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D-LINK DIR-615 router keeps giving my wireless devices bad ip addresses

D-LINK DIR-615 router keeps giving my wireless devices bad ip addresses

I have a D-LINK DIR-615 router, and wired devices have no problem getting an IP, however; wireless devices end up with a 169.254.. address (subsequently, they cannot access the internet through the router).

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"I have figured out my problem.

There is an Enable Auto Channel Scan option, when this is checked off, it seems to be defaulting to channel 1. If I turn that option off, and set the channel to something else, everything works good.

I would say that there is some serious interference on channel 1."
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"I had this problem as well. 2 iTouches and a Windows7 laptop could not get a proper IP address via DHCP, but would work normally if I manually set the IP. My MacBook, however, seemed to properly get an IP.

I then discovered that the issue was that the local time on the router was incorrect, set about 18 months in the past. You can view the time settings by going to Tools -> Time.

I suspect that it was giving out DHCP leases, but since the leases were in the past, the client PCs and the iTouches were unable to accept them.

Once the time was set to the current actual time, all devices properly got an IP address."
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I always though it was a problem on iOS side, not the router... Since the same happens to me when trying to connect to public WiFi's in general (hotels, cafés, etc.), only being able to get a good IP after several attempts on the iOS device. Anyway, fixed IP addresses are the way to go on your home network; they also improve connection establishment speed to the WiFi network.
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"With my Virgin Media-supplied DIR-615 (although without the IP addresses being in the 169.254.. range) I solved it by turning off Wireless N in the advanced wireless settings.

My channel settings are stuck too."