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A light shadow on bottom of screen during system boot, is it normal?

A light shadow on bottom of screen during system boot, is it normal?

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"I don't see the picture but I know exactly what you mean.

It means uneven pressure at the bottom of the screen. Unfortunately there's really nothing you can do about that.

You know when you apply too much pressure to a LCD screen display it causes temporary white marks?

E.g bent phone tablet frames are a common cause of this too.

While this is uncommon there are some new devices out there that exhibit this.

Or really it's just called backlight bleed in your case if the surface hasn't been repaired before.

It's a manufacturing imperfection which can appear in some devices.

Update: Here is some info about backlight bleed. It is a manufacturer defect on the screen which I would say is acceptable. Depends on the seller if they will do warranty replacement just because of backlight bleed.

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"I am experiencing the same issue, spot is perfectly centered on bottom screen, it appeared a few weeks ago after more than a year of use. Surface Pro 5th gen.

Uneven pressure would make sense although can’t think of any event that might have created this. Always had the keyboard protecting the screen when travelling. Wanted to share this for the sake of tracking the issue."
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I have had the same issue at my surface pro (2018). A circle of light bleed in the bottom center only visible at a black background. I thought it was just bad luck and lived with it. I have now changed to a new surface pro 6 and after a week I found the same issue. Extremely disappointing!
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I have the same issue on the surface pro 5th generation core i5, in exactly the same spot of the screen! I don’t think its a coincidence. Its a manufacturing defect that Microsoft will never own up to. Last time i’m ever buying a Microsoft device. Once I sell this, i’m getting an Ipad Pro. I’m done with Microsoft.
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same here right in center between F5 and F6 about 1.5cm above the bottom edge of LCD (Surface 6 Pro) - it appeared probably 3 months after purchase - its more visible with black backgrounds - iam glad other report this - so its probably not worth replacing the unit because there is a design flaw that will probably manifest same issue on EVERY unit sooner or later… well done Microsoft… butchering you only product that could ever compete with Apple in terms of design…
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