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What's the official Swift Code of PNB?

If the money transfer takes place country-to-country, like for example from other country to the Philippines, most banks or other financial institutions require you to provide the recipient bank's swift code.

If you're transferring money to a certain bank in the Philippines, like the Philippine National Bank (PNB), you might be required to enter PNB's swift code.

The swift code is also known as the BIC or the Bank Identifier Code. It's a computer financial system that facilitates money transfer to all SWIFT-registered financial and non-financial institutions.

So what's the swift code of PNB (Philippine National Bank)?

What's the official Swift Code or Bank Identifier Code (BIC) of PNB?

The official swift code of PNB is PNBMPHMM.

PNB Swift Code

You may wonder, "What if the PNB branch who will receive the money is located in Cebu, Davao, Iloilo or in any other areas in the Philippines? Can I use that swift listed above in any PNB branch in the Philippines?"

Yes. That swift code listed above can be used in any PNB branches in the Philippines. It applies to all PNB branches. So, no matter what PNB branch where you're going to transfer the money to, the swift code listed above is the one you should use.


SWIFT is known as the Society for WorldWide InterBank Financial Transactions. It's an organization that invented the swift code or the BIC. They standardized the money transfer system in the world through the use of swift code.

The swift code traces the money transfer anywhere you are in the world. It will determine the important information of the source and the recipient of the money transfer such as the person/institution's name, country, branch location, the bank's name, date of transaction, etc.

Swift codes are issued to SWIFT-registered financial and non-financial institutions in the world. Other terms used for swift code are SWIFT BIC, BIC Code, Bank Identifier Code (BIC), Business Entity Identifier (BEI) for non-financial institutions, and ISO 9362.

Are you having a problem with PNB's swift code?

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