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Insolvency is the best way to prevent foreclosure.

Insolvency is the best way to prevent foreclosure.
"In recent years, it has been sufficient to switch on the news to learn about the housing crisis. According to experts, there is no end in sight to the escalating rate of foreclosures. There are few options for homeowners in this situation to prevent foreclosure. When a debtor defaults on a loan payment, the lender will reclaim the collateral. Prior to the property being sold at auction, a proprietor must take action to halt the lender's foreclosure efforts. Mortgage companies and banks are not in the business of purchasing and selling real estate; therefore, they expect to be paid as promised. A bank generates revenue by charging interest on loans secured by property. If the debtor defaults on the loan, the bank has the right to foreclose and resell the property to recoup their losses. Banks are hesitant to foreclose on householders due to the negative impact on their bottom line.For someone who is adamantly opposed to declaring bankruptcy, there are few alternatives to halt a foreclosure. The initial option would be to seek a loan modification. The only drawback is that the foreclosure proceeding continues while the debtor applies for a loan modification without knowing if they will be approved. A news agency recently reported that only 10% of loan modifications were approved. These odds are not sufficient to risk your family residence. If you cannot obtain a loan, the only alternative to filing for bankruptcy is to sell the property. When you cannot afford your mortgage, most professionals will advise you to sell your home. There is a problem with this concept in the current market, as many homeowners owe more than their home is worth. In addition, many have second mortgages and lines of credit secured by the property. The issue is that you must sell the property for less than you owe. Obviously, if you cannot afford to make your payments, you cannot make up the negative difference. To sell the property, you must convince the bank to approve a short sale, or a lower total amount than what is owed. The majority of individuals believe that pursuing this course of action, because the bank agreed to it, will result in the cancellation of their mortgage. In reality, the short sale will have the same effect on your credit as a foreclosure or bankruptcy filing. Most lenders will also issue you a 1099 for the difference between the amount owed and the amount accepted by the bank. This will add an additional tax charge to your woes.On a daily basis, the news reports that thousands of people are abandoning their residences because they owe more on them than they are worth. Most states permit the lender, if they so choose, to obtain a judgment against the debtor for the loss incurred as a result of the house's sale at a discount. This amount may include interest, late fees, auction costs, court costs, and attorney fees. You can see how this amount can quickly reach the high thousands. The deficiency will enable the lender to obtain a judgment, attach future wages, and ruin your credit. Therefore, declaring bankruptcy is the most effective method to stop foreclosure. In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, any judgment or deficiency would be included in the discharge and cleared out. If you want to keep the property, Chapter 13 bankruptcy will enable you to catch up on arrears and in many cases eliminate second mortgages and home equity lines of credit. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy will enable your attorney to negotiate your debt, allowing you to pay it off over a period of three to five years. For this reason, bankruptcy reigns supreme when it comes to foreclosure. Upon filing for bankruptcy, the automatic stay will also halt all collection efforts. This allows the debtor to reassess their situation and determine whether or not it is feasible to retain their home. Regardless of your decision, it is advisable to consult with a bankruptcy attorney to determine whether bankruptcy is a viable option for you.
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