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University of San Jose Recoletos (USJR) Courses Offered
Course Offerings of University of San Jose Recoletos (USJR)

University of San Jose-Recoletos (or USJR) courses are becoming more innovative. Curricular programs evolved. (Arts and Sciences Courses (started as liberal arts in 1947); Commerce and Education Courses (founded in 1948); Engineering (1961); Bachelor of Laws (1957); and the Graduate School(1962). In 2003, the College of Information, Computer and Communications Technology course was created.

University of San Jose-Recoletos (USJ-R) is committed to Quality Christian Community-Oriented Education in the Philippines.

The Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program (ETEEAP) followed in the same year. On April 1, 2004, the Vertical Alignment of the undergraduate and graduate schools took effect which established five graduate schools: Graduate School of Business and Management, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Graduate School of Information Technology and Computer Studies, Graduate School of Education and Graduate School of Engineering. In June 2004, the B. S. in Nursing started its first operation.


 - Value Integrated Subjects
 - Mainstreamed Christian-Community Orientation
 - Business-Industry Linkage
 - Regularly assessed subject contents by Alumni, Senior Students, Faculty, Administration and Industry Partners

DEGREE PROGRAMS (University of San Jose Courses Offerings)
  • College of Arts and Sciences 
    • Bachelor of Arts in:
       - English
       - LIACOM
       - Mass Communication
       - Philosophy
       - Political Science
    • Bachelor of Science in:
       - Biology
       - Library & Information Science
       - Psychology
  • College of Engineering
    • B.S. Electrical Engineering
    • B.S. Civil Engineering
    • B.S. Electronics & Communications Engineering
    • B.S. Environmental Engineering
    • B.S. Industrial Engineering
    • B.S. Mechanical Engineering
  • College of Information, Computer, Communications Technology
    • B.S. Computer Engineering
    • B.S. Computer Science
    • B.S. Information Technology
    • B.S. Information Management
    • B.S. Office Administration
    • Associate in Office Administration
    • Associate in Computer Technology
  • College of Law
    • Bachelor of Law
  • College of Nursing
    • B.S. Nursing
    • Associate in : Health Science Education
  • College of Commerce
    • Bachelor of Science in Commerce major in:
       - Finance
       - Business Administration
       - Entrepreneurship
       - Human Resource Development
       - Management
       - Management Accounting
       - Marketing
       - B.S. in Accountancy
       - B.S. in Hotel and Restaurant Management
       - B.S. Tourism
  • College of Education
    • Bachelor of Secondary Education major in:
       - English
       - Filipino
       - Mathematics
       - General Science
       - Biology
       - Bio-Chem
       - Home Economics
       - Physical Education
       - Computer Education
       - Values Education
    • Bachelor of Elementary Education areas of concentration:
       - Pre-School Education
       - English
       - Filipino
       - Mathematics
       - Science and Health
       - Home Economics
       - MAPE
       - Social Studies

University of San Jose Recoletos (USJR) is continuously developing their courses (curriculum programs) for what is best for the students in order for them to be more prepared in a changing and evolving real-life working environment. USJR Adelante!
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84 maria virginia j, kwong   (05-May-2015 7:41 AM)
have you offered online study for international study course? and what are the requirements?

83 Ray   (26-April-2015 3:39 PM)
How much ang tuition for the ETEEAP at ilang sem lahat?pakisend sa
Ko rayleops888@yahoo.com

82 ella babad   (10-April-2015 11:15 PM)
have you offered online study for international study course? and what are the requirements?

81 chenn   (07-April-2015 1:25 PM)
hello po.may u please send a copy of ur propectus in Master of Education Major in English? rychenn.acapulco@gmail.com
i am planning to take up my masteral degree in ur school

80 maria   (09-April-2014 1:06 PM)
how much is the tuition for the college of education and whrn is the last enrollment

79 jaclyn faith lapas   (30-March-2014 5:37 PM)
how much is your tution fees in civil engineer

78 dhwiet   (28-March-2014 1:13 PM)
Hi I have a plan to take up ETEEAP program but I still dont know what are the requirements before I take any of course. I work in a company for more than 5 years now as a computer technician and i only got a 1 year computer studies at CIT. can you help me with this

77 raven   (26-March-2014 12:54 PM)
hai. i'm planning to take up business administration in usjr hopefully ds year, but i still dont have any idea how much would i pay all in all for this course. can someone send me thru my email the breakdown or estimated cost for this course so that i can prepare. tnx.

76 Ann Galves   (20-March-2014 1:36 AM)
I am actually inquiring about nursing school program in your campus and would like to know more of how much is the cost for the whole semester.

75 Mae Climaco   (19-March-2014 11:21 AM)
How much per sem for BSTourism? Thank you! ^^

74 Sam   (17-March-2014 3:08 PM)
my brother in law took business management in USJR eteeap program graduated last year and paid 35K.

73 Jane Calvario   (15-March-2014 11:09 AM)
How much is the tuition fees of B.S. in Accountancy?

72 Mary Camelle Bernhard   (05-March-2014 11:47 AM)
how would be the tuition fee of HRM?

71 Lui   (26-February-2014 12:29 PM)
It seems that no question has been answered yet. Somehow I still cast my questions. As of 2014, how much tuition fee for BSHRM or BST? Any idea how much per unit?

70 Arlyn Fe   (08-February-2014 11:40 AM)
hi , i have a PWD daughter , and she want to her course and your school , do you accept pwd students ?

69 Arlyn Fe   (08-February-2014 11:36 AM)
hi , i have a PWD daughter she want to take a course to your school , do you accept pwd students in your school ?

68 FRANCIS JUDE OLIAMOT   (07-February-2014 10:51 AM)
hi...how much would be the tuition fee of the teacher education?

67 Janet See   (26-January-2014 9:31 AM)
Hi, how much would be my tuition for BS in Hotel & Restaurant Management per semester?

66 Madeline   (19-January-2014 2:39 AM)
Hi! I am returning student..gusto ko po sanang malaman if i can get a degree by online andito po kc ako sa Qatar and would like to get a degree in AB-English...This is very important for me as i have a plan to get another job. I am now working as Sales Assistant and planning to renew my contract to pursue my study online. Thanks. Hoping for your reply.

65 Madeline   (19-January-2014 2:19 AM)

64 joanna empic   (16-January-2014 9:17 PM)
i would like to ask what are the requirments of first enrolle??im from 2006 high schol grad ,, im affraid to take of exam is not refresh on me.. in 7 years

63 Teresa   (22-December-2013 9:18 AM)
how much is the tuition fees of B.S. in Accountancy? please badly needed.. :(

62 Teresa   (22-December-2013 9:17 AM)
for the scholarship program, is it only for upcoming 1st year? is there any chance for the upcoming 2nd year student for this scholarship?

61 lloydbalungcas   (09-November-2013 4:26 PM)
i would like to ask when the nx batch for online schooling would open,i graduated as aeronautical engr. but my experience seems not to fit on it,so i plan to take on BSME..i am now in jeddah K.S.A working as machinist in FINETOOL PRECISION Engineering. This certificate is very important to me as it well help my[color=blue] salary adjustment if i renew my contract by 2015..i hope you could address this one..thanks cry

60 jocelyn   (16-October-2013 12:11 PM)
i wanted to know how much is the tuition fos tourism,bshrm,education and bsit.please let me know
reply asap

59 fatima alcain   (15-October-2013 5:13 AM)
hi ..i,ll ask about psychology entrance exam..was is it hard?i graduated highschool last 2007 and i had a plan to take up pschology to your school next year..but i'm afraid if i cant pass..do the university offer some refreshment about the exam..please answer me asap..thanks..

58 bryl dovic caballero   (11-October-2013 1:56 PM)
just send me a message in my facebook account bryl_dovic@yahoo.com

57 VILLARAMA JANA   (03-October-2013 3:19 PM)
how much is the tuition fee for bshrm per unit?

56 VILLARAMA JANA   (03-October-2013 3:17 PM)
hi, good afternoon :)
I would like to ask if we can enroll even if we have deficiencies in our past academics?

we are willing to transfer in your University..
thank you.

55 Priscilla   (04-August-2013 1:55 PM)

good afternoon

i would like to ask if when is the entrance examination?what are the requirements?

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