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What's the official Swift Code of Metrobank?

Online banking transactions usually requires you to enter your bank's swift code. If you're using your Metrobank account (e.g. Metrobank ATM Card) to receive or send money online, you need to know the swift code of Metrobank. Swift code is also called Bank Identification Code (BIC).

What's the official Swift Code or Bank Identification Code of Metrobank?

According to Metrobank Customer Service, the official swift code of Metrobank is MBTCPHMM.

This code applies to all Metrobank branches. That means, MBTCPHMM is the swift code (or bank identification code) of all Metrobank branches.

About SWIFT Code

SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) is an organization who issues swift codes to financial and non-financial institutions for money transfer. Swift codes are also used for other financial communications.

Can you tell us what type of transaction in which you need to enter Metrobank swift code?
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2 To whom it may concern   (22 February 2017 5:11 AM)
Is there only one swift code of metrobank?

1 shiela mae cahucom   (05 September 2016 7:30 PM)
Good evening.maam.okay lang po ba na itong swift code nato ang ibigay ko.?sa metrobank na swift code?kasi ito kasing swift code na ito ang binigay ko..