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Any good way to get the new Menlo font on Windows?

Any good way to get the new Menlo font on Windows?

I like the new Menlo font on Snow Leopard a lot. I tried copying it over to my Windows machine, but Windows does not like the format. Does anyone know if there's any legitimate way of getting Menlo on Windows?

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this font github.com/andreberg/Meslo-Font is designed to be similar to Menlo
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"I have found a github repo. Try here


Hope this helps.. :)"
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Try converting the file to a Windows format; you could try DfontSplitter to do this. However, I'm not sure if this is legal.
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"For Windows 10 :

You can download Menlo font here and click to open it.

When you open the font file, you can see install button on left top side.

Click that button and install it


Open search bar and write 'fonts' and drag and drop Menlo font file into the openned fonts folder.

That's all."
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"You can download the original open source variant DejaVu Sans from the Web-Fonts project (also on npm)

Comparison between DejaVu Sans Mono and Apple Menlo:"