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Wanted: Personalised Cebuano teacher


Ad Type: Looking For | Location: Cebu City
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I am a foreigner who recently settled in Cebu City. I am interesting in employing a native Cebuano speaker to help teach me the language.
- Be a college graduate of BSc Education or have a qualification of a similar standard
- Has a patient and polite manner
- Desirably has teaching experience in language subjects

If you are interested and have a genuine heart to teach me Cebuano please contact me via email with your basic personal information such as age, sex and first name, as well we your qualifications and experience.

citationau "at" gmail.com

I will respond as soon as possible.

Thankyou Michael


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claire23   (01 July 2016 10:50 AM)
Hi My name is Claire Obaob from Lahug Cebu City 24 years of Age and female. I have past experience teaching cebuano face to face before he is an australian and he is now in Cagayan de Oro City Mindanao. I have a degree in Engineering but I did not pursue it because its not my passion. I have plans to go out the country after 6 months but I want to spend my remaining time to do what I really want and that is to Teach Cebuano to Foreigners willing to learn the language. I will not make Cebuano hard for you, lets skip the complex Grammar thing. For me its about learning it word for word (name of place, animals,greetings, appraisals,formality and the dont's(cursing) and if mastered will proceed to connecting all this words together. We will converse everyday using bisaya(cebuano) as our medium. We cebuano are very glad for foreigners willing to learn our language and its not a big deal for us whether you get the grammar wrong, as long as we understand at least one or two words you are saying that is very okey.

If you sir, already found one, if you have other friends willing you can reach me through my mobile 0916191418 or email claireabahala@gmail.com.

Have a Great day!

Thank you very much
Claire Obaob