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Create a keyboard shortcut for fast user switching in Mac OS X

Create a keyboard shortcut for fast user switching in Mac OS X

How do you create a keyboard shortcut that activates fast user switching (i.e. brings up the login window) in Mac OS X Snow Leopard?

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I use BetterTouchTool for a lot more than just this but, one of the actions it allows you to do is "Show the Login Screen" (which is different from logging out and leaving you at the login screen). I use it ALL THE TIME to lock my machine when I leave it for extended periods of time… Here's a screenshot:
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Check Fast User Switching with Butler and Butler.
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"A slightly different way of doing this, with added security benefits (or annoyances depending on your view-point), is to

use the screen saver to lock the computer (allowing user switching from the lock screen)
use ""hot-mouse-corners"" to enable fast locking/screen-saver activation

To do this, you need to adjust the following settings in your System Preferences application:

Under Exposé & Spaces, in the Exposé tab, set one of your Active Screen Corners to Start Screen Saver.
Under Security in the General tab, check the option of Require password ... after sleep or screen saver begins (you may want to choose immediately from the drop-down).

You'll have to do the latter on each account (unfortunately there's no global setting for this).

Then you can move your mouse to the appropriate corner of the screen to lock the computer (by starting the screen saver). When someone presses a key/moves the mouse they'll be prompted to log in and can switch users from there."
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If the desire is to lock (like Window-L in Windows), then there's a very simple solution .. set your screensaver to lock the screen (require logon) and use ctrl-shift-eject (bottom left two keys + top most right key). This locks your screen.