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Create Factory Restore Disk for Acer Aspire D250

Create Factory Restore Disk for Acer Aspire D250

I have an Acer Aspire One D250 netbook, who originaly comes with Windows XP.

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"Took me a while to find a suitable tool, but I did find one in the end: Virtual CD. It's made by H+H Software GmbH.


Windows sees it as a BluRay-RW drive and you can configure the software to 'insert' a virtual blank disk (you get the choice of basically every type of disk, eg. CD-R/CD-RW/DVD+R/DVD-R/BluRay-R/etc.) the software then pumps out anything sent to it into an ISO.

The personal version comes with a 30-day free demo which seems fully functional and does the trick."
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Try conecting your desktop/laptop DVD unit as a network DVD in the Acer Netbook (Map the drive). Then run the Acer Recovery Management utility again.
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"Your best bet is to try http://www.user-guides.co.uk or http://restoredisks.com/.

They seem to have thousands of disks on their websites, as far as I can see it should do a complete factory restore?"
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"Use a DVD writer emulator.

Using Google, I found one that was free. It emulates a DVD burner and makes an ISO.

Plug in a USB key and copy the .isos (there are 2 ISOs), then make a bootable USB key (8GB) and put these ISOs on it.

Use a manual to integrate. I've found some to make a boot USB pendrive with ISOs booteable to recover."