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2012 International Mathematics Assessments for Schools (IMAS)
The Mathematics Trainers’ Guild (MTG), Philippines will be participating in the 2012 International Mathematics Assessments for Schools (IMAS), a world class correspondence Mathematics assessment test for Middle Primary (Grades 3 and 4) Upper Primary (Grades 5 and 6) Lower Junior Secondary (Grades 7 and 8) students to be held on November 17, 2012 in all MTG training centers in the country.

vThe Activity aims to:
  1. provide an achievement test in Mathematics and a Mathematics competition for students with good performance;
  2. develop a world class Mathematics assessment with international perspective measuring students’ performances in three (3) cognitive dimension – knowing, applying and reasoning at middle primary, upper junior primary, and junior secondary levels. and
  3. promote effective learning of Mathematics in both primary and secondary schools through a public recognized performance measuring platform.
The MTG Philippines will be giving twelve (12) free slots to each region, distributed as follow: four (4) slots for middle primary, four (4) slots for upper junior primary, and four (4) slots for junior secondary levels.

The target participants to this activity are elementary pupils and secondary students from both public and private schools nationwide. The list of participants may be sent through email address rjd182001@yahoo.com on or before October 31, 2012.

Participation of both public and private schools shall be subject to the no-disruption-of-classes policy as stipulated in DepEd Order No. 9, s. 2005 entitled Instituting Measures to Increase Engaged Time-on-Task and Ensuring Compliance Therewith.

For more information, interested groups may contact:
Simon L. Chua, D.T.
President, Mathematics Trainers’ Guild (MTG)
3rd Flr., Rm. 3A-B ZAMEVECO Bldg.
51-53 Pilar St., Zamboanga City
Website Address: www.mtgphil.org
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