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Best Natural Food Supplement To Cure Stroke

Stroke is a health condition that happens when there is poor blood flow to the brain that results to death of brain cells. The blood flow is blocked or a blood vessel in the brain ruptures which causes the brain tissues and cells to die. Because the brain controls the movement of the body, the stroke patient will suffer from inability to move or feel on one side of the body. Those who encounter stroke must be treated immediately. One of the popular and best food supplement to treat stroke patients is the Buah Merah Mix.
How does Buah Merah Mix treat Stroke? What is Buah Merah Mix?

Buah Merah Mix is a powerful and nutritious juice drink. Buah Merah Mix contains six powerful herbal components:
  • Buah Merah fruit - main property
  • Moringa (Malunggay) leaves
  • Mangosteen fruit
  • Green Barley
  • Wheat Grass
  • Guyabano fruit
Buah Merah Mix
Buah Merah Mix

Buah Merah Best Brand Award
Best Brand Awards Committee and the National Consumer Affairs Foundation awarded Buah Merah Mix as "Best Health Herbal Juice Drink"
You may already have some knowledge of the potency of the other components of Buah Merah Mix: the Moringa, Mangosteen fruit, Green Barley, Wheat Grass and Guyabano fruit.

Let's focus on the the Buah Merah fruit. What is in the Buah Merah fruit that cures or treats stroke? Buah Merah fruit is rich in tocopherol (Vitamin E) and Omega 3. Tocopherol is known to prevent the formation of blood clots.

Stroke: indicated with bloody part of the brain

It also helps prevent or delay coronary heart disease by limiting the oxidation of bad cholesterol. Those who always take food supplements (or herbals) like turmeric curcumin amazon rich in tocopherol is associated with lower rates of heart disease and stroke according to observational studies.. On the other hand, Omega 3 is essential for healthy brain function because its an essential fat and your brain is made of 60% fat!

Buah Merah User Testimonial

Many people are now choosing Buah Merah as their best food supplement to cure for stroke, kidney stones, and other health problems.

Dosage of Taking Buah Merah Mix

To prevent and cure a stroke, consume 1 bottle of Buah Merah Juice per day, in 3 doses. It could in the morning, noon and night, 1 hour before or after meals.

Where to Buy Buah Merah Mix

Please contact Ligaya Arboladura immediately at 09194995899 (Smart) or 09165095899 (Globe). To avail discounted price, please mention affordableCebu.com on your text, chat or conversation.

Be one of the people who have been cured by the best food supplement in the country. Use Buah Merah and experience a new way of healthy living.

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