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USJR - University of San Jose-Recoletos Enrollment Procedures
For the student to be successfully enrolled or admitted with ease in University of San Jose-Recoletos (USJR), he/she must follow these simple general steps of enrollment.

USJR - University of San Jose-Recoletos Enrollment Procedures

University of San Jose Recoletos (USJR)

SECTION 1 - General Procedures

Students must enroll in person during the prescribed registration period. Detailed instructions on enrollment procedures are posted at enrollment time. They are also available in the department where a student may wish to enroll.

All students desiring to enroll must go to the particular college / department where they belong, bringing with them the necessary credentials without which enrollment is not possible.Except for continuing students, all other students must present their credentials to the department admission committee for evaluation and processing

SECTION 2 - Change of Subjects

With the approval of the dean of the department, students may change subjects during the prescribed period of registration. Three (3) copies of the prescribed form for this purpose should be duly accomplished.

After the registration period, but within the period allowed by the DECS, any change of subject will require the signature of the teacher under which the students is presently enrolled and the approval of the dean.

Approval for change of subjects does not carry with it an assurance of accommodation in new subjects desired by the student.

SECTION 3 - Cross-Enrollment

As a general rule cross-enrollment should be made in a FAAP (Federation of Accrediting Associations of the Philippines) - recognized accredited school. It needs the approval of the deans and registrars of the schools involved. No student may enroll simultaneously in two schools without prior approval of the registrar. Violation of this rule may cancel the student's rights to credit for studies in either school or both.

Permission for cross-enrollment is issued by the registrar only upon recommendation by the dean concerned and only if the applicant is a candidate for graduation during the semester he is enrolled in and the subject is not offered in USJ-R, or is in conflict with other subjects.

The maximum number of units for which cross-enrollment is ordinarily permitted is six ( 6) units during the regular term and three ( 3 ) units during the summer term.

SECTION 4 - Summer Study In Another School

A student in the university may enroll in another school during the summer session and obtain credit in USJ-R only upon the prior approval of the dean concerned and the registrar, provided such school is accredited and is not located in City of Cebu.

As a general rule, no permit to study In another school during summer will be granted for the following subjects:

Any subject in which the student failed in USJ-R
Any major, specialized or professional subject in any course year
Subjects taken in summer in another school without the approval of the dean and the registrar will not be credited

(General Steps of USJR Enrollment)
Source: usjr.edu.ph

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