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Any free utility to shrink windows 7 boot partition that is easy to use?

Any free utility to shrink windows 7 boot partition that is easy to use?

I created a Raid 5 volume using 4 500GB disks. I installed Windows 7 64bit and it didn't give me an option to size the partition/allocate size. Might of missed it. Anyway I have a 1.3 TB partition that I want to split up, because that is how I like it. The windows disk management utility will only let you shrink it in half.

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"GParted doesn't see the RAID volume but the individual disks because the driver that manages the RAID is part of Windows, not in hardware.

I'm not familiar with these solutions but, a bootable Windows CD/DVD with the appropriate drivers and partitionning software might do, if it exists (BartPE? Or something based on Windows 7 WIM?)

Otherwise, buy a 2 TB harddisk (Western Digital makes one), copy your data over, repartition the RAID array (from scratch) and put the data back. If you're quick enough, you could even return the 2TB HD to the vendor, saying it doesn't work with your computer ... ;-)"
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"I'm not sure if it will work on a RAID setup, but Perfect Disk 10 has a fully featured free trial version that you can use for 30 days. I used it to shrink a single partition Vista 32-bit install from the previous minimum of 70 GB to a new minimum of 30 GB - a very marked improvement.

If you're happy enough with the results and are thinking about buying, now would be the perfect time because they're selling licenses at, I think, 25% off to celebrate Windows 7 certification.

(For the sake of transparency, I am not in any way affiliated with PerfectDisk, but I am an owner of a PerfectSpeed+PerfectDisk10HomeEd. combo license.)"