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Can I run Linux as dual-boot AND virtualized on Windows 7?

Can I run Linux as dual-boot AND virtualized on Windows 7?

I can run Windows on my Apple laptop exclusively (through bootcamp) or through virtualization (through Parallels). A great feature is to take a running Windows bootcamp session, 'pause' it and 'resume' it as a virtualized session.

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"You can have both installed, in dual boot, then use VMWare Server in Windows to launch the installed Linux OS. When you create the virtual machine, when asked about the hard-disks, you specify 'Use physical disk'. On the next steps, you select only the Linux partitions. That's about it.

You may have to fix some settings in Linux (ex. the X config), and I can't tell you specifically what.. I tried this with an ArchLinux installation, and it worked fine. With the new distributions that do not need anymore detailed setups, and load what they need when booting, you may be lucky enough to 'just work'.

Also, I haven't tried the snapshot feature in this setup (pause/resume), but I am pretty sure it won't work.

Good luck

(PS: VMWare Server is free for personal use, I've tried it with version 1.07; I've done something similar with VirtualBox, but it's a little bit more complicated to create the 'RAW' vmdk disk files)

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Like the guy before me said, you use Wubi to install Ubuntu on Windows just like any other application.