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How to Determine Whether Filing for Bankruptcy Is the Best Option?

How to Determine Whether Filing for Bankruptcy Is the Best Option?
"""It is all too prevalent for individuals and families to find that their income no longer enables them to pay all of their bills. Whether due to a job loss, divorce, illness, or other adverse event, or simply because monthly expenses are increasing faster than income, there is not enough money to cover the monthly bills. This circumstance is exacerbated by the need to pay off large credit card balances. Numerous individuals are in dire straits and searching for a means to escape their debt.

At some point, those in financial distress due to excessive debt or an impending foreclosure inquire, ""Should I declare bankruptcy?"" For the majority of individuals, Chapter 7 bankruptcy can provide debt relief within a few months. For those who do not qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy will result in a debt discharge within three to five years, typically requiring payment of a small portion of the debt. Therefore, if you do not anticipate paying off your debts in the immediate future, you should at least consider filing for bankruptcy.

If you determine that bankruptcy is the best course of action, filing sooner rather than later may prevent the loss of assets that results from a failed attempt to eliminate debt. In addition, stopping the monthly payments on credit card debt, including those made through credit consolidation agreements, will free up additional funds each month that can be used to purchase necessities for you and your family.

The following opportunities are afforded by the current bankruptcy laws:

Prevent foreclosure on your property (and other real estate you own);
Protect your vehicle from repossession;
Eliminating debt and freeing up funds for living expenses;
Credit card companies and collection agencies must cease intrusive phone calls and collection efforts.

In conclusion, the relief provided by bankruptcy can bring you peace of mind and a return to a normal way of life, devoid of the anxiety, dread, and stress caused by excessive debt. Once you have all the relevant information, determining whether bankruptcy is the best course of action for you is relatively simple. To return to a debt-free lifestyle, bankruptcy is the only realistic option for many individuals. If you are attempting to determine whether filing for bankruptcy is the best course of action for you, you should consult with an experienced bankruptcy attorney who can evaluate your specific situation and explain how filing for bankruptcy may be advantageous.""

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