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after installing linux in dual boot many of programs crashes on windows 7 64

after installing linux in dual boot many of programs crashes on windows 7 64

Few days ago I've installed Linux Mint on my laptop and it runs great in dual boot with Windows 7 64.

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"The programs that you are having problems with are very new programs that probably have a very picky copy protection scheme. What I am thinking is that they may be looking at some info on the master boot record (MBR) of the disk for verification that they have not been moved to another disc or system. I have no proof of this and I would default to someone with more windows experience than me to verify my conjecture. I do propose this for a couple of reasons:

1: the MBR is the only sector of the disk ""shared"" by windows and linux
2: the MBR is modified by grub on its install

Maybe windows 7 is doing some kind of MD5 type hash of the boot record?

This is my guess. Looking for verification or debunking of this idea..."
Guest [Entry]

"I cant tell you 100% certain but I suspect the real issue is because you have exceeded the number of primary partitions allowed - which is 4.

Look at this article. Near the bottom there is info on setting Ubuntu to use a local file on the same partition as the install. I have done this and works well. This should also work for MINT.

I would configure MINT to not use a swap partition and instead use a swap file. Then delete the MINT swap partition. You probably can then expand C to use the freed space (I haven't tried that). In disk management whatever you do don't try to change the Linux partition types other than deleting the swap partition after changing your MINT setup."
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"Given your description, make sure there is no DRM/trusted computing component active and in use. I don't know how Windows 7 calls it (Secure Computing, etc etc) but you might have to disable it on the BIOS.

Post your answer or an update because I suspect you won't be the first one to note this."