account to a Creator account.
However, you need a minimum of 100 followers to see data about your audience.
Add trending sounds and music to your videos; Using trending audio clips and audios, act the same way hashtags do – boosting your visibility on TikTok. You can add trending sounds by discovering what other TikTok users are using the most or checking the trending page.
Following the tips above would significantly increase your chances of getting onto the TikTok For You page. However, you should remember that using all the hashtags and sounds won’t help you get onto the fyp if you’re not creating relatable and shareable content for your audience." - https://www.affordablecebu.com/

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